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Moonshine from wheat without yeast: recipes with photos and video

How to put moonshine from wheat without yeast: recipes and tips

Brewing originates from the time of ancient Russia. In those days, no solemn feast could not do without this alcoholic beverage. This is not surprising, because moonshine has always been considered the best natural alcohol at all times.

Although nowadays there are rarely anyone who prepares it at home on their own, but still do not forget about the old cooking recipes. Moonshine can be made from any natural ingredients — fruits, berries and even vegetables!

For moonshine need to use high-quality and dry wheat. Fresh grains with mold cannot be used. Before use, wheat must be peeled and sifted. In order to get high-quality mash, you can not use the just harvested wheat.

It is desirable that after the collection she lay for a couple of months. When buying raw materials, you should be careful. Many manufacturers in the process of growing wheat, use fertilizers and chemicals. Good raw material for moonshine should be clean and free from chemical impurities.

  1. First you need to prepare a syrup. In a liter of water diluted 200 grams of sugar;
  2. Prepare the wheat, clean the husks, from foreign debris and thoroughly sift;
  3. Pour wheat grains into a wide container and fill them with sugar syrup. It is advisable to use a wide crockery, because in a container with a narrow neck the fermentation process will be delayed and the raw materials will turn out to be not of high quality;
  4. Leave for 3-4 days. During this time, the wheat will ferment and foam will appear;
  5. Then add 1.3 kg of granulated sugar, pour 6 liters of water and close all the water trap. Periodically mix the mixture;
  6. For 10 days, Braga must completely replay. After this time has elapsed, remove all wheat grains from the solution. The solution must be completely cleaned, so it is best to filter through gauze;
  7. Next, through the moonshine distilled carrot. It should be distilled 2-3 times;
  8. The result should be a pure, natural and high-quality alcoholic product, with a good strength.

Braga will require the following products:

  • 30 liters of water;
  • Wheat — 4 kg;
  • Granulated sugar — 4 kg.
  1. Prepare the basis for raw materials. We clean the wheat grains from husks, foreign debris and carefully sift them;
  2. In a plastic or metal container, you need to fill a fourth of the wheat, about 1 kg. Grains should be leveled to get an even layer;
  3. Fill the wheat with water so that it covers 4-5 cm above;
  4. Close the container with gauze or towel, and put in a cool place. We leave for 1-2 days, during this time the wheat should germinate;
  5. After that, add a pound of granulated sugar to the container with germinated grains and mix everything thoroughly with your hands. If the mass is too thick, then add some water;
  6. Next, close all the gauze dressing, put in a warm place and leave for 10 days. During this period, the whole mixture will infuse and get a starter, which will be a substitute for yeast for home brew;
  7. Ready sourdough need to be poured into a glass bottle, add there 3.5 kg of granulated sugar and 3 kg of wheat. In the resulting mixture you need to pour warm water (up to 20 degrees C);
  8. A rubber glove is worn on the neck of the bottle with a hole in the index finger or a water seal is installed;
  9. Then the bottle should be placed in a room with a temperature of 18-24 degrees. Fermentation will last about 7-10 days;
  10. After the glove is deflated or the water seal stops blowing bubbles, the mash merges without sediment. And it can be distilled through the moonshine;
  11. The precipitate can be used to prepare 2-3 servings of mash. To do this, pour there 4 kg of sugar and pour water. The best moonshine is obtained from 2-3 times, then the quality deteriorates.

Instead of granulated sugar and yeast, we use brewing and malt.

The following ingredients are required to prepare the steaming:

  • 2 liters of water;
  • Fresh hops — 1 handful, if used dry, then 2 handfuls are best;
  • One handful of wheat flour.
    1. First you need to prepare the wheat. To do this, peeled grains are laid out in a wide container and filled with water so that it completely covers them by 2-3 cm;

    1. Close the container, remove to a cool place and leave for 3-4 days. During this time, the leaven will ferment and foam will appear;

    1. We make a parking. To do this, hop and wheat flour pour water. Leave to insist a couple of days;
    2. Since this method does not provide for the addition of sugar, as the main product, you can use potatoes, beets, pears, apples, berries. We lay out any of these components in a glass bottle, add to them a leaven and a zaparku;
    3. Mix everything well and add 5 liters of warm water;
    4. We close the tank with a water lock and leave it for 8-12 days. Periodically it needs to be mixed;

    1. After the mash has won back, you can start distilling the moonshine;
    2. It should be noted that the moonshine from wheat is much tastier and more pleasant than the moonshine with yeast and sugar.

The following components will be required:

  • 5 kilograms of wheat;
  • Granulated sugar — 6.5 kg;
  • 15 liters of water.
  1. Pour wheat into a wide plastic or metal container. Leveling it so that it is located evenly;
  2. We add in it 1 kg of granulated sugar;
  3. Pour water into a bowl with wheat. It is desirable that she covered her by 2-3 cm;
  4. From above the vessel must be covered with gauze, while the gauze must be folded several times;
  5. Capacity clean in a warm place. It is desirable that the place is well warmed by the sun;
  6. After the first shoots appear, add a small amount of water to the container. It is necessary to add water constantly so that the sprouts do not dry out. However, it is worth remembering that wheat seed can rot in excess water. So all good things should be in moderation;
  7. It is necessary to germinate seeds until sprouts reach a size of 5 to 7 mm. Sprouting takes about 7-10 days. Approximately through this period, wheat germination or in other words malt for brewing will be ready. Now you can proceed to the preparation of the main raw material.

Preparation of home brew and distillation of moonshine:

  1. Put the germinated wheat in a glass bottle and fill it with water (7.5 liters);
  2. Add there 1.5 kilograms of sugar. Leave for 3-4 days;
  3. After the ferment is ready, pour in the remaining water, pour the remaining granulated sugar and cover it with a rubber glove with a hole in the index finger;
  4. Put the bottle in a warm room with a temperature of 18-24 degrees and leave for 7-10 days;
  5. Distillation of moonshine can be started when the rubber glove is fully lowered;
  6. Next, through a special moonshine apparatus proceed to the distillation of moonshine. Moonshine from germinated wheat turns out high-quality, natural, with pleasant tastes, and most importantly with a good strength.

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  • If you do not have wheat, you can use corn, peas, barley, or rye instead. Based on this raw material, an alcoholic beverage is no worse than that of wheat. He will be of good quality and of high strength;
  • When soaking wheat grains in water, be sure to ensure that they are not soured. The leaven needs to be mixed periodically;
  • In no case do not throw out the remaining thick after filtering. It can add water, sugar and put on mash. Moonshine from the second time will get even better and much tastier;
  • To check whether the mash is ready for distillation, you can use a trick — we light a match and bring it to the mash, if it burns, it means everything, the raw material is ready for distillation of the moonshine;
  • It is advisable to clear the moonshine. You can use a couple of tablets of activated charcoal. Tablets should be crushed before the formation of the powder and fall asleep in a jar of moonshine. 1 liter will need 50 mg of activated carbon. We remove the jar in a dark place for a week. Also, in addition to activated carbon, potassium permanganate can be used. But it should pour in a small amount.

The preparation of moonshine is a laborious process that requires a lot of patience. For a start, it is worth exploring the whole process, to understand all the nuances of cooking, insisting home brew and distilling moonshine from it. Because only with full observance of the entire recipe can you get the highest quality alcoholic beverage.

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