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Moonshine from honey: homemade cooking recipes with photos

From honey home brew you can get excellent taste, strong and aromatic moonshine. Do not confuse «mead» with moonshine from honey — these are two different concepts. Moonshine on the basis of honey is driven from the mash, and “mead” is prepared by fermentation of bee products and alcohol.

Most often use the old sugared honey. On its basis, it turns out excellent in degrees, the purest natural product. A selection of recipes for moonshine will allow you to cook an arsenal of homemade alcohol.

  1. Dissolve bee products and sugar in containers with water. Mix everything well, you should get sweet honey water. Well if it is warm, then the fermentation will be faster.
  2. Pour the liquid into glass bottles. Some water needs to be left.
  3. In the remaining sugar-honey water, dissolve the yeast rate. Pour them into bottles, where the mash will ferment.
  4. The contents mix. Put on top medical gloves or put water locks (hydraulic locks).
  5. In the case of a glove, while the moonshine is wandering it rises up.
  6. Readiness of the mash to check, on the fallen glove. The taste of Braga should not be sweet. To prevent souring, you must constantly monitor the fermentation.
  7. Distilling through moonshine is the same as ordinary moonshine.
  8. Fortress check alcoholmeter. Some self-racers practice double haul. Thus, it turns out more pure and strong alcohol.
  • candied honey — 2, 5 kg;
  • warm water — 8-9 liters;
  • Yeast — 60 gr.

Cooking time: 6-7 days.

Calories: 300 kcal.

  1. In warm water dissolve the candied product. If it is very thick, you can melt it with a small amount of water on the fire. To do this, put it in a saucepan or use a water bath. Honey must be completely dissolved.
  2. Add mashed yeast to honey water. For the fastest fermentation, the yeast can be filled with warm water for half an hour. When they foam, pour them into the braga.
  3. Braga for honey brew poured into bottles or any other convenient container. Wear gloves on top or put a water seal.
  4. After 5-6 days to check the taste of the mash, it should not be sweet or sour. In the taste must be present alcoholic strength.
  5. Readiness of the mash is checked by the fallen gloves, it is possible to bring a lit match to the open container. If the match burns and does not go out, it’s time to distill the mash.
  6. The taste of the finished product is dominated by soft honey notes. There is a pleasant aftertaste.
  • candied honey — 2.5-3 kg;
  • old frames of perga;
  • warm water — 8 liters.

Cooking time: 14-20 days.

Calories: 298 kcal.

  1. For the preparation of moonshine from honey without yeast, an activator is needed that will promote fermentation. Honey alone is not enough for this process. Sinkers who practice the manufacture of alcohol without yeast, use the old framework of pollen. Such a mash is fermenting for a long time, if you have patience, you get excellent honey alcohol without yeast.
  2. Old frames of pollen crush hands or a knife. Send them to bee products.
  3. Add warm water and mix well. Everything should dissolve to the maximum.
  4. In ancient times, hop cones were added to speed up the fermentation process.
  5. Cover the spill with 10 liter cans with gloves or put in water locks.
  6. As the braga will recoup, its taste will be strong and not sweet. Distill once or twice. Additionally, moonshine can be cleaned with charcoal.

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  • moonshine — 1.5 liters;
  • red hot pepper — 3 pcs;
  • buckwheat honey or floral — 3 tbsp. l;
  • Clove (spice) — 6 pcs.

Preparation time: 30 minutes (insist from 14 days to 3 months).

Caloric content: 330 kcal.

  1. Prepared and purified moonshine from honey, pour into a glass container (bottle).
  2. Add honey and mix well. When it is added, the strength of the drink decreases.
  3. Throw in the inflorescence clove drink. Shake bottle gently, the contents slightly tinted.
  4. Upon completion put the whole pods of pepper. Cover the jar with lid and send to insist where it is dark and dry.
  5. If desired, you can pour the mead immediately in bottles, put in each red pepper and cork.
  6. When alcohol is ready, it will need to be drained.
  7. Fragrant honey varieties will give the drink a pleasant touch. Honey sweetness will allow moonshine to be soft to the taste. Carnation will enhance the flavor. Hot pepper will give the drink a juicy flavor.

  1. For moonshine, you can take any honey, old, dried and testing of bee production. Everything that contains sweet bee products will be used.
  2. Utensils in which the mash will play should be clean.
  3. If the recipe provides yeast, they must be fresh.
  4. Water is better to take purified and warm. In cold water, fermentation does not begin longer.
  5. If you add a little honey to the finished moonshine, it will become softer and more aromatic.
  6. From 20 liters of home brew, if the production technology is not violated, you can get 2, 5 liters of pure alcohol.
  7. Yeast reduces fermentation time, but if you do not add them, moonshine will have a pleasant honey aroma.
  8. Mead can be drunk in its pure form or used to make refined drinks, fruit liqueurs and tinctures.

The main thing to remember is that in everything you need to know when to stop, and especially when using moonshine.

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