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Moonshine from apples (fresh, dry): how to insist, recipes

During the harvest, there are so many apples that they have to be distributed to relatives, neighbors, acquaintances — and still they remain. A large batch of apples can be turned into homemade moonshine. It does not require much time, but the drink has a special aroma and taste.

Apples can be absolutely any. It is desirable that they are as sweet as possible — then less sugar will be required during the cooking process. Of course, the sweetest fruit is the ripest. For moonshine even overripe are suitable.

Fruits must be sorted out before use to remove moldy and rotten. If the apple is a bit spoiled, but most of it is edible, then the affected area can simply be cut with a knife.

Having washed the apple, you will wash away those wild yeasts (bacteria and fungi) that managed to settle on the peel of the fruit during ripening. Sometimes they are not enough, fermentation is very sluggish, then you need to add yeast.

Water should be taken either boiled or bottled. However, the best option is to use spring water. Braga then turns out to be delicious, it can be drunk as a thirst quenching drink, and the moonshine from such raw materials is of the highest quality.

How to make a classic apple brew at home:

  1. Apples wash, cut their cores and stalks. Cut the flesh into small slices;
  2. Grate all the slices. You can use a blender;
  3. Put the apple puree into a clean bottle and pour 9 liters of water on it;
  4. In the rest of a liter, stir the sugar and pour this syrup to the total mass;
  5. In a few spoons of warm water dilute the yeast, pour them to the apples and mix everything together;
  6. Install the water lock and put it in a warm place for at least a week, and preferably two. Once a day, be sure to stir and drown the emerged apples;
  7. When a precipitate appeared, carbon dioxide emission ended, and the mash stopped being sweet, the time came to drive the moonshine.
  • 3000 g of sugar;
  • 120 g of raisins;
  • 10 kg of apples;
  • 3100 ml of water.

What time is 12 days.

Nutritional value per 100 g — 104 kcal.

  1. Do not wash the fruit, but gently remove dirt with a dry cloth. To clean all litter, remove the stalks and cores, cut the flesh itself into slices;
  2. All apples must be mashed;
  3. Put the puree in a saucepan (enameled), add to it a third of all the sugar and a half liter of water. Prevent, cover with gauze, set aside for two days in a warm place;
  4. After that, pour the whole mass into the bottle, add the rest of the sugar, raisins and water. Stir and leave to wander for at least a week. As soon as the process is over, the mash can be distilled.
  • 10 kg of apple cake;
  • 7 g of wine yeast;
  • 30 liters of water;
  • 1100 grams of sugar.

What time is 3 weeks.

Nutritional value per 100 g — 21 kcal.

  1. In a glass container to shift the pressed cake of apples and pour it with water. It should be at room temperature. Stir everything. In the tank must be a reserve of 10 cm to the top of the minimum;
  2. Add sugar, stir it and add yeast;
  3. Set the water lock and move the entire container to a warm place to wander around;
  4. Braga daily interfere. It should stand for about 2.5 weeks, sometimes more;
  5. Pour the liquid, without catching the sediment, to overtake it on the moonshine.
  • 4 kg of dried apples;
  • 6 kg of sugar;
  • 600 g yeast;
  • 20 liters of water.

How much time — 1 week and 4 days.

Nutritional value per 100 g — 109 kcal.

  1. Dried apples need to be poured with water and boiled for ten minutes;
  2. Then turn off the fire, add sugar to the pan, stir it. Allow the mass to cool to 25 degrees;
  3. Add yeast, mix and remove to ferment in a warm place for at least a week;
  4. Drain without sediment, strain and put on the brew.
  • 20 g dry yeast;
  • 10 liters of apple juice;
  • 2100 grams of sugar.

What time is 4 weeks.

Nutritional value per 100 g — 105 kcal.

  1. In a liter of juice, stir all the sugar, pour the rest of the juice into a glass or plastic container. Juice with sugar, then pour in the same, stir;
  2. Stir the yeast in a small amount of warm water. The exact weight of the water indicates the manufacturer on the package. Add them to the total mass;
  3. Put a trap on the container. Put her in a dark but warm room for at least two weeks. When the mash starts to taste bitter and has the smell of alcohol, it must be drained into another container without sediment;
  4. Then, with the help of the moonshine device, drive off the mash twice and, before drinking, spend three days in the bottle of moonshine.

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It is best, especially for a beginner, to use a steam-boiler for distilling mash. In this case, do not even need to filter the marriage, no cake will stick. In addition, this method better preserves the flavor of apples. Otherwise, the brag must be filtered, so that the pulp does not burn.

Absolutely in all the recipes for home-brew of their apples, mash must be distilled twice. First you should get raw alcohol, it is quite fragrant. Add some fresh or dried apples to it. Wait four days.

After that, dilute the alcohol with water to make it within 25 degrees. Overtake again. Initially, at the smallest capacity, select the head fraction, which is 10% of the total alcohol. Select need to clump.

At medium power, select a large batch (body) in the jet, where there is 45-60 degrees. Dilute with water to the desired strength and bottle. It is desirable that the moonshine still stood a week before use.

From the resulting moonshine can make other alcoholic beverages. Popular apple juice: delicate, fragrant and light. Her recipe can be found below. This drink is more like the female half.

  • 1 l apple samogon;
  • 2200 g apples;
  • 2 liters of water;
  • 1100 grams of sugar.

What time is 18 days.

Nutritional value per 100 g — 123 kcal.

  1. Peel the apples from the core, wash them and cut them into slices. Fold on the bottom of the jar;
  2. Boil a liter of water and then cool to room temperature;
  3. The same water, when it cools down, diluted with 0.5 liters of moonshine;
  4. Apples need to pour diluted moonshine, close the lid and remove for two weeks in a dark cool place;
  5. From the second half of the water and all the sugar you need to make a syrup. The mass should be boiled and held for four minutes. Remove all the foam and turn off the stove;
  6. Infusion of apples strain;
  7. When the syrup has cooled to room temperature, it must be mixed with the second half of moonshine and apple extract;
  8. Pour the mixture into the bottle and remove for another three days in the same dark and cold place. The container should be tightly closed;
  9. Bottled and consumed within one and a half years.

If you add a small oak chip in the moonshine, it will become more pleasant to the taste and more aromatic. Someone adds mint or other spicy grass to also improve and diversify the taste. Rarely add spices not in the form of a hammer.

To save on yeast and improve the taste of home brew and the future of alcohol, you just need to take the raisins. In dried grapes, nature itself retains all the necessary substances created for making wine. Raisin is better not to regret, it is only in favor of the product.

If there is no place to buy a water seal, you can resort to the old and proven methods. For example, to rubber medical glove. In any of her fingers, you need to make a hole with a needle, and put the glove on the bottle. After some time, the glove is inflated, indicating the formation of carbon dioxide during fermentation. As soon as the mitten is deflated, it’s time to recycle the mash.

Another good way of sealing is hose and water. Need a thin hose, from under the dropper. One part of it needs to be dropped into the braga, and the other into a small jar with ordinary water. The bottle neck should be hermetically closed with any object. This is a very important point: the mash must not be in contact with air, more precisely, with oxygen, so that the fermentation process goes on continuously and correctly.

Apple moonshine is different from the usual flavor of its bouquet and smell. It is impossible to call this drink elite or original, but many people like it. And for home use is best. Indeed, in the product, created by hand, you can be sure.

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