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Meatballs with gravy in a slow cooker: a step by step recipe with photos

How to cook meatballs with gravy in a slow cooker

World famous meatballs in each country are made to cook in their own way. The advantage of meat balls is that serving the dish under different sauces, you give them different flavors to taste.

However, the main mistake of many housewives is that they cook meatballs with prescription meatballs. Let’s try to learn how to cook everyone’s favorite meat balls in a popular kitchen unit — a slow cooker.

This recipe is familiar to many, because it was for him that they prepared a meat dish in school canteens. However, some people have pleasant memories of the dish, while others are not quite flattering. Let’s try to cook meatballs in a modern kitchen unit, so that everyone who tries should definitely ask for supplements.

Step by step process of cooking:

  1. Boil rice until half cooked. Finely chopped onions. Add to mince along with rice. Salt and pepper;
  2. From meat semi-finished product to form meatballs of identical size. Transfer to the bowl of the multi-cooker;
  3. In a separate bowl, mix water, tomato paste, oregano, paprika and salt. In this recipe, it is desirable to use hot water;
  4. The resulting liquid pour meatballs. Put bay leaves;
  5. Set the timer for an hour and turn on the «Quenching» mode;
  6. After cooking, the meatballs are served with any side dish, but you can as an independent dish.

As you know, there are 2 popular cooking options for this meat dish. The first was presented above, now it is the turn of the second method — on sour cream.

      • carrot;
      • a mixture of two minced meat (beef, pork) — 550 g;
      • flour — 30 g;
      • onions — 4 pcs;
      • white bread — 80 g;
      • egg;
      • rice — 100 g;
      • oil — 40 ml;
      • distilled water — 600 ml;
      • sour cream — 350 g;
      • pepper, salt and other spices to taste.

Time spent on cooking: 40 minutes for stewing + 20 minutes for preparing the components.

Number of calories: 136 kcal.

Phased process:

      1. Boil rice to half-baked state;
      2. Soak the bread in the pulp;
      3. Two onions finely chop or chop through a meat grinder along with softened bread;
      4. In the stuffing enter onions, drive an egg, spices, bread and half-baked rice;
      5. Knead semi-finished meat and be sure to carefully beat off;
      6. Form the meatballs;
      7. Cut the remaining onions into strips and fry in heated oil for about 10 minutes in the “Frying” mode;
      8. In a separate bowl mix the flour, sour cream, water. Salt;
      9. Meatballs spread over roasted onions and pour the white sauce;
      10. Cook the dish for 40 minutes in the «Quenching» mode

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Of course, rice is one of the key ingredients in meatballs. But there are times when the necessary component is not at hand, and I really want to cook meatballs.

      • minced meat — 550 g;
      • bow;
      • ketchup — 2 tbsp. l;
      • salt and pepper;
      • yolk — 2 pcs .;
      • 3-4 black peppers in the form of peas;
      • distilled water — 250 ml;
      • flour — 35 g;
      • Bay leaf;
      • a pair of dill or parsley;
      • sour cream — 160 g;
      • oil — 5 tsp.

Time spent on cooking: 40 minutes for stewing + 20 minutes for preparing the components.

The number of calories: 155 kcal.

Phased process:

      1. Shred onion, but do not skip through the meat grinder, so as not to produce an excessive amount of juice;
      2. Add the ground ingredient to the mince. Next, add the yolks and season with spices;
      3. Knead the meat semi-finished product and be sure to repel it;
      4. Blind minced meatballs;
      5. In a small container, mix ketchup with sour cream. Gradually pour flour in the sauce. In the end, salt and pour 200 ml of water;
      6. Molded earlier meatballs are put in a bowl of a multi-cooker, where vegetable oil is preheated;
      7. Fry meat semi-finished products to form a crust;
      8. Disable the installed mode;
      9. Pour the sauce, throw peppercorns, bay leaves, chopped greens;
      10. Cooking meatballs with gravy in a slow cooker for 40 minutes with the mode «Quenching».

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