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How to cook a simple omelet in a pan

Omelet — the most popular dish of all time.

Its history goes back to antiquity.

Few people know that the ancient Romans enjoyed the first omelets.

True, then this dish was fried with honey and served for dessert.

Since then, the love of tasty and tender omelette is only growing, and the recipe book has managed to replenish more than a dozen new pages.

We will read a few of them right now!

Tip 1. The main ingredient of this dish is eggs, so their choice should be approached with all responsibility.

The eggs you use to cook should be the freshest and best.

It is from this and depends on the taste and appearance of this dish.

How to understand if a fresh egg lies before us or not?

Everything is very simple!

  • Look carefully at the shell, It should be matte and uniform. If the shell gleams like a gem, the freshness of this egg is highly questionable.
  • Weigh the egg in your hand, it should be heavy enough.
  • Shake the egg near the ear. It should make absolutely no sounds, because the yolk does not move at all in a fresh egg. Otherwise, you can give 99.9% of the fact that the eggs have long been spoiled.
  • Dip the egg in the water. If the egg sinks to the bottom, it is fresh, and if it emerges, you can throw it away.

Tip 2. A good frying pan is another important item, on which much also depends.

The pan for making omelets must be strong and thick enough, otherwise it will not withstand much heat.

Ideally, it should have a non-stick coating and high sides so that the mixture does not burn and fall out on the stove.

Best of all meet the requirements of cast iron pans.

They have a thick bottom, they do not stick and evenly heat up.

Tip 3. Nutritionists, having read this article, will surely be horrified and immediately advise you to replace butter with vegetable or olive oil.

Of course, you can do it, but the difference in taste will make you return to the butter.

And about the harm to health, you can say the following: such a small piece does not affect either the state of health or the figure!

The main thing is to choose a quality product that does not have additives and odors.

Tip 4. It often happens that the lower crust is almost burning, and the top of the dish is still quite liquid.

So that the dish is not burnt and roasted evenly, tilt the pan first one way and then the other way, lifting the edges of the omelet with a spatula.

This will allow the liquid component to flow down.

Tip 5. Not everyone can beautifully put the finished omelet on a plate.

But a little practice, and all you get!

Prepare a plate in advance.

Heat it up a little and put it on the stove.

As soon as the omelette is ready, grasp the handle of the pan with your right hand, and take the plate to the left.

Now tilt them towards each other until the omelette falls on a plate.

If you need to correct the edges, use the spatula.

At the end, brush the dish with butter and sprinkle with parsley.

All this needs to be done very quickly, otherwise the omelet will cool and fall.

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