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Salads with canned beans and crackers: photo recipes

How to cook a salad with canned white, red beans and crackers

Canned beans are very popular in modern cooking. Virtually no holiday dish can do without it. Most often it is added to a variety of vegetable and meat salads. Consider some of the most unusual and delicious recipes.

This festive and unusual salad can be prepared for a romantic dinner. Its rich taste will surprise and delight your other half.

  1. Cut the meat with a sharp knife into thin long sticks and fry in olive oil until golden brown. In the middle of the frying process, sprinkle the meat with dried garlic and a mixture of peppers. For color you can add a teaspoon of curry seasoning. Put ready-made pieces on a paper napkin to absorb excess fat;
  2. Fresh porcini mushrooms, best small champignons, thoroughly washed and cut into halves;
  3. Fry the white onion, prepared and diced, in a little oil and add the mushrooms. Simmer together for no more than 10 minutes;
  4. Borodino bread is finely chopped into cubes of the same shape and dried in the oven;
  5. Put in a deep salad bowl all the ingredients and mix;
  6. After that, you need to make a nutty dressing. Peeled nuts must be thoroughly chopped, add black pepper and mayonnaise;
  7. Season the blended ingredients with the sauce;
  8. Put the salad in two tall salad bowls and ture with grated cheese.

For the preparation we need the following products:

  • Tomatoes — no more than 4 pcs;
  • White poultry meat — 300-400 gr;
  • Durum cheese — 180 gr;
  • Red canned beans — 1 can;
  • Salad leaves — 1 bunch;
  • Dark crackers — 200 gr;
  • Sour cream sauce — 5 tbsp. l

The sequence of cooking salad:

  1. Dense and juicy tomatoes are cut into two halves, let the salad leaves dry on a towel and also finely chop;
  2. Hard cheese rubbed on the smallest grater;
  3. Poultry meat is cut into the same bars and fry until a pleasant golden tinge and crust appear;
  4. Mix all ingredients and season with sour cream sauce. 5. Dark croutons are stacked at the very last, so that they do not lose their unusual crunch and hardness.

This dish is intended for lovers of legumes in combination with seafood. The main components of the salad are crab sticks. But we offer you to cook a variant with melted cheese.

Before you proceed directly to the cooking process, you need to stock up on the following set of products:

  • Canned red beans — 1 can;
  • Dessert corn — 1 can;
  • Processed cheese — 200 gr .;
  • Croutons with garlic flavor — 200 gr .;
  • Mayonnaise or sour cream sauce — 5 tbsp. l ..

Preparing a salad as follows:

    1. In a wide salad bowl, mix yellow corn and red beans. Get some kind of rainbow mixture of legumes;

    1. Cut the processed cheese into small cubes and add them to the salad bowl;

    1. Add salt and mayonnaise dressing;

    1. Home-cooked garlic croutons should be placed in a salad bowl at the end of cooking.

For decoration, you can place a couple of small tomato slices on top of the salad.

In order for our salad to be tender and tasty, we need a small amount of food and a bit of free time.

  • Canned white beans — 1b .;
  • Crackers with bacon — 150-200 gr .;
  • Hard not fresh cheese — 200-250 grams;
  • Medium-sized pickled cucumbers — 3 pcs .;
  • Garlic — 4 cloves;
  • Dill and parsley — 200 gr .;
  • Sour cream sauce or homemade mayonnaise — 100-200 gr.
  1. Drain the liquid from the jar of white beans and place the beans in a deep bowl;
  2. We rub sharp cheese on the smallest grater;
  3. Pour prepared croutons into the container;
  4. Parsley and dill washed, dried and shred;
  5. Garlic skip through a shallow press;
  6. To prepare homemade mayonnaise, use one yolk and 100 gr. olive oil. Using an immersion blender, beat everything together for 5-7 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of dry mustard and 0.5 teaspoon of iodized salt;
  7. Mix all the ingredients of the salad and fill with mayonnaise.

Salad ready. You can regale yourself!

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Such a simple salad dressing is a magic wand for almost every housewife that unexpected guests took by surprise. It consists of inexpensive products available in any home refrigerator.

  • 3-4 eggs fresh chicken;
  • Doctor sausage — 180 gr .;
  • Smoked lean sausage — 100 gr.
  • Red or yellow bell pepper — 1 pc .;
  • Bank of canned white beans — 1 pc .;
  • Dill, parsley, basil — 250 g;
  • Low-fat sour cream — 4 tbsp. l
  1. Cook eggs and chop into equal small cubes;
  2. Doctor and smoked sausage cut into long bars;
  3. Bulgarian pepper wash and cut into cubes;
  4. Greens wash, dry and chop;
  5. Beans put out of the jar on the dish;
  6. Add all other ingredients and season with sour cream;
  7. Salt to taste and you can start the meal.

Before you proceed directly to the preparation of bean salads, it is necessary to choose the right canned beans.

In addition, it is worthwhile to dwell on the method of preparing rusks. Of course, putting store rusks in a salad is much easier than losing time on cooking homemade quality crackers. But all the same it is more useful to last.

Thus, to summarize: a salad of canned beans and crackers is an amazingly tasty dish that can be included in the daily diet and in the festive menu. Thanks to these recipes, you can spoil not only your loved ones, but also pleasantly surprise your guests.

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