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Salads for the New 2019

Salads for the New 2019 — 15 new and delicious recipes

No matter how original were the appetizers and hot dishes, and our people are used to the fact that there should be salads on the New Year’s table. The more they will be, the more skillful and hospitable will be considered the hostess of the house.

And if earlier it was quite enough to cook the dish with basins, and then spread out on crystal vases and decorate with greens, then now everyone must give a beautiful design.

It is not necessary to mix all the ingredients, as in Russian salad. You can take the form for biscuits and lay all the ingredients in it, necessarily smearing the sauce. Sprinkle with cheese or egg shavings. Then just remove the split circle and the cake-like dish is done!

And it is possible to give the dish the shape of some animal (this year Pigs or Boars) or an object, decorating it with openwork plates of fresh vegetables, snails of pancakes or boiled eggs, with carnations stuck in them, to make someone’s face like that.

At this point, every cook tries to the best of her imagination.

Today we will have recipes in such an express version. Before the New Year there is no time to read for a long time, and then also to cook. Therefore, see the picture, and if you like it, then quickly look at the recipe and start cooking. Moreover, everything is simple.

New and tasty salad «Little Mermaid», which will be swept away from the table first

In recent years, almost no one holiday can not do without delicate tasty slices of red fish. Someone likes to serve it in the form of a usual cut with lemon slices, someone decorates boiled potatoes and pickled onions. And many like it in the composition of hearty salads.

Well, let us rejoice, all together, to a beautiful puff masterpiece that will be a worthy decoration of the New Year’s night. And since the mermaid is a mysterious lady, then in our treat there will be a small secret ingredient that will cause amazement on the faces from the first tried piece.

What is the secret? Orange!

Fish with oranges? Yes, you are not mistaken! The combination is incredible, but just awesome! Believe me, this dish will definitely be eaten the very first!

  • Boiled egg — 5 pcs.
  • Slightly salted red fish — 300 gr.
  • Orange — 2 pcs.
  • Pitted olives — 1 can.
  • Marinated cucumber — 2 pcs.
  • Sour cream cheese — 200 gr.
  • Red caviar — 1 jar.
  • Mayonnaise — 150 gr.
  • Salt, pepper — to taste.

Separate the whites from the yolks and chop them together with the cheese with a grater. Each component in a separate bowl.

Fish cut into strips. Cucumbers with olives crumble in the form of thin transverse circles. Oranges cleaned from streaks and films and chopped into small cubes.

Put a detachable biscuit mold on the dish and lay our slices in layers, smearing each layer with mayonnaise (you can mix it in advance with a pinch of salt and ground pepper).

Layers are arranged in the following sequence

  • protein mass
  • chopped yolks
  • fish layer
  • orange secret
  • a third of grated cheese
  • cucumbers
  • olives
  • remaining cheese chips

Let it stand for a while, so that the layers are soaked and bonded together. Then garnish the top with caviar and carefully remove the forming ring.

Simple New Year’s salad «Tenderness» with crab sticks

During the feast you want to try everything and a lot. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to cook light salads. One of these, speaking for itself and for its taste — is called «Tenderness.»

It is prepared with your favorite crab sticks, the recipes with which are just a pond. But in a very simple version and a tasty ratio of ingredients.

When all the ingredients are pre-boiled and cleaned, the preparation of the dish will take no more than 15 minutes.

  • Cheese, crab sticks — 200 gr.
  • Mayonnaise — 8 tbsp. l
  • Boiled eggs — 5 pcs.
  • Boiled carrots — 3 pcs.
  • Dill — for decoration.
  • Salt, pepper — to taste.

All ingredients, except 2 eggs, grate on a coarse grater, all separately. Put them on a beautiful plate on top of each other in the following sequence:

  • crab sticks
  • top cheese
  • then carrot
  • and cover her with eggs

Be sure to lubricate each layer with mayonnaise. For a more dietary option, you can mix it in equal proportions with sour cream. It is advisable to slightly salt and pepper each layer to your taste.

The remaining boiled eggs are divided into yolks and proteins, and rub them separately very finely.

The resulting air masses figure sprinkle laid layers in order to get a beautiful hat. Put fresh sprigs of dill around or above.

Do you think you will enjoy the combination of sweet fruit with poultry meat and a small mustard needle? It turns out quite unusual and interesting.

You can boil eggs and turkey, and crumble them with Peking cabbage and cheese. But the decoration will look much more beautiful if, instead of yolks and whites, guests see pancakes and rolls of them.

It is they who are rolled up and will play the role of snails.

And the similarity of the decoration with the snow will give small cheese chips. It will be equally delicious with Suluguni, “Russian” or “Parmesan”. The highlight will be the grains of Dijon mustard, which will pleasantly surprise with its clicking sound.

  • Boiled turkey meat — 300 gr.
  • Canned pineapples, cheese, Chinese cabbage — 150 gr.
  • Egg — 3 pcs.
  • Garlic clove — 2 pcs.
  • Mustard Dijon, sunflower oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • Lemon juice — 1 tbsp. l
  • Dill greens — 1/3 of the bunch.
  • Ground black pepper, paprika, salt — to taste.

Beat fresh eggs with a pinch of salt and fry 3-4 thin omelet pancakes in a greased pan.

Collapse them into tubes. One cut into wheels and leave for decoration in the form of snails. Crumble the rest into thin strips.

Mustard mixed with lemon juice and spices (pepper, paprika) and garlic passed through a press. Shake well with a fork to a state of uniform filling.

The hands are divided into narrow oblong stripes, chopped cabbage. Grate a half of the cheese on a Korean grater. Combine them with pancake straws and season with sauce.

Chop the second part of the cheese on a regular grater and sprinkle on top of the salad. On her to put little yellow snails, and spread out around the twigs of dill.

Delicious recipe for holiday treat with oranges «Mouse-shalunishki»

No wonder the name “shalunishki” sounds in the title, because we will be a little hooligans with familiar products, and thus amaze the eaters.

It is said that onions and fruits cannot get along in one dish. But we will prove the opposite!

  • Boiled chicken egg — 2 pcs.
  • Boiled quail eggs — 3-5 pcs.
  • Apple, orange, onion — 1 pc.
  • Cheese — 150 gr. + 1-2 plastic for decoration
  • Mayonnaise — 4 tbsp. l
  • Carnation — 3 pcs. on quail egg.

Chop the cheese with a grater, crumble the remaining ingredients into small cubes. Lay in layers, coating each of them with a spoon of mayonnaise: on apple slices — onion, then egg cubes, orange on top and finish with cheese chips.

You can crumble egg yolks on top to make it look like a circle of cheese.

In the quail eggs stick carnations to get something like a peephole and spout. Cut out the slices of cheese ears and tails. And also attach them to make mouse figures. Spread them over the salad.

And if you cut round snouts, you get cute pigs, as we did in the salad «Pig in the garden.»

Since fantasy has begun to wander, why not cook something similar to Olivier, but with the scent of summer freshness due to juicy cucumbers?

In addition, many people do not think the New Year’s table without this traditional treat.

And so that the set of ingredients does not look like a sad mass mixed in a cup, we will lay out a playfully shaking cap with a pompon like Santa Claus.

  • Boiled eggs — 3 pcs.
  • Boiled potatoes — 3 pcs.
  • Baked ham or boiled chicken — 250 gr.
  • Boiled carrot — 1.5 pcs.
  • Canned peas — ½ can.
  • Onions — 1 pc.
  • Fresh cucumber — 2 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise — 200 gr.
  • Pepper, salt, pomegranate seeds — to taste.

In two boiled eggs, chop proteins with a grater. Salt them slightly and set aside. Do the same with half a carrot.

The rest of the vegetables and meat crumble in the form of small cubes and combine with peas.

Chop the onion as small as possible and pour boiling water to bitterness. Add it to the other components and fill with mayonnaise and ground pepper. To taste add a little salt. Mix everything and put on a dish in the form of a hat with a pompon.

Sprinkle the peeled grated carrots over the middle of the formed figure, and decorate the bottom and the pom-pom with chopped proteins. Draw mayonnaise waves on top of the orange part and lay out the pomegranate seeds, imitating ruby ​​pebbles.

Salad with mushrooms and korean carrots «The Best New Year Gift»

What is the New Year without gifts? Multi-colored or monophonic packed boxes with beautiful ribbons bring joy to both those who receive them and those who give them.

So maybe put on the table one such «packaged» edible surprise?

  • Marinated champignons — 150 gr.
  • Doctor sausage — 150 gr.
  • Boiled rice — 100 gr.
  • Boiled potatoes — 3 pcs.
  • Morkovcha (Korean carrot) — 100 gr.
  • Boiled eggs — 3 pcs.
  • Red onion — 1 pc.
  • Fresh cucumber — 1 pc.
  • Mayonnaise — 6-8 st. l
  • Greens — for decoration.
  • Salt, pepper — to taste.

On a coarse grater, chop the potatoes and boiled egg yolks. Chop the mushrooms with sausage in the form of straws. Onion chop half rings.

Mix these cuts with carrot and rice. Season with mayonnaise and season with pepper and salt. It is good to mix everything and put it on a festive plate in the form of a rectangle or a square, so that it looks like a box.

Carrot is called in many regions of Russia and in eastern countries spicy carrot cooked in Korean.

Squirrels to pass through the fine grater and this air mass to cover the “gift, imitating the packing white velvet.

Cut the cucumber along the peeler into thin ribbons and put a “dressing bow” out of them. For beauty, add sprigs of fresh greens.

Remember your childhood sensations of joy when you saw a great rainbow after the rain? Let’s give this delight to our loved ones by serving to the table a multicolored striped vegetable salad.

In this way, you can imagine everyone’s favorite «Herring under a fur coat», and any other combination of cooked components with light-salted fish or dried meat.

  • Lightly salted red fish — 200 gr.
  • Boiled eggs and potatoes — 3 pcs.
  • Boiled carrots and beets — 1 pc.
  • Fresh or pickled onions — 1 pc.
  • Mayonnaise — 3-4 tbsp. l
  • Green feather bow — 0.5 beam.

Cut the fish in the form of small cubes or stripes and lay a uniform layer on an oblong rectangular or oval dish. Spread the onion slices on top (it is better to marinate it beforehand so as not to taste bitter). All neatly cover with a layer of grated potatoes, which must be missed with mayonnaise.

Eggs divided into yolks and squirrels. They and grated carrot with beetroot. Onion feathers finely chopped.

To get a delicate pink shade, rub half of the protein after chopping the beets. The remaining juice white mass slightly stained.

Now it remains only to lay out the chopped vegetables in neat successive stripes on top of the fish-potato harvesting.

Video on how to cook a jelly feast «Festive Fireworks»

And since we already talked about herring under a fur coat, then look how interesting it can be cooked. Believe me, it will be a truly festive option that will create a real sensation at your table.

It not only looks like fireworks, but also has a delicious enchanting taste.

Its highlight is that each layer is gelled. Therefore, the components do not fall apart, and in the context of the dish looks like a real cake.

Shocking delicious salad on the New Year’s table «Snow Queen»

This salad, although not entirely new, is so tasty and we prepare it so rarely that it is perceived every time as if we eat it for the first time.

And we cannot leave our selection today without this masterpiece.

  • Ham — 200 gr.
  • Crab sticks — 250 gr.
  • Processed cheese — 2 pcs.
  • Boiled egg — 6 pcs.
  • Onions — 1 small head.
  • Sweet and Sour Apple Semerenko — 1 pc.
  • Nuts — 100 gr. (peanuts, walnuts)
  • Mayonnaise — 300-350 gr.
  • Lemon juice — 1 tbsp. spoon.
  • Sugar — 1 tsp.
  • Salt — 0.5 tsp.
  • Water — 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Vinegar 9% — 2 tbsp. spoons.

And also we will need some greenery for decoration.

Marinate the onion sliced ​​in half rings, pour salt and sugar into it and pour in water and vinegar.

Crab sticks and ham cut into small cubes. Grate egg whites on a medium grater, and yolks — on a fine. All components are laid out in separate bowls. For now, we leave the proteins, and combine all the other prepared ingredients with mayonnaise.

Prepare a split form 18 cm in diameter. Layer out:

1 layer — melted curd bars rubbed on a coarse grater. For ease of rubbing, you can pre-hold them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Lubricate the layer with mayonnaise.

3 layer — onions pressed from the marinade.

4 layer — crab sticks.

5 layer — peeled and grated apple. Sprinkle this layer with lemon juice so that the apple does not darken.

6 layer — ham.

7 layer — chopped nuts.

8 layer — half of egg whites mixed with mayonnaise.

9 layer — egg whites without mayonnaise.

After filling out the form, we let it stand and soak for two hours in the refrigerator. Then remove the form and decorate with green leaves.

I really like the combination of salmon with curd cheese and avocado. This recipe you can cook in the form of a puff of a large dish, but still a la carte it looks much more festive and original. A kind of log, powdered with snow, or a snowdrift, which suddenly slipped from the roof of the house.

Sushimans will definitely appreciate your idea, because there is everything that is usually found in famous rolls.

We need (for 4 servings):

  • Boiled rice — 1 glass.
  • Cheese «Hohland» — 150 gr.
  • Lightly salted salmon — 300 gr.
  • Avocados — 1-2 pcs.
  • Parmesan — 100 gr.
  • Mayonnaise — 4 tbsp. l + 3 tbsp. l
  • Cherry tomatoes, greens — for decoration.

Avocado and salmon fillet cut into small cubes or triangles.

Curd cheese mixed with 3 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise. With the help of a grater, turn Parmesan into air chips.

On each plate lay out on ¼ fish cutting. Top delicacy decorate a layer of a quarter cup of boiled rice, and it must be smeared with a spoon of mayonnaise.

Then turn the fourth part of the avocado slices. Cover all this with “snow” of mayonnaise curd, forming a stack. Well, top with parmesan curls.

If desired, you can decorate with small cherry tomatoes.

Incredibly delicious Christmas salad «Snowflake» with sausage cheese

Since childhood, I love smoked sausage cheese. It gives some piquancy to ordinary ingredients and the smell of smoke brings pleasant memories of summer trips to nature with a fire.

And in order to have some lightness in taste, like a snowflake, it is best not just to use mayonnaise for impregnating layers, but to mix it in half with sour cream. And let the brewed assembled in detachable form at least 4 hours.

  • Boiled meat — 300 gr.
  • Smoked sausage cheese — 200 gr.
  • Pickled mushrooms — 100 gr.
  • Marinated onions — 50 gr.
  • Fresh cucumber — 1 pc.
  • Boiled chicken egg — 4 pcs.
  • Boiled potatoes — 3 pcs.
  • Sour cream, mayonnaise — 5 tbsp. l

Clean the cucumber of dark green skins. Pulp crumble in the form of cubes. Cut the meat (or ham) and mushrooms in the same pieces. Cheese, whites with yolks (separately), skip potatoes through a fine grater.

Place a detachable ring on a flat dish and lay everything in layers: potatoes, yolks, cucumbers, meat, then a layer of pickled onions, mushrooms and cheese. Everything, exactly in the sequence as written.

Each level must be soaked with a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise. Sprinkle the top with proteins to give a feeling of airiness. Remove the form. Put in the fridge to cool.

You can lay all the layers and in the reverse order. And take advantage of the deep bowl. And for the «cheese soul» instead of proteins, you can put up all smoked milk cheese.

As the coming year comes to us in the form of a mischievous symbol with a pink patch, it is simply a sin not to form the main decoration of the table in the form of a boar or a pig.

The blog already has a whole article with images of cute pigs. All recipes are copyright, and video is recorded on all of them. Follow the link, see. And today is another option.

The more the Pig (Boar) will pay attention to the holiday, the more patronage he will have for us next year.

  • Boiled chicken fillet — 250 gr.
  • Fried champignons — 150 gr.
  • Doctor sausage — 2 slices.
  • Spicy carrot — 50 gr.
  • Boiled potatoes — 2 pcs.
  • Boiled egg — 2 pcs.
  • Marinated cucumber — 2 pcs.
  • Olive — 1 pc.
  • Mayonnaise — 4 tbsp. l
  • Salad leaves greens — for serving.
  • Salt — to taste.

Chicken fillet, cucumbers, yolks and potatoes crumble in centimeter cubes. Connect them with carrots and fried mushrooms. Season with mayonnaise and try for salt.

Put lettuce leaves on a festive dish, and put everything that is mixed on an oblong slide on them. Form a little pig out of this. From above to rub squirrels through a small lattice.

Olive cut in half and make eyes. Slices of sausage to give the shape of a piglet, a tail and ears, and then decorate them with a little body, to make it look like an animal. Add greens to make it seem as if our joyful pig is lying on the meadow.

And to add to her mischief, plastic carrots placed under a penny in the form of protruding tongue.

Or you can make just such a picture. This is our cute Pig.

A description of the recipe, you can see by clicking on the link. By the way, there is a video there.

Children’s holiday treat from the cartoon «Peppa Pig»

For some reason, if we celebrate an adult holiday, then the salads are mostly on the festive table all adults. But after all, kids will be happy to eat them, if you decorate them somehow in a special way.

For example, like this, in the form of Peppa Pig.

This dish was prepared for a family holiday, and neither adults nor children abandoned it. Everyone wanted to try such deliciousness and beauty.

And you try, because there is nothing difficult in its preparation.

If you are a supporter of preparing portioned cold dishes, then this option will definitely appeal to you. After all, it can be a real decoration of the festive table.

And although the composition of the ingredients is quite simple, the whole highlight here will be to serve. Namely, in the cheese basket, which I will teach you to cook.

We need (for 2 servings):

  • Crab sticks — 100 gr.
  • Tomato — 1 pc.
  • Bright Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc.
  • Cucumber — 0.5 pcs.
  • Boiled quail eggs — 2 pcs.
  • Onions — 0.5 pcs.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Hard Parmesan cheese for baskets — 100 gr.
  • Sour cream — 1 dess. spoon.
  • Mayonnaise — 1 dess. spoon.
  • Mustard — 0.5 tsp.
  • Paprika — 0.5 tsp.
  • Lemon juice — 0.5 — 1 tsp.

And for decoration, we take caviar and greens.

First of all, make cheese baskets. To do this, rub hard cheese, pour it onto a dry cold frying pan and put it on medium heat. As soon as the cheese begins to melt and lace forms on the surface, immediately lower the bottom of the frying pan into cold water. And gently, pulling a spatula, remove the pancake.

Arrange it on the glass. It will fall and turn out like a laced vase. Put it straight with a glass in the fridge. From 100 grams of cheese you get two openwork plates.

Cut the long, thin straws with crab sticks, paprika, cucumber and tomato, from which to remove the seeds and the core. There also add chopped onions and scalded in boiling water.

Salt and dress with sauce, which is mixed from all the components presented and put the ready-made salad in cheese baskets. Decorate with quail eggs and caviar cut into two halves.

Immediately serve.

Exceptionally tasty and chic «Royal» salad, which never stays on the table

And in conclusion, I want to present to your attention another chic recipe that every seafood lover will appreciate. This option is so incomparable that it amazes the imagination of even a sophisticated eater.

There are several cooking options with this name. We tried to collect here all the most beloved and tasty. How to celebrate the New Year!

But if you decide to give up one of the components, the dish will not become less tasty, its fullness will simply change. In any case, you can experiment.

And today it is our last recipe. I hope you enjoy the selection. We tried to collect here the newest, the best and the most interesting. And certainly delicious.

In general, the ideas of cooking delicious salads are just an incredible amount. Even if you take a little bit annoying recipe and add some new zest to it, or come up with a new design, then believe me — the dish will sparkle with new colors and flavors. And eaten by your guests and loved ones without any residue.

Today we could see that all the recipes for interesting salads are quite simple and quick. The main thing is to prepare everything in advance so as not to waste time on cleaning cooked vegetables.

You can shape a pig, or any other holiday or New Year’s character, to any of them. Just try to put all the usual products in layers according to a given shape.

And ready-made meat and vegetable mixtures should be formed in the form of hills, koloboks or some other forms and images. Yes, even if you spread them out on the creamers and serve them in portions — it will already be pleasant and unusual.

By adding one or two new ingredients to familiar dishes, you can already invent some new version with an unexpected twist.

Experiment and let your imagination run, so that the triumph will play with new culinary masterpieces!

Bon appetit and happy New Year’s Eve celebration!

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