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Salads for kebabs: easy recipes with step by step photos

Culinary art originated with the advent of fire. It was in those days people appreciated the taste of meat baked on fire. For centuries, people have perfected ways of cooking meat dishes. Kebab has become one of the masterpieces of the art of cooking.

There are many recipes for delicious kebabs, and each of them is the best and “correct”. In Transcaucasia, it is believed that, as a reward for living in remote mountains, God gave the inhabitants the ability to cook delicious kebabs.

Kebab in the Caucasus is a song that never stops and gets better every day. Flocks of sheep graze in mountain meadows, feed on thousands of herbs, drink water from mountain springs.

The meat of such animals has a special taste and aroma. According to Muslim traditions, kebabs are made from lamb and beef.

Emphasize the taste of lamb shashlik pomegranate, cornel, plum. Roasted in cherry plum, peaches are often present on the table next to baked meat.

In Armenia, it is believed that the most delicious kebabs are prepared by Armenian men. The kebab makers say that sheep grazing in the foothills of Armenia drink mineral water from the very bowels of the earth, which is why lamb becomes incredibly tender and tasty.

When serving kebabs on the table, fresh vegetables and greens, cornel sauce, grapes of different varieties, cheese, pita are always served.

In Dagestan, very scrupulous about the choice of meat for barbecue. A self-respecting kebab maker takes only fresh meat. With ready-made meat they serve delicious “miracle” flat cakes with greens and cheese, fruits, vegetables and greens.

In Russia, kebabs are not only delicious food. Rather, it is a vacation, meeting with family and friends in nature. For cooking kebabs used lamb, pork, beef, chicken. Meat is pre-marinated using wine, vinegar, kefir, mineral water. Each kebab lover has his own pickle recipe.

On the territory of Russia, many restaurants and cafes of Caucasian cuisine offer to taste delicious dishes of national cuisine, including barbecue. Ready hot kebab served with fresh vegetables, herbs, consumption of which contributes to improved secretion of gastric juice.

Fresh grapes, pomegranate seeds contribute to the absorption of meat. There are many recipes for salads that are served with kebabs.

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