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Puffed chicken salad with pineapples and mushrooms

The most popular now are salads from chicken with pineapples. They can often be found on a festive table, whether it is New Year or Birthday. Cooking options exist quite a lot. Therefore, I tried to cook according to different recipes in order to find the one that would be most liked.

And this was found. Somehow this recipe caught my eye, and it seemed quite good to me. Waiting for the next holiday, and cooked it. And all he liked. I liked it because, firstly, there is quite a bit of mayonnaise in it. Secondly, the combination of products and their quantity, make this dish really tasty!

Now I cook this salad for the holidays. We call him Calla. The name appeared when I decorated it with cheese in the form of these beautiful flowers. The idea of ​​design spied in one of the culinary magazines. So I want to offer this recipe to your attention today.

  • chicken breast — 1 pc.
  • Canned pineapples — 150 gr.
  • mushrooms -200 gr.
  • eggs — 3 pcs.
  • hard cheese — 100 gr.
  • carrots — 1 pc.
  • onion — 1 pc.
  • mayonnaise — 4-5 st. spoons
  • dill — a few twigs
  • thin processed cheese — 3 pcs.
  • Green onions — for decoration
  • vegetable oil — 2-3 tbsp. spoons
  • salt, pepper to taste

1. Boil in salted water chicken breast or chicken fillet. Then cut it into small pieces. The skin is better to remove, it has a lot of fat, and when it comes in a dish, it spoils the taste.

2. Boil and grate the eggs.

3. Peel onions, cut into small cubes and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. But do not overcook, and then the salad will have a bitter taste. To prevent the onions from crunching on the teeth, add 1/3 cups of boiling water and steam the onions until all the water has boiled away.

4. Mushrooms cut into pieces. I already cut, I use frozen porcini mushrooms. Rinse with water and add to the bow. Fry for 15 minutes on low heat. Salt to taste.

Mushrooms can be used both fresh and frozen, and even canned. Fresh mushrooms before frying, boil for 10 minutes, removing the foam, then fry with onions for another 10 minutes. Frozen can only fry. But pickled enough to just cut.

But I like to make this salad with fresh or frozen mushrooms. It has a very refined smell, and, of course, the taste is more advantageous. You can cook it using mushrooms, too, it turns out quite decent!

5. Cooking a large flat dish. Spread the first layer of sliced ​​chicken. We grease it with one spoon of mayonnaise. If there is olive mayonnaise, it is best to use it.

6. The second layer lay out sliced ​​canned pineapples. In the banks there are already chopped pineapples, but if you have them in ringlets, then cut them into small pieces. On the New Year, I specifically buy fresh pineapple, and prepare a dish from it.

7. The next layer is cheese. I rub it directly above the plate with all the components there. But you can rub and in a separate bowl, and then shift.

8. Now it’s the turn of fried mushrooms with onions. Notice already collected half the salad, and used only a spoonful of mayonnaise.

9. Cut a piece of carrots, and cut pistils for callas from it, 3 pieces. Then rub it on a coarse grater or in a separate plate, and then make a layer of carrots. Or rub directly over the plate with the contents. This layer should be smeared with one — two spoons of mayonnaise.

10. Spread the next layer — grated eggs. If you do not want to decorate the dish with flowers, then rub the whites separately, and the yolks separately. Squirrels — on a coarse grater, and yolks — on a small one. First make a layer of proteins — brush them with two spoons of mayonnaise, and sprinkle with yolks on top. The salad is beautiful and in this form.

But we do with callah, so we can rub all the eggs at once. Rubbed, grease this layer with mayonnaise, two spoons will be enough. Sprinkle with chopped dill on top.

11. Now we will deal with the decoration. Melted cheese in the plates must be removed in advance from the refrigerator. Cold cheese can break, and if it lies a little at room temperature, it will be easier to make flowers out of it.

12. Fold the cheese in the form of flowers, lay it on a plate. The cheese is sticky and the petal will stick without additional help. From the prepared carrots we insert inside the pistils. We form leaves and greens from onions and dill. Wipe the edge of the dish with a napkin so that there are no traces of mayonnaise or pieces of food on it.

13. Leave the dish for 30 minutes in the room, then remove for an hour or two in the refrigerator.

14. Put ready-made salad on plates in layers.

As you noticed, we cooked it on a flat plate, and you can cook it in deep. It is also possible to decorate as fantasy prompts.

Salt layers should be careful, the mayonnaise itself is salty, so do not overdo it. I salt my breast when I boil it, mushrooms, when fry them with onions, and another layer with eggs — quite a bit. The same layer is slightly pepper, for flavor and taste.

And since this salad is quite simple, if you do everything step by step, then it will be absolutely easy to cook it. It will turn out very, very tasty. And will delight you and your guests with their exquisite and delicate taste.

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