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Puff salads with chicken: simple recipes with photos step by step

Surprisingly, salads are always present at holiday parties. And all because of the recipes of their preparation a huge amount. They can be simple, dietary, exotic, puff, meat, vegetable, fruit, with the most unexpected products in the composition — this list is endless.

In this article we will present to your attention puff salads with chicken, which can become the hallmark of the holiday table.

Boil potatoes, peeled carrots, eggs and chicken.

We grease the pan with low edges from the inside with oil and gently spread the pickled mushrooms upside down. They should lie tightly and mushrooms with short legs are best suited for this. Sprinkle with chopped dill and parsley on top, tamping up the greens and make sure that it covers all the mushrooms. Then we put a grid of mayonnaise.

Then lay out a layer of carrots grated on a coarse grater, on it — pickled cucumbers cut into small cubes. Coat with mayonnaise.

Chicken cut into small cubes and form the next layer, which is coated with mayonnaise on top. Put eggs, grated on a coarse grater, put some salt on it and again put a net from mayonnaise.

Grated potatoes put the last layer, salt and grease with mayonnaise. Cover the pot with a lid and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. When it comes time to serve the salad on the table, you need to turn it over and put it on a plate covered with lettuce leaves.

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This puff salad with chicken is made in the form of a hat. Therefore, when laying out the layers, the lowermost of them should be made wider, all the rest should taper to the top.

Necessary products for the preparation of ten servings:

  • 500 g chicken fillet;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • 4 potatoes;
  • 2 medium sized beets;
  • two apples;
  • garlic — to taste;
  • 120 g of prunes;
  • 120 g of walnuts;
  • 4 pieces of green peas;
  • 250 grams of cheese (solid varieties);
  • 500 g of mayonnaise;
  • one large red onion;
  • black pepper (ground) — to taste;
  • one grenade;
  • one bunch of greens;
  • salt — to taste.

Cooking time — 120 minutes.

The calorie content of 100 grams is 153 kcal.

Boil beets and potatoes, rub, using a large grater.

The boiled eggs are divided into yolks and proteins. Grate the yolks on a fine grater. On the same grater three cheese. Squirrels three on a large grater.

Boiled chicken fillet cut into small cubes, prunes — stripes, three apples on a large grater.

To prepare the sauce, garlic passed through a press must be mixed with mayonnaise, add black ground pepper and salt.

All green finely shred.

The following products are put in layers on a large dish — potatoes, mayonnaise, beets, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, chicken fillet, chopped walnuts, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, greens, prunes, mayonnaise, some cheese (the rest remains for decoration), apples, yolks. It is necessary to lay out so that the original dome turned out (below — wider, and above — already).

To decorate the edges of the caps, mix the grated cheese with mayonnaise and spread it around the salad, then sprinkle it with grated protein and walnuts on top.

Now you need to decorate the cap grains of pomegranate. Starting from the bottom of the dome and upward we lay out a line of pomegranate grains.

Then we perform the same actions on the other side of the salad. The resulting sections are divided in half by the same lines. In some places we spread green peas, imitating precious stones.

For registration of the crown caps use a red bow. Cut the onion in half and remove the inner layers, then cut out the triangles on the remaining layer, imitating the crown. The void inside the treated bulbs filled with pomegranate seeds.

Salad layered with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and chicken

This puff salad is especially popular with children. It turns out tasty and bright. It can be served both at the casual table and as a festive dish.

Necessary products for the preparation of six servings:

  • 300 g chicken fillet;
  • 600 g of mushrooms (pickled);
  • one onion;
  • 300 grams of cheese (solid varieties);
  • 6 eggs;
  • 20 g of vegetable oil;
  • 220 g of mayonnaise;
  • three cucumbers;
  • three tomatoes;
  • 3 pieces of prunes;
  • salt — to taste.

Cooking time — 80 minutes.

The calorie content of 100 grams — 171 kcal.

Boil chicken fillet. Mushrooms cut into strips and fry mixed with chopped onion.

Boiled chicken meat cut into cubes. Eggs and cheese rubbed on a coarse grater.

This salad layers should be laid out in such a way that the shape of a watermelon lobule is obtained. The sequence of layers: chicken meat, fried mushrooms, eggs, cheese. We coat each layer with mayonnaise and sprinkle with salt a little.

When the shape of the watermelon lobule is formed, chop the cucumbers and spread them on the salad, imitating the rind of the berry. We put the finely chopped tomatoes in the places where the pulp of the imitated berries will be. Washed prunes will be watermelon seeds. It must be thoroughly washed, cut into slices and put a tomato on top.

To cut or grated apples are not blackened, they must be poured over with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

In the process of cooking puff salad with chicken, some products can be immediately mixed with mayonnaise, and then lay out a layer from this mass. This will make it easier to work with dry products, which, after being laid out, are difficult to smear with mayonnaise, as they constantly stick to it, creating lumps and bumps.

If walnuts are added to the dish, you can pre-fry them in a frying pan. This will give them a brighter and more pronounced taste.

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