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Korean pork, meat salad, recipe — Heh

No dinner is complete without meat dishes and side dishes. Cutlets, fried fish and other standard dishes are constantly bored. Cook Korean pork and the household will carry you in their arms.

  1. In a suitable container must be poured soy and chilli sauces. Add sesame oil to the mixture and knead.
  2. Garlic cloves are important to extract from the husk and grind as much as possible. You can use both the press and the knife.
  3. Release the ginger root from the peel and rub it on a grater with small holes.
  4. Chopped components and starch combine with cooked sauce. We supplement with sugar, sprinkle with paprika and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  5. Mix the mixture thoroughly, be sure to try and, if desired, bring to the desired taste.
  6. Meat is washed abundantly and dried. Prepared pulp we chop into thin strips 1 cm thick and 5 cm long (approximately).
  7. In a container with marinade put the meat slices and mix well. The main thing: each strip should be «shrouded» sauce. Cover the bowl with food wrap and transfer it to the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  8. While the pork is pickled, it’s worth preparing the remaining vegetable. Remove the onion head from the upper shell, wash and chop into thin half-rings.
  9. Grease the red-hot pan with vegetable fat and transfer the marinated meat to it, and put the onion on top.
  10. We scrupulously mix the substance in the pan and simmer on medium heat until the ingredients are soft (about 20 minutes).
  • sweet fresh pepper — 4 pcs .;
  • onion — 3 pcs .;
  • pork loin — 600 g;
  • tomato paste — 35 g;
  • garlic — 4 slices;
  • soy bean sauce — 100 ml;
  • green beans — 200 g;
  • vinegar (apple / wine) — 30 g;
  • butter;
  • salt and spices — at will;
  • starch — 35 g

Kalorazh: 129.6 kcal.

  1. Loin diligently washed and using a sharp knife, divide it into long strips. We try to stick to the width of 1 cm.
  2. The resulting meat pieces slightly repelled.
  3. Peel the garlic clove and chop it extremely finely.
  4. Crushed tooth complement 1/3 of the harvested soy sauce and vinegar.
  5. After a lot of mixing, pour the pork slices with the mixture.
  6. Leave in the refrigerator billet for 60 minutes.
  7. While the flesh is pickled, free the peppers from the seeds and stalks, rinse and cut into thin strips.
  8. Peeled onion heads are washed and milled in the form of half-rings.
  9. Remove the upper shell of the remaining teeth of garlic and chop, using a fine grater.
  10. In a bowl, combine 1/3 of the soy bean sauce and ground ingredients.
  11. Marinated meat slices are rolled up in starch and placed on a griddle, which we pre-lubricate and heat.
  12. We bring the pork to golden and move it to the cauldron.
  13. Put the cauldron on a low fire and simmer the meat, covered with a lid.
  14. In the meantime, turn the green beans into a frying pan, on which the meat was fried, and pass the beans for a couple of minutes.
  15. We add the pork cauldron with tomato paste and the remaining soy sauce, mix and add the half-cooked vegetable and the previously prepared mixture of pepper and onion.
  16. Prepare the dish for about half an hour, stirring occasionally. Be sure to try and complement your taste with your favorite spices.

  • starch — 15 g;
  • salad pepper — 1 pc .;
  • pork shoulder — 1 kg;
  • ginger — 3 cm of the root;
  • white sugar — 50 g;
  • soy bean sauce — ¼ vt .;
  • carrots — 400 g of root vegetables;
  • tomato juice — 20 ml;
  • onion heads — 2 pcs .;
  • oil (vegetable / sesame) — 30 ml;
  • garlic teeth — 2 pcs .;
  • chilled water — 1 tbsp .;
  • ground black pepper — a pinch.

Kalorazh: 164.5 kcal.

  1. The meat ingredient is cleaned from films, washed and crushed into cubes (2-3 cm each).
  2. Vegetables, if necessary, exempt from the outer shells and washed from contamination.
  3. Carrot and pepper diced.
  4. Onion heads cut into half rings.
  5. Grind spicy components, this will help either a grater or a press.
  6. We bloat the bowl of the multicooker with oil and put meat cubes in it.
  7. Bring the pork to gold by setting the “Baking” mode.
  8. We supplement the multicooker container with chopped components, pour tomato juice and soy bean sauce.
  9. Sprinkle everything with sugar and pepper, mix and set the timer for 120 minutes. The previously specified program is not modified.
  10. Starch is diluted in water and at the end of the program we pour the meat and vegetable mass with the resulting liquid.
  11. We plentifully mix and dog 20 min.

  • ½ kg of pork pulp;
  • 30 ml of wine / cider vinegar;
  • 400 g carrots;
  • 25 ml soy bean sauce;
  • 1 onion;
  • a large bunch of fresh greens;
  • seasonings and salt;
  • butter.

Kalorazh: 167.7 kcal.

  1. We wash the pork and dry it with multi-layer paper towels.
  2. Shred a solid piece into slices, which are then divided with a knife into thin strips.
  3. Place a griddle on the stove and heat it well.
  4. Shredded meat slices in a hot and dry frying pan.
  5. We add a little salt and, kneading regularly, wait for the evaporation of the formed moisture.
  6. The flesh has changed in color — we shift it into a spacious bowl.
  7. With carrots scrape off the peel and grind up very thin strips.
  8. We remove from the onion husks, wash and chop finely.
  9. Shred greens, not forgetting to wash it before.
  10. Chopped components add salt and add to roasted pork.
  11. Fill with soy sauce, seasonings, add vinegar and, if necessary, add salt.
  12. Pour vegetable fat into the pan so that it slightly covers the bottom.
  13. We bring the oil to a light haze and send it to the dish.
  14. Liberally mix and serve.

On the video — detailed instructions for cooking «Heh» of pork in Korean:

  • Korean Carrot Salad — 250 g;
  • fresh green cucumber — 2 medium pieces;
  • a bunch of feather onions;
  • meat pulp (pork) — 300 g

Kalorazh: 127.3 kcal.

  1. We fill the capacious capacity with the Korean carrots.
  2. Wash cucumbers and cut them into thin strips. Then we send to the salad bowl.
  3. Pork pulp washed, divided into several parts and cook until tender.
  4. Boiled meat shred small slices and lay out the cooked ingredients.
  5. Wash onion feathers and grind them.
  6. We supplement salad with greens and mix thoroughly.

  • cucumber;
  • pork loin — ¼ kg;
  • sour cream — ½ st .;
  • Korean carrot root vegetables — ¼ kg;
  • mayonnaise — 1/3 st .;
  • eggs — 3 pcs.

Calorge: 171.6 kcal.

  1. Pre-wash the meat component and set it to cook.
  2. We do the same with eggs.
  3. Vegetable wash and chop small straws.
  4. Boiled and peeled eggs are ground on a fine grater.
  5. On thin slices, cut the finished pork with a knife.
  6. Two refueling join together and knead.
  7. Put Korean carrot on a flat plate.
  8. Lightly coat with sauce and sprinkle with chopped cucumber.
  9. Again, add some creamy mayonnaise dressing and place the meat slices on top.
  10. Add sauce and grated eggs.
  11. Once again, lightly grease the dressing and leave to soak for about 2 hours.

Learn how to make pork gravy. It can be served with almost any garnish.

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For the holiday table you can make pork in French oven. Here you can see a step-by-step recipe.

  1. For cooking pork in Korean, it is better to use lean meat.
  2. Be sure to use soy sauce. It is great for both pickling and stewing dishes.
  3. The granulated sugar in the recipe can easily be replaced with honey. These sweet ingredients combined with vinegar and soy bean sauce will create an unforgettable taste.
  4. In addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe, you can add a variety of vegetables and even pineapple. And as a side dish, cooked rice is best.

The video describes in detail how to cook Korean pork:

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