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Cottage cheese with fruits: desserts are simple and with gelatin, salads

Recipes for making desserts and salads from cottage cheese with fruit

Dessert dish of cottage cheese and fruit — it is always tasty and fast, and most importantly — useful. Such dishes are always different from each other and are suitable for both weight loss and weight gain.

It all depends on the ingredients that make up the salad or dessert of cottage cheese. The main plus is the minimum cost and time for cooking. Delicate taste of cottage cheese in combination with fruit will appeal to even the smallest gourmets.

A fermented milk product is rich in phosphorus, calcium and casein (milk protein). It was used by the Romans, who believed that the cottage cheese has healing properties and helps get rid of heart, kidney, liver and gallstones diseases.

Dairy product helps with rachitis, thins blood, reduces the risk of heart attack and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is able to replace animal protein, so it is often used during diets and to improve the intestinal microflora. The dairy product is boiled down to a coiled state, after which it is separated from the whey, filtered, squeezed and get crumbly, real cottage cheese.

Nutritionists have proven that a person needs to eat up to 300 grams of this dairy product per day in order to prevent osteoporosis and atherosclerosis.

This is the easiest recipe for dessert from cottage cheese with fruit. The raisins are washed and poured over 100 ml of boiling water, left for 5 minutes. While the raisins are steamed, the dairy product is poured into a deep cup, where it is necessary to grind with a spoon or whisk with a blender until smooth.

Fruits cut into small pieces and add to the finished cheese mixture. Drain the water from the raisins and add it to the fruit mixture. Dessert can be served!

Fruits and berries cut into small pieces, then add the cottage cheese and spices. Melt honey in a water bath or in a microwave. Pour liquid honey into the dessert, stirring well. Serve at the table, decorated with slices of kiwi or strawberry.

Let’s see how to cook cottage cheese with gelatin and fruit. Gelatin is filled with 100 ml of warm water for 20 minutes, while constantly stirring. The curd is ground or whipped with a blender along with sugar and fruit.

Berry stuffing can simply put in the form of whole pieces. Ready gelatin pour in the cheese mixture, add sour cream, vanilla and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into the mold, cover with polyethylene and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Decorate the frozen mixture with berries, cut into pieces like a cake, and serve.

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Dessert from cottage cheese with gelatin and fruits is prepared quickly. Gelatin is filled with warm milk and left for 20 minutes. Melt the honey in a water bath, mix with sour cream and cottage cheese. Fruits cut into small pieces and put in shape. In the cottage cheese mixture add gelatin and vanilla. Pour into a mold, cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Celery finely chopped or grated. Apples to peel and finely chop. Chop the nuts with a blender, you can break it with your hands or with a mortar. The curd is mixed with milk and mayonnaise, after which a filler is added to the mixture. Serve to the table, decorated with a sprig of celery.

This salad of cottage cheese with fruit will appeal to all without exception. Kiwi and tangerine cut into small pieces, mixed with cottage cheese and salad.

In grated ginger add lemon juice, pepper and almonds.

Put the finished salad ingredients in a deep bowl, pour over the ginger sauce and garnish with chopped mint. Salad is ready and can be served.

Crumbly curd grind and roll into balls. Finely chop the apple and kiwi, tear the lettuce leaves into small pieces, then salt and pepper. Put in the form of cottage cheese balls, chopped fruit and pour soy sauce. For taste you can also add 1 tsp of lemon juice.

To make cottage cheese salad not only tasty, but also original, you can serve it to the table in a grapefruit or orange peel.

For this, it is necessary to cut the citrus into two parts, carefully cut out the flesh with a figure knife, then lay out the salad with a spoon. This presentation will look very impressive and interesting.

You can also decorate the salad with finely grated citrus zest or crushed nuts.

Cottage cheese with fruit is suitable not only for desserts, this composition is ideally combined with tomatoes, soy sauce, ginger, lemon and spices. Balsamic dressing, coriander, nutmeg, cheese, olives and boiled egg are added to the salad.

Cottage cheese can be combined with tuna and boiled salmon. For registration, you can use egg white, grind the yolk and add to the salad. You can decorate this dish with the help of a sprig of dill or parsley.

In order to better assimilate the salad and dessert from the curd with fruit, you need to properly mix the ingredients. For example, do not add a banana and an orange in one composition.

Since the curd product is rich in calcium and phosphorus, it is impossible to drink dishes with alcohol, coffee or black tea. This is because these drinks flush out nutrients from the body. It is best to drink green tea, water or broth hips. Enjoy your meal!

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