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Canned Tuna Salad — A Delicious Step-by-Step Recipe

Canned Tuna Salad — A Delicious Step-by-Step Recipe

Today I want to offer you a wonderful cold dish with canned tuna. Everyone knows that salads with this fish are very useful and tasty. In their meat contains 25% protein, 95% of which is absorbed by the body, it contains a lot of nutrients, minerals and trace elements. And no matter in what form, we use this fish. In canned tuna as well as in fresh, a large number of these substances is stored.

And it is low in fat and calories, and therefore it is good for diet and for those who follow a diet.

Salads from this fish are very appetizing and nutritious. And so there are many recipes for them. And today I want to offer you a very interesting option that has a beautiful appearance and the same taste! Therefore, it can be an ornament to any holiday table, including the New Year party!

  • canned tuna — 2 cans
  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • potatoes — 4-5 pieces
  • carrots — 1 pc (large)
  • onions — 1 pc (small)
  • canned peas — 0.5 banks
  • lemon — 0.5 pcs
  • lettuce leaves or greens — for decoration
  • salt, black pepper — to taste
  • cooking oil for frying
  • vinegar — 1-1.5 tsp

As we can see the composition of the products is very simple and ordinary. But how to make an unusual and tasty dish from ordinary products ?! To do this, we will make small manipulations with them.

1. Grate carrots for Korean carrots. And a little salt it. To try. Carrots should be salted, but not over-salted. Stir and press slightly. Pepper on top. Leave for 1 hour so that the carrots are well salted.

2. Onion cut into half rings.

In 0.5 cups cold boiled water, add a little vinegar to taste. You can add 1 teaspoon, or 1.5.

When vinegar is added to the water, mix it up and dip your finger in the mixture. Licking your finger, try, if there is enough sour. Everyone has different tastes, so you have to rely on sensations here.

If sour foods are contraindicated to you, then simply chop the onion into small cubes, and cover it with water so that the bitterness comes out.

Leave the onions to marinate also for 1 hour.

3. During this time we are preparing potatoes. It must be cleaned, then cut into two halves. Each half cut into elongated triangles — slices, preferably of the same size and thickness. Cut it in such a way that it looks beautiful. When everything is beautifully prepared, then the dish as a whole will look beautiful and appetizing.

4. Pour into a frying pan, and preferably in a cauldron vegetable oil. Warm it up to a gray haze. And in small portions fry the potatoes in it. Each serving will roast for 10-15 minutes, depending on how thick the potatoes are.

In the process of frying, potatoes need to be periodically stirred with a slotted spoon. This is necessary so that it roasts evenly and is covered with a beautiful roasting crust from all sides.

At will, at first, peeled potatoes can be boiled, and then cut and fry.

But I prefer the first option. Such potatoes seem to me more delicious!

5. In both cases, the fried potatoes should be removed with a slotted spoon, allowed to drain a little and then put on paper towels. So that excess oil does not get into our dish.

6. Allow the potatoes to cool.

7. Boil eggs, let cool and cut into cubes.

8. Carrots to taste. It should be moderately salty. If it is suddenly overdone, then rinse it under cold water and then fold it in a colander to let the water flow. In this case, it will be necessary to fill the pepper slightly.

My carrot turned out not very salty, and therefore I did not need this procedure.

9. Onions to drain in a colander, let drain water. Cut it into small cubes.

10. Now we start to collect the salad in a dish or a large flat plate. Namely, in such dishes we will form our beauty! That everything was in sight!

11. Put the lettuce leaves on a plate. If you make a decoration with dill and parsley, you can first form it, and then decorate it.

12. From the jars of fish it is necessary to drain the liquid component into a separate bowl. She later useful to us. Put the fish in a separate plate and slightly crush with a fork.

13. From the can with canned peas also need to drain all the liquid.

14. Start putting all the ingredients on the plate in layers, but in a sort of chaotic mess.

15. Our task is to lay out all the products in such a way as to form a hill and so that all the ingredients are clearly visible.

16. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon into the juice from the fish. Mix. Pour the sauce over the products.

You can add mayonnaise to the sauce if you are a fan of it. The quantity can be varied. But I’m not a special supporter of mayonnaise. A dish without mayonnaise is less calorie and very gentle, with a pleasant slightly sour taste.

17. Decorate as fantasy tells.

18. Put in the fridge. Let stand for 30-40 minutes, so that all the ingredients are soaked with sauce and slightly cooled.

19. To eat with pleasure.

This salad looks beautiful, it turns out to be delicious, and therefore they can decorate the holiday table for any holiday, be it Birthday, any holiday and of course, the New Year!

This year, in the Year of the Fiery Rooster, you can not cook dishes from chicken. But from fish, or from meat — just right. By the way, we already prepared very tasty stuffed tomatoes using tuna, which will also be a great snack for any occasion.

So take this option on your note. It is prepared quickly and without much hassle. I think that having tried it at least once, you will certainly leave it in your piggy bank of recipes.

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