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How to cook chicken broth (from the breast, from the legs): recipes

Chicken broth — one of the most healthy and tasty dishes. It is useful, to a greater extent, with its capabilities in treatment. Probably, many people know that this dish is used for treatment for colds, but few know that in hospitals, people who are in rehabilitation are given this one.

This is done due to the fact that chicken broth has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and peptides, which have a very positive effect on the organism as a whole.

The first thing you need to get some water in the pot. How much you pour depends on how much meat you have taken and how much broth you need. Next you need to take it and rinse under cool water, then put in a saucepan. Remember — you can not wash the chicken with hot water, because of this the meat loses its taste.

The pot should be set on high heat and wait until boiling. The first broth needs to be drained, as it accumulates in itself most of the harmful substances that are found in meat. Then you need to rinse the pot, put the meat back in and pour water.

Next, you need to put the pot back on high heat and wait until it boils. When the water boils — you need to turn down the heat and slightly cover the pan with a lid. Boil it so you need about half an hour and you should not forget to remove the foam.

Five minutes before the meat is ready, the broth must be salted and, if it is not from a cold, pepper. Serve the dish with meat and greens.

Cooking time — 1 hour. Calories — 14 kcal.

First you need to remove the skin from chicken breasts — without it, the broth will come out more tasty and, in addition, children will like it, because they do not like to eat chicken meat with skin.

Onions and carrots need to be washed and cut into medium pieces — the best option would be to cut into «rings». Greens also need to wash and chop. Then all the vegetables, but not greens, are put together with the breast in a small saucepan, then poured with two liters of water — preferably cold water. You need to add allspice.

The saucepan is then placed on the fire and brought to a boil. The first broth to pour it is not necessary. When the water boils, you need to salt it, reduce the heat and continue to cook for about an hour. At the end of cooking greens and spices are added, after which the dish can be considered ready.

Do not forget that you need to monitor the dish in order to remove the foam in time, which, if left to turn, will turn into ugly particles that will float among the other ingredients.

Cooking time — 1 hour. Calories — 13 kcal.

The first step is to wash the greens and onions, after which they need to be cut, preferably not very finely. Next you need to wash the chicken — should be washed with cold water, hot can reduce the taste and healthy qualities.

Next, you need a deep, small saucepan. All ingredients except spices are put in there and put on a strong fire. An excellent solution would be to put a bay leaf, but it depends on your tastes — in pure broth it has a little bit less flavor than in soups. You need to wait for the appearance of the foam and remove it. After that, you can salt and pepper the dish.

When the water boils, it will be necessary to slow down the fire and continue to cook until the meat is cooked.

Serve a broth, it is better to separate from the meat, so that it can be drunk quickly — in small portions it is not as useful as a drunk small plate. In this case, you can get rid of greens and onions by filtering through a colander or gauze.

Meat, you can eat after — it tastes better warm than hot.

Cooking time — 1 hour and 15 minutes. Calories — 22 kcal.

It is necessary to rinse with cold water meat — hot can reduce the taste of meat. Next, the chicken is put in a saucepan and filled with water. Then you need to put it on a strong fire and cook until ready — you can not forget about the foam, which must be removed, otherwise you will not avoid ugly flakes floating among the ingredients.

Boiled chicken is required to shift into a separate dish, and strain the broth to make it more transparent. Next, rinse and finely chop the onion with greens, after which they need to be sent to the pan and put on fire. It takes about 10 minutes to boil and salt it.

Then add egg noodles, peppercorns and bay leaf. After that, continue cooking until the noodles are ready — it will take 5-10 minutes.

The final touch will be the separation of meat from bones, its fine cutting and adding to the broth. Then you need to send and chopped greens. The dish is ready.

How to cook the soup with chicken legs with egg in a slow cooker

Cooking time — 1 hour 30 minutes. Calories — 18 kcal.

The first step is to wash the chicken legs under cold water. It is not recommended to wash with hot and warm water — so the meat loses its taste and beneficial properties. If desired, you can remove the skin — it is not very fond of children, and in its composition are few useful substances.

Next, the legs are placed in a slow cooker. There are also added beforehand washed and sliced ​​carrots of any form. Then all you need to salt, pepper, add bay leaf and peppercorns. Peel and chop the onion and throw it there too. After that water is poured into the multicooker.

After all preparations, the broth can begin to cook. The bowl is placed in a slow cooker and closed tightly with a lid. It is necessary to set the “Quenching” mode and keep it for about an hour and a half. In this case, do not forget to look behind the dish — it is necessary to remove the foam, which appears about half an hour after the start of cooking.

The last thing you need to cook hard-boiled eggs in a separate saucepan. After they are ready, it is necessary to remove the shells and cut them into four slices. Add them to the broth should be five minutes before it is ready, and you can and after. The main thing is to boil the broth after boiling — so the eggs are soaked with it. It is impossible to add them in advance — they can simply boil soft and start to swim in slices all over the dish, which does not look very nice and tastes not very pleasant.

It would seem that the dumplings do not need to be improved, but this dish can be made even tastier by preparing a casserole of dumplings with potatoes from it.

The home brewing technology is very complicated, but we will reveal to you some of its secrets.

What is kebbe and how to cook this exotic dish read in our article.

Cooking time — 1 hour 30 minutes. Calories — 10 kcal.

First you need to rinse the meat with cold water — hot can not, because the meat will lose its healthy and taste. Next you need to remove the skin — it has excess fat and there is nothing useful. Next you need to cut off all the fat.

Then we cut carrots, but not too small — the more it is, the less nutrients are lost. Onion and parsley root, too, cut and not too small pieces.

Then you need to put the meat in a saucepan, add water and put on high heat. We must wait for boiling, then wait a few minutes and remove the pan from the heat. The first broth should be poured, and the meat washed with cold water and put back into the pot, then pour it over with water and put on the fire. Next, you need to add the rest of the ingredients.

The fire should be made smaller and cook for about an hour, removing periodically dregs. When the dish is ready, it is required to filter. Parsley and onions can be thrown out, and leave only carrots and meat.

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