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Duck with apples in a slow cooker: a step by step recipe

Duck with apples in a slow cooker: a recipe for a festive dish

A duck cooked in a slow cooker, for example, with apples, turns out to be more tender, juicy and fragrant than the one baked in the oven.

It is important that it fits entirely into a non-stick form, then without fuss you can prepare a very elegant and festive dish that will decorate any, and even more so New Year or Christmas table.

It is best to bake the duck in a slow cooker, stuffing it with dried fruits with rice, sour apples, stewed cabbage with mushrooms, potato wedges and other vegetables.

Recipes for cooking duck with potatoes or cabbage in a slow cooker are unprecedentedly popular.

A large dish with fried and crispy crust in the design of the garnish will look very appetizing.

So how do you cook a duck in a slow cooker?

This dish requires a special approach and you need to start with the choice of carcass.

The secrets of choosing the right duck for cooking in a slow cooker

Despite the fact that duck meat is very fat, on holidays I want to pamper myself and my loved ones with a delicious delicacy.

But, unfortunately, domestic products are rarely found in stores, mainly Polish or Dutch production.

A fresh carcass should be with a shiny skin, slightly yellowish, the skin on the breast is plump, with a noticeable fat layer.

The carcass is dry to the touch, the skin is non-sticky and cool.

Meat when cutting bright red color, and when you press a finger deformation quickly returns to its place.

The most important criterion when choosing a duck is its fatness — the fuller the bird, the tastier and juicier it will be in cooking.

However, too fat carcass can smell unpleasant, besides valuable and useful substances in this case are worse absorbed by the body.

But the skinny bird will be too dry and tasteless.

It is worth paying attention to the age of the duck — the older it is, the more pronounced the specific aroma of meat.

As for frozen meat, it is difficult to determine its quality.

Here, rather, it plays a more important role, how many times the meat is thawed and re-frozen.

If you do not want to bake a whole carcass in a multicooker, then choose a duck fillet.

The selection criteria are the same as for the carcass.

The color should not be dull, the surface is elastic and the smell is fresh.

Duck meat must be soaked before cooking, so wild and domestic duck meat has an unpleasant, slightly swampy smell.

This procedure is mandatory so that the wild duck in the slow cooker does not emit any foreign smell.

Acetic solution, sour milk or whey, cucumber pickle is used for soaking.

However, it is worth noting that vinegar, which many people use to soak the meat, can make it tough, so it’s best to use pickle or whey.

If there are no necessary components at hand, then you should take two glasses of vinegar to a bucket of water, it is recommended to use apple vinegar, and soak the bird in this solution.

Before lowering the duck into the solution, it must be rinsed well, make sure that there are no feathers on the skin, cut off the “ass” and neck of the duck, and pierce the carcass with a fork in several places.

Where the meat is fat, it is recommended to make more punctures.

It is necessary to soak duck for at least 12 hours.

After soaking the duck thoroughly, it must be removed from the brine and allowed to drain.

In the meantime, the carcass dries, you can do the preparation of a delicious marinade.

And it is also well suited for stewed duck cooked with the help of a slow cooker.

Remove from the orange a bright part of the peel (light film strongly bitter), cut the fruit in half and squeeze the juice.

Add honey to the juice and mix the sauce well.

Peel the garlic through a press, ginger root cleaned and grated on a fine grater, trying not to use a fibrous core.

Add garlic and ginger to honey and orange juice with zest, salt and dry herbs and season with freshly ground pepper.

Prepare a container with a tight-fitting lid, a plastic container is ideal.

Duck carcass is good to rub with sauce, and put in the form of the breast down.

Pour the rest of the sauce over it and put it in the fridge for at least 12 hours in order to marinate well.

After a few hours, the carcass can be turned on its back.

You can start a festive duck with apples or, for example, boiled buckwheat with fried mushrooms.

Consider both options.

  1. Sour apples variety Antonovka.
  2. Some honey.

If the apples are strong, then you can peel them.

The variety is sour, but the apples are soft, so it is not recommended to peel the skin.

Cut the apples into four parts, if they are large, then into thinner slices and remove the core.

In a bowl, mix the apples with the addition of honey and stuff the duck with them, after which it can be baked.

If there are only sweet varieties of apples, then be sure to add thin, almost transparent lemon slices.

The second version of the filling is quite interesting and little-known.

You will not regret if you choose him.

Guests will be delighted to speak about your dish and ask for its recipe.

The name of this fruit, many have never heard. The fruit of the medlar: the benefits and harm. After reading the article, you may even want to grow it at home.

How sometimes you want something tasty and unusual! I suggest you not to run to the store, but try to cook this tasty one yourself. In the article you will learn how to cook an appetizing boiled pork at home.

And here is another unusual recipe: https://notefood.ru/pitanie/obshhie-voprosy/kotletu-iz-farsha-indeyki.html. These cutlets will suit both for lunch and dinner.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because there are many dishes.

For example, for lunch you can make your family happy with soup or pilaf of duck in a slow cooker.

But back to our second filling.

So, buckwheat with mushrooms:

  1. Buckwheat — 1 cup.
  2. Canned mushrooms — 400 gr.
  3. Onion — 2 pcs.
  4. Coarse salt, freshly ground pepper.
  5. Some vegetable oil.

Boil buckwheat in advance and cool.

Bulbs chopped and fry.

Add chopped mushrooms, salt and season with pepper and spices to taste.

Add buckwheat, mix and cool.

Optionally, you can add chopped fresh herbs, or use dried herbs.

After the filling is prepared, stuff the duck and fix the edges with the help of toothpicks so that the filling does not fall out.

  1. As previously noted, preparing the duck for stewing or baking should begin at least one day before serving, half of this time is allocated to soaking the product. The remaining time is necessary for marinating the meat so that the duck is juicy, tender and very tasty.
  2. Place the prepared and stuffed carcass in a slightly oiled form, it is recommended to lay it down with the breast down. If there is a lot of fat, then in order for it to be quickly drowned, it is recommended to make cross-shaped incisions, cutting only the skin, without finishing cutting to the level of meat. This must be done before the bird is stuffed with stuffing.
  3. Turn on the «Baking» or «Frying» mode and fry the duck from all sides, gently turning it over, taking care not to scratch the non-stick coating of the bowl. If a lot of fat is melted during cooking, you can carefully drain it, and then fry a quarter of potato on it.
  4. Cooking a duck in a slow cooker will take about an hour, if necessary, you can change the mode by setting the program “Fighting”. If the duck is stuffed with apple filling, then you can pour in some apple juice or dry wine, this will give extra flavor and sweetness to duck meat.

You can check the readiness in the traditional way, pierce the meat with a sharp knife.

Flowed juice should be transparent, the knife is easy to enter the meat.

To form a golden crust, duck skin can be smeared with liquid honey.

You can pickle meat in any marinade that suits your taste, in dry table wine, a mixture of honey and mustard.

Duck with apples — a dish familiar to all.

But what if you cook a duck in the Far East in a multi-cooker Redmond?

It sounds in a new and very original way:

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