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Thin pancakes with holes in milk

Tell me please: «Well, who among you does not like pancakes?» Probably you will not hear a negative answer from anyone. And this is not by chance. From time immemorial this dish has a special meaning for the Russian people. They began to bake in Russia since pagan times. Then they believed that they were the sacrificial bread. They were baked from a mixture of wheat and buckwheat flour using sourdough, which was kept in the strictest confidence.

Pancakes were considered bread, which unites two worlds — the world of the living, and the world of the dead. It was accepted to treat them to the poor, and to ask them to commemorate those who had already left this world.

Subsequently, they began to symbolize the arrival of spring, they began to personify with the sun. That is why during the Shrovetide they tried to bake more of these beautiful lace products in order to attract prosperity, good luck and well-being to their home. This custom has taken root and is celebrated to this day.

But even during holidays they are always welcome on any Russian table. They love them with butter, and with sour cream, and with honey, and jam, and with different fillings. But unfortunately, not everyone gets pancakes, which upsets the housewives a lot. After all, everyone wants to feed their loved ones with thin, delicate, ruddy products. And sometimes they are plump, like big pancakes, flat cakes. And even completely capricious, and do not want to roll over. All are obtained «lumpy.»

Let’s cook them together with you so that they will be thin and tasty. And with what you will eat them, decide for yourself.

Also, you can see how to bake them thin on milk with holes here: http://moneynaj.ru/bliny-na-moloke.html. Recommend!

From this number of ingredients you get 12 large items. The diameter of the pan 26 cm.

  • flour — 2 glasses
  • egg — 2 pcs.
  • milk — 2.5 cups
  • water — 0.5 cups
  • vegetable oil — 4 tbsp. spoons + 2 tbsp. spoons for greasing pans
  • sugar — a half tablespoon
  • salt — an incomplete teaspoon

1. Take a large bowl and pour half the flour there. Add sugar and salt. Then pour one glass of milk at room temperature and mix well. Do not add cold milk directly from the refrigerator, as in this case it will be difficult to turn over the products. Sugar must be added, it gives a beautiful golden color.

2. Add eggs, mix. Pour another glass of milk, mix and pour in the remaining flour, stir until the lumps disappear.

3. Pour out the remaining milk, water, add vegetable oil. Mix everything well. Stir can be a spoon, and a whisk.

4. Leave for 30 minutes at room temperature, so that the small lumps, if any, are all gone. Sometimes it is good to cook dough for the night. Make and put in the fridge. In the morning, get up and quickly fry pancakes for breakfast. In this case, do not have to wait for their home until the dough infused. And they are still waiting …

5. When the dough is ready, stir it again. The consistency of the dough should be like that of thick yogurt. The dough is not liquid, and not thick. When you pour it into the pan, it should be well poured over the entire surface. And our beauties then turn out thin and openwork.

6. It should be very good to heat the pan, they should be fried over high heat. Approximately 40 seconds. on one side, and when we turn it over, the second side only needs 30 seconds.

7. Pour oil into a small cup and prepare a silicone brush; we will need it to lubricate the pan so that it is easier to turn over thin products. In principle, the oil that we poured into the dough should be enough to turn them easily. But when you still grease the pan, pancakes just get that beautiful openwork.

8. If there is no silicone brush on hand, then you can use the old proven method. Peel half a potato, put it on a fork. Dip the cut end into the oil and grease the pan. So that the oil in it was exactly how much, how much the potato will take and lubricate the entire surface. By the way, you can dip both two and three times. Depending on what size your pan.

9. Prepare a ladle. And think in advance how you will serve pancakes to the table today. I usually grease them with butter, as soon as I remove them from the pan. Rather, first pour the dough into the pan for baking the next product, and then I have a minute to lubricate it with butter. So if you want to cook pancakes with butter, immediately cook it. But today I have scheduled to cook them with cottage cheese, and therefore I simply add them one by one.

10. So, the pan is already hot, and we are ready for baking. Now, when we bake, it will be impossible to leave nowhere. Just gape, it will burn.

11. Recruit a full ladle test. In our pan, there is a tack or handle, hold it, pour the dough from one side, and immediately turn the pan sideways, down. Our task, without delay, is to make the dough spread in a thin layer throughout the pan. Here, of course, we need some skill, but having a little practice, we will certainly succeed. This is an important stage in baking, the thickness of the finished products depends on how you make it. The thinner you pour a layer of dough, the less they are baked in time, and the more delicate they become.

12. We bake about 30-40 seconds. Slightly picking up a large broad spatula from one edge, we will see that the pancake has become rosy. There should be no liquid dough on its surface.

13. With the help of the same spatula we turn the product over. If you are not mistaken in the preparation of the dough, then they will turn over very easily, no matter how thin they are.

14. On the other side we bake for 20-30 seconds. Remove it and lay it on a plate. Thus we bake all the products.

I bring to your attention a video recipe, after viewing which you can easily cope with the preparation of delicious pancakes with holes. This recipe also uses soda.

Finished products will be thin and delicate. They can be eaten simply by smearing with butter, or they can be prepared with various fillings.

  • Today I decided to cook my favorite dish with cottage cheese. For 12 pieces I needed 400 grams. Sugar can be poured into it to taste, who loves how. Sour cream is better to add thick, if the sour cream is liquid, then add it a little smaller, the curd should not be liquid.

  • good pancakes and meat. For this, we need to fry the minced meat with milled or finely chopped onion. Mince you need to fry in a pan until cooked, do not forget to salt and pepper it.

  • at our place everyone loves such poppy products. They say that this is my «brand». For their preparation, you need to add half a cup of poppy in the dough, let it stand. And then bake as usual.
  • They are very loved with caviar, such are often served on the holiday table. They are very tasty and are always eaten simply, «Hooray!»

  • The kids love the finished products with a banana. For their preparation, it is necessary to bake pancakes, cool them. Banana peel, cut into round lobes. Put the stuffing in and wrap.

Wrap them in the form of a tube or envelope.

Finished pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese and minced meat can be fried in a heated pan with vegetable or butter. They are especially good in this form with minced meat.

You can serve them with sour cream, jam, honey … depending on what kind of stuffing you put inside.

I hope you have made delicious pancakes, which you gladly eat with your family for breakfast or dinner. And if it did not work out, write, we will try to figure out together why this happened. And do not despair, the next time it will necessarily. But I wrote this just in case. I’m just sure that you have turned out «What you need!»

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