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How to make delicious pancakes with milk: recipes and tips

How to cook much lush and air pancakes with milk

Pancakes and pancakes are a taste of childhood, carefree and festive. The best breakfast and favorite hot dessert. They are good with any additives, and cooking options are incredibly many.

Many housewives prefer to cook it pancakes. And this is not surprising. Unlike thin and capricious pancakes, they are obtained even from beginners.

Cooking delicious pancakes with milk is not difficult — for a great result, it’s enough to pick the right recipe and be patient if you don’t eat them hot, right from the pan.

Cooking historians cannot determine exactly when the pancakes appeared. It is for certain only known that references to fried pieces of batter are found in archival documents of the 16th century.

Since then, they have come a long way from the unsophisticated peasant food to the exquisite food of the aristocracy.

Most often, pancakes are cooked with sour milk (yogurt) or kefir. Fritters can be fried in sourdough and yeast.

Differ and filling. The neutral taste of the dough allows you to add fruits, berries, vegetables, cheese, ham to the filling.

Fritters as an independent dish, the hostess began to cook not so long ago. Previously, they were made from the same dough, on the same sourdough as bread.

A pot with a sour base always stood on the stove, and at the same time the cook set bread and baked pancakes or pancakes.

Modern hostesses began to return to basics. Prepare the starter alone is not difficult. The main process consists of three stages:

  1. 100 g of rye flour mixed with the same amount of water. The mixture is placed for a day in a warm place;
  2. A day later, the leaven begins to ferment, it is time to add another 100 g of rye flour and water;
  3. On the third day, the leaven will become porous. A third portion of flour with water is added, again 100 g. After a day, the leaven is fully prepared and you can put it into action.

Sourdough usually turns out quite a lot, in addition, it increases in size.

On its basis, you can cook the dough for a delicious homemade bread.

But the surplus will make very tasty rye pancakes. The milk in the recipe can be replaced by water and cook them in the post.

Everyone has heard the macaroon pastries now. They seem to be on top of popularity. This is not surprising, because they are beautiful. Here we offer you to learn all the subtleties of their preparation at home.

Looking here, you will find recipes for Italian panacots. Arrange a feast of desserts!

Ingredients for the recipe for lush pancakes on milk:

  • Ready rye sourdough — 50 g;
  • Whole cow’s milk — 250 ml (for lean fritters, replace with warm water);
  • Rye or whole grain flour — 300 g (a little more may be needed);
  • Honey or sugar — 30 g;
  • Refined vegetable oil for frying;
  • In addition, you can add grated apple and cinnamon to the base.

How to make pancakes with milk in steps:

  1. Sourdough should be poured into a deep bowl and diluted with 100 ml of warm milk or water, then the dishes are removed in a warm place for about an hour and a half;
  2. When the sponge rises, it is necessary to pour in milk residues and honey or sugar, after which it is necessary to mix well;
  3. Sift flour and gently, stirring, enter into the dough;
  4. It is not necessary to stir lumps, the dough must be removed again for 30-50 minutes;
  5. After it doubles, you can start frying pancakes, gently, without stirring, type a spoon and spread on a hot skillet;
  6. Ready pancakes are served with tea, jam, honey, condensed milk or sour cream.

If there is no desire or ability to cook a lean brew, then thick pancakes can be easily cooked on yeast dough. They turn out tender, rich, in a form a little similar to donuts.

Yeast dough can be made on pancakes with milk, yogurt and just water.

In the dough, as in the previous recipe, you can add grated apple.

It will give a slight sweetness and muffle the sour taste.

And if you remove the sugar and put the finely chopped onions — you get a great snack or addition to the first course.

For pancakes in milk and yeast, you will need:

  • Wheat flour of the highest grade with a protein content of at least 12% — 0.5 kg;
  • Dry yeast — 1 sachet (this is 11 g or about 2 tsp);
  • Cow whole milk — 0.5 l;
  • Fresh chicken eggs — 2 pcs .;
  • White or brown sugar — 30 g;
  • Salt — 3-5 g;
  • Vanilla sugar — 7-10 g .;
  • Refined vegetable oil — 30 ml. in the dough and as much for frying.

Start cooking:

  1. First, you need to put the brew, for this, the milk should be slightly heated to about 40 ° C, then it should be poured into a deep bowl and diluted the yeast and sugar, all the flour, mix;
  2. Dough left in a warm place for 35-45 minutes;
  3. The remaining flour should be sifted, add to the finished dough and mix gently;
  4. Beat eggs with salt and mix in the dough, at the same time introduce vanilla sugar and refined vegetable oil;
  5. Vegetable oil can be replaced with melted butter;
  6. All the ingredients of the dough should be thoroughly mixed; if using a mixer, start it at the lowest speed;
  7. Put the stirred dough in a warm place for about half an hour;
  8. Heat the saucepan with vegetable oil, it should be quite a lot, yeast pancakes are roasted for about a third in fat;
  9. Gently scoop up the mass from the top and fry it on both sides;
  10. Try not to mix the dough, otherwise it will settle and the products will not turn out lush;
  11. Ready-made lush pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with jam or sour cream.

See the video recipe for cooking this sweet dish below:

Fritters on sour milk (sour milk) — quickly and successfully

The easiest and most common method of cooking pancakes — kefir or yogurt (sour milk). It does not require a long standing of the dough and other complex manipulations.

To quickly get sour milk, you need to add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice to fresh milk.

After some time, it will roll up and you can start cooking. A longer, but environmentally friendly way is to put fresh milk in a warm place for a day.

Be sure to prepare all the ingredients. Get them out of the fridge — they should be the same temperature.

For cooking you will need:

  • Sour milk (sour milk) — 0.5 l;
  • Fresh chicken egg — 1 pc .;
  • Wheat flour of the highest grade — 0.5-0.6 kg. (it may need a little more, it depends on its quality);
  • Baking powder or baking powder — 1 tbsp. l .;
  • White or cane sugar — 30 g;
  • Salt;
  • Vegetable refined oil for frying.

We are starting to explain how to make pancakes with sour milk:

  1. Mash the egg with sugar and salt, you can use a mixer;
  2. Mix the yogurt to homogeneity and pour it into the mixture of eggs and sugar, mix well;
  3. Sift flour and mix it with baking powder. Baking powder can be replaced with table soda, but then it should be poured directly on sour milk;
  4. Gently, constantly stirring, enter the flour. For mixing, you can use a mixer with special spiral-shaped nozzles;
  5. Watch carefully the amount of flour, it may need more or less, the dough should be quite thick, but it is not easy to merge with a spoon;
  6. Let the prepared dough stand for at least half an hour, this is necessary so that the flour will swell and increase gluten content;
  7. Heat the oil in a saucepan;
  8. With a wet spoon, remove the mass from above, try not to stir it, otherwise the bubbles formed from the reaction of yogurt and baking powder will come out and the muffins will not turn out lush;
  9. Put it on the pan and fry pancakes on both sides;
  10. Serve ready-made pancakes in sour milk without yeast hot with fresh berries, jam or jam, and do not forget to supplement them with tea or coffee.

Stuffed fritters — a delicious dish, but not dietary. To pamper yourself during the diet — replace wheat flour with oatmeal and fry in a non-stick pan.

But keep in mind that any whole-grain flour is lighter and has a lower gluten content, it should be taken a little more, and the dough should last no less than half an hour.

Fritters are very easy to prepare and are obtained from the first time even for inexperienced chefs. Be sure to use one of the recipes and treat loved ones.

Your attention is another video recipe. Let’s learn how to make pancakes in 5 minutes!

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