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Curd cheese cakes in a pan

Curd cheese cakes in a pan. Recipes for delicious homemade cheesecakes

Curd cheesecakes. The recipe for homemade cheesecakes in a pan.

«Uncomplicated dish» — you say. “Yes, there is nothing easier! — you say. “Mom did it!” Roll up your sleeves, vigorously knead the cottage cheese with egg, flour and …
Stop stop! Stop — if you do not want to get an indigestible mass with the consistency of the sole of the shoe and the taste of stagnant yogurt!

Everywhere there are subtleties — even in uncomplicated. And the little secrets, which are worth nothing to master, and the benefits of their use, will be incommensurable to the effort expended.

Then once again roll up your sleeves

Caloric value of a dish per 100 g of product 214, 2 Kcalories

“As without flour? Mom did with flour … »
Mom, of course, authority. But not omnipotent and omniscient. Yes, even with the tradition prevailing over it, in which no one told her mother about cheesecakes without flour. And you will be told.
So, we will revive the recipe for delicious cheesecakes

  • 800 grams of cottage cheese
  • vanilla — to taste
  • 2 raw eggs
  • vegetable oil (for frying) 150-200 g
  • a pinch of salt
  • flour (for breading only)

This is for those who are not satisfied with unassuming condensed milk, jam, jam, honey, etc.

  • 4 tablespoons sour cream
  • 4 tablespoons cream
  • berries to taste
  • sugar 3 tbsp. spoons

As you have noticed, sugar is not introduced into the mass for cheesecakes. First, such cheesecakes will burn less, and secondly, in this recipe, sweet is present separately in sauce or any other sweet that is served to the main course.

1. Grain and soft cottage cheese mash with a fork. In too dry add to it a little 15-20% sour cream. If too wet — dry in gauze
2. Add vanilla, beat in a homogeneous air mass. Separately introduce the yolks, and separately — whites whipped into a dense foam. Beat again
3. Use wet or sprinkled hands to form balls, give them a slightly flat shape
4. Fry in preheated vegetable oil. Or on the cream, but on a low fire, making sure that the cheesecakes are not burned. On the sides, there should be no non-fried areas, for this you need to ensure the proper level of oil
5. If you use not flour, but semolina, cheesecakes, roasted until golden, are placed in a frying pan, covered with a tight lid and kept on the weakest heat for a couple more minutes — this will bake the breading layer
6. The sauce is prepared by whipping cream with sugar into a thick foam, and then adding sour cream to it.
7. Last injected into the sauce berries and mix thoroughly.
8. It is better not to pour the finished cheesecakes with sauce, serving them to the table, but to put the sauce separately.

Sweet tooths can be advised to pour ready, hot cheesecakes, a small amount of powdered sugar

Energy value of 296.4 Kcal

And now the experience of mom is useful!
For these cheesecakes homemade cottage cheese is best suited. However, it is possible and shop or taken on the market — 16-20% fat, without acidity.

  • 0.5 kg of cottage cheese
  • 100 g sugar
  • 2.5 tablespoons flour
  • 2 raw eggs
  • 50 g of butter — in the cheese mass
  • A teaspoon of vanilla sugar or a standard bag of vanilla
  • A pinch of salt to taste

Mash cottage cheese with salt and sugar. Add to egg mass. Beat this egg-curd mixture

Add one and a half tablespoons of flour, mix. Depending on the size of the eggs and the percentage of fat content of the curd flour may be a little more or less. Too liquid mass should not be, otherwise the cheesecakes will not rise.

Add vanillin or vanilla sugar. Finally mix the curd mass, leave it alone for 10-15 minutes.

This is necessary in order for all components to interact. By the way, this procedure is required when cooking many dishes and preparing convenience foods for them — but for some reason most people neglect it.

Moisten hands with cold water. Blind out the curd mass of balls with a diameter of about 4 cm, roll them in the remaining flour, flatten a little for better baking in the pan.

Heat the refined vegetable oil in a pan, fry over medium heat

Fry cheesecakes until golden brown. Then, turning them, expose the minimum fire. Cover the cheesecake lid.

Finish up to readiness, get wet with napkins that absorb excess oil. Put in a plate for serving

Traditional sweet addition to cheesecakes — condensed milk, berry jam, honey or jam.

Energy value per 100 grams — 265.5 Kcal

  • 2 eggs
  • a pound of cottage cheese
  • depending on the humidity of the curd — 2-3 st.lozhki dry semolina
  • sugar — 4 tablespoons
  • vanillin on the tip of a knife
  • 2 tbsp. spoon flour for breading
  • 100 ml cooking oil for frying

Add sugar, salt, egg yolks to cottage cheese, mix thoroughly

Beat whites until a thick foam is formed, add to the curd mass, beat until smooth.

Pour the semolina, mix well until it evenly spreads, leave for 15-20 minutes to swell. When choosing fillers in the form of raisins and other dried fruits, add at this stage and them.

On a floured table, roll out a “sausage” of curd mass, cut circles, flatten them in flour

Fry in a pan over medium heat until golden brown on both sides.

Put on paper towels to absorb excess oil.

If everything was done in a timely manner, you get tasty cheesecakes in a pan with a pronounced cottage cheese flavor.

Cottage cheese cheesecakes on bran in a pan, or lose weight with pleasure!

The calorie content of this dish is 198.8 Kcal per 100 grams of product.
For the preparation of these dietary cheesecakes with low energy value, oat, wheat, and rye bran are suitable as bran. In addition to rice — they are more calories.

Attention! Use for this dessert cottage cheese with at least minimal content — 3-6%! If you do not want to earn anorexia, the minimum amount of fat is still vital for our body.

  • Granular curd fat content of 5-9% — 400 g
  • 3 tablespoons of bran
  • 1 raw egg
  • 5 tablets of sweetener «Stevia»
  • Vanilla bag
  • Salt to taste

Crushed sugar substitute in fine powder without granules, mix with other ingredients into a homogeneous mass. Cottage cheese for it is better to grind through a sieve, and chop up the bran in a blender or in a coffee mill.

Cheesecakes should be molded easily from the curd dough obtained, and for this the cheese mass should not be dense. But not too wet, otherwise the cheesecake will spread over the pan and will not rise.

Sow cheesecakes in a frying pan in the minimum amount of butter — 3-4 drops. Only then it will turn out truly dietary.

Fried cheesecakes do not rush to take out of the pan: close the pan with a lid and then the cheesecakes in a closed volume for another 5-7 minutes, so that the crisp otmikla.

Eat fresh cheese cakes with yogurt and low-fat sour cream. You can add berries.

The most delicious cheesecakes — video recipe from Emma’s grandmother

  • Cheesecakes in a skillet will fall apart or not, it becomes clear already in the process of their modeling. If the «bun» from giving it a flat shape does not crumble into pieces — you are on the right track. If it breaks, add another egg to the cheese mass. Or just whipped squirrel from it.
  • You can avoid burning by setting the fire to a mode just below average. On a very small fry is not worth it — cheesecakes do not rise.
  • Fry cheesecakes in a skillet with as thick walls and bottom as possible. Ideally, in cast iron.
  • And most importantly, note to careless hostesses: the preparation of such a delicate product requires your constant presence!
  • Call it «kitchen magic» — but any product «loves» when the cook is present near the stove in the process of cooking. Ask any chef about this, he will confirm. Or at the cheesecake itself: it, too, only in its own way — with the great taste of dessert or the complete absence of it.

Calorie cheesecakes in these recipes may differ from the specified, depending on the fat content of the curd used. Increase in fat content by 1% adds 5-6 Kcal to your karma

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