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Stroganoff liver: a classic recipe and a slow cooker

«Beef a la dinner at the graph»: a recipe for classic beef liver in a Stroganov style

In order to surprise guests, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money and time, it is enough to cook a tasty and healthy dish with a big name — “classic liver in a Stroganov style”.

The beginning hostess will cope with the preparation, but even a biased gourmet will surely enjoy the result.

Whether Count Stroganov knew about why his grateful descendants will remember his name is unknown.

However, the fact remains as such; the majority of fellow citizens far from the history will not mention the state merit of Ober Chamberlain Stroganov, in contrast to the merit of gastronomic ones.

Dinners in the house of Alexander Sergeevich were always distinguished by sophistication and diversity, the owner followed this with particular meticulousness, not stint on foreign masters.

The recipe of preparation is simple and clear, in essence beef stroganoff is a well stewed liver in a delicious sour cream sauce.

The sauce is served together with pieces of the liver on one dish, easily divided into portions.

Cooking technology with visual photos:

  1. In a deep frying pan (ideally, if there is a saucepan), you must pour the oil and heat it. Peeled and finely chopped onion is lowered into the heated oil, then it mixes smoothly (it takes about 20 minutes);
  2. The finished vegetable should be transparent and soft; to do this, do not raise the temperature of the stove, keeping the fire below the average. Such a trifle as overexposed onions, can spoil not only the flavor, but also give the dish an unnecessary bitterness;
  3. For those 20 minutes that the onions are stewed, the liver is processed (thoroughly washed, the film and bile ducts are cleaned). Pieces of the liver for a dish should not be large, slices of about four centimeters in length;
  4. On heated vegetable fat (another frying pan is used), liver pieces are fried, and they need to be mixed almost constantly. Unlike onions, liver frying takes place over high heat and takes only a couple of minutes;
  5. Before sending the liver to the ready-made onions, sprinkle it with flour;
  6. Onions and livers in a deep frying pan are placed on a plate of medium temperature, where sour cream is added to an almost ready dish;
  7. The liver can be pepper to taste and, occasionally stirring, bring to semi-ready. When the contents of the pan boil, the dish comes on low heat for 20 minutes;
  8. It is better to seize the moment when the liver is slightly undercooked, salt and remove from heat. In five minutes, with the lid closed, the result will be delicious.

We suggest you to familiarize yourself with the video recipe of cooking this dish:

  • If you use the liver of adult cattle, you can soak the by-product in milk for 40-60 minutes;
  • For a more interesting taste, homemade sour cream is recommended, in which there is a light acid (this product requires two times less);
  • There is a complicated cooking variant, where sour cream is added to the stewed onion and the mixture is boiled. After that, the mass is interfered with the liver.

Preparation of a classic liver in a Stroganov style in a slow cooker

And without that simple recipe you can make the easiest, if the farm has such a modern assistant as a slow cooker. The use of technology will not only save time, but also will not allow to overcook the dish.

To prepare the liver Beef Stroganoff in a multicooker, you need:

  • 700-800 grams of liver (beef);
  • Milk — 500 gr;
  • Sour cream — 200 gr;
  • Butter — 50 g;
  • Onion — 2 pcs;
  • Green onions — 1 bunch;
  • Dill — 1 bunch;
  • Spices (salt, pepper).
  1. Purified and washed liver is cut into small strips of a few centimeters;
  2. For 30-40 minutes, pieces of the by-product are poured with milk, then the milk is drained;
  3. Chopped onion into thin half rings sauteed in butter for 5 minutes. On the multicooker: the “Multipovar» mode, the temperature is 160 degrees;
  4. The liver is added and stirred for the next 5-7 minutes;
  5. Sour cream — the penultimate ingredient of the famous dish — you need to stir it periodically, bringing the culinary delicacy to slow cooker over low heat;
  6. Spices are added to taste, you should not get involved in them, interrupting the delicate taste;
  7. Before you make the guests and the guests happy, the liver in Stroganoff is decorated with pre-chopped green onions and dill.

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A delicious liver dish is a great addition to the festive and casual table, but you should be very careful when choosing this by-product:

  • Fresh liver has a dark brown tint and a faint bitter taste;
  • Hepatic film should be smooth, without breaks;
  • The smell of the liver should not be sour or moldy;
  • When buying, you need to pay attention to the structure of the by-product, the abundance of vessels, impurities and cover violation should be alerted.

A lot has been said about the beneficial properties of a product such as a liver. Doctors advise consuming this by-product to weakened people and children diagnosed with anemia.

This is not surprising if you look at the table below.

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