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Steam cutlets in a slow cooker: recipes with step by step photos

Steamed dishes — this is probably the best thing that could be thought out for those people who care about their shape and health in general. Delicious meat dishes are no exception, including steam cutlets that can be cooked in any familiar way, adding onion, garlic, and even bread that is softened in milk.

Today, more and more housewives prefer to use the slow cooker, pampering their loved ones with tasty and healthy dishes.

Step-by-step recipe:

  • the existing piece of fresh pork will need to be washed under running water and cut into small pieces for further twisting into the stuffing;
  • clean one onion head and rinse it under running water;
  • skin should be removed from the fat, if available;
  • white bread (or loaf) will need to soak in a small amount of water or milk;
  • Four ingredients must be minced using a medium-ground sieve;
  • The obtained minced pork must be sent to a bowl, where necessary seasonings are also added, for example, ground pepper and salt to taste. It is also necessary to drive a chicken egg and squeeze garlic. Ready minced meat cutlet must be mixed and let stand for about 20 minutes;
  • when the meat is infused, it will be possible to form the patties, after having wetted the hands in water;
  • heat the pan with sunflower oil on the fire to the optimum temperature, fry the cutlets in it to a dark golden color;
  • while the cutlets are being prepared, you can grate carrots on a coarse grater and cut the second onion into cubes. Both ingredients will roast;
  • Remove the last batch of meatballs from the heat, and pour onions and carrots in the used oil. It is necessary to fry them until half-ready, and the onions should also get golden color;
  • now it is necessary to connect a slow cooker to the cooking process. It is necessary to put roasted cutlets into it, cover them with fried onions and carrots on top, add a little water and turn on the slow cooker in the fire mode, which will be 40 minutes;
  • after a set time, delicious steam patties will be ready.

The finished dish should be served with gravy and any side dish, and eat best when hot.

For all those who are accustomed to eat the most low-calorie dishes, chicken mince meatballs, which are also prepared in a slow cooker, are sure to please. In this case, they will be a purely dietary product, in which there will be nothing superfluous.

Products for cooking diet cutlets:

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