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Sour cream and cocoa jelly: classic, chocolate, with banana

Jelly, made from sour cream, is one of the most simple and, at the same time, amazing desserts. It is prepared from the minimum set of ingredients, which, as a rule, can be found among the stocks of any hostess.

According to its taste, properly prepared sour cream jelly is not inferior to full-fledged cakes or even cakes. That’s just preparing it much easier and faster, and besides, cooking options can be constantly varied, each time getting a new and unique taste.

How to make jelly from sour cream and cocoa:

  1. Gelatin powder pour drinking water, stir and leave for 8-10 minutes. During this time, it will swell up and will be fully ready for further use;
  2. Combine cocoa powder and granulated sugar in a separate bowl. Mix thoroughly;
  3. Add sour cream to the dry cocoa mixture and whisk thoroughly using a mixer. Beat a mass of not more than 5 minutes, otherwise sour cream will begin to acquire the consistency of grains;
  4. Swollen gelatin should be dissolved either in a water bath or in a microwave (25 seconds). Insert loose gelatin into whipped cream mixture and mix thoroughly until smooth;
  5. Pour the mixture into portioned wine glasses and expose to the cold. Immediately after, as the top layer starts to “grab,” decorate it with chocolate rubbed on a grater and then wait until the mass is completely cured;
  6. Before serving, gelatin dessert can be further decorated with a sprig of mint.
  • sour cream 15% — 650 g;
  • instant gelatin — 2.5 tsp;
  • bananas — 3 pcs .;
  • icing sugar — 130 g;
  • cocoa powder — 3 tbsp .;
  • vanilla extract — 2 g

Cooking time: 90 min.

Energy value per 100 g: 222 kcal.

  1. The first step in preparing a jelly dessert will be the preparation of gelatin. It is necessary to pour 3 tbsp. cold water, mix and wait for swelling. Then, the already swollen gelatin should be dissolved. This can be done in two ways: put in a microwave for 20-25 seconds or placed over a water bath;
  2. Powder cocoa powder with powdered sugar, and then with sour cream. At the end, add a little vanilla extract, it will enhance the flavor of the finished dessert, making it even more appetizing;
  3. Peel bananas and cut into slices;
  4. Combine the cream and chocolate mass with gelatin, thoroughly knead the mixture until smooth;
  5. For the formation of this dessert is recommended to use glass wine glasses on the legs. Put a layer of bananas on the bottom of each portioned wine glass, then fill it with gelatinous mass. Put on the cold. After a slight solidification of the upper layer, lay out a series of banana circles and refill with all the creamy gelatinous mass. Repeat these steps until the wine glasses are full;
  6. Ready-cream-banana dessert before serving, if desired, you can decorate with pieces of white chocolate.

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  • sour cream (any fat content) — 400 ml;
  • white crystalline sugar — 250 g;
  • cocoa powder — 4 tablespoons l .;
  • gelatin — 2 tsp;
  • filtered water — 50 ml;
  • almond nuts;
  • coconut chips.

Cooking time: 60 min.

The number of kcal per 100 g: 197.

How to make chocolate jelly from cocoa and sour cream:

  1. Place gelatin in a small deep bowl and cover with filtered water. After 5-7 minutes it will swell. After this, the bowl should be placed above the water bath and, with constant stirring, dissolve the gelatin, preventing it from boiling;
  2. Spread crystal sugar with cocoa powder. Then, the resulting dry mixture should be poured with sour cream and beat for 4-5 minutes using a mixer (at low speeds). Immediately, in the whipping process, add loose gelatin into the chocolate-sour cream mixture;
  3. The prepared dessert base is quickly poured into beautiful glass glasses with wide necks and put in a cool place. Follow the process of freezing the surface of the prepared dessert. Immediately after a light hardening of the upper layer, it is necessary to sprinkle it with coconut chips and decorate with almond nuts. Then again to return to the cold, this time waiting for the full freeze.

It is very important to properly dissolve the gelatin. In no case should he boil! Otherwise, it simply does not freeze and will remain liquid. Accordingly, the dessert will be spoiled.

If sour-chocolate jelly is intended for serving to an “adult” table, a small amount of brandy or liqueur can be added to it during cooking. This will give your dessert a special savor and delight.

Do you want to remove the jelly from the mold before serving it to the table? Just dip the form with the already frozen dessert for a few seconds in hot water, and then turn it over. But remember, this is not worth doing if the glass form is used. Since the glass from the temperature difference may burst.

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