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Roll of pork shank (boiled, baked): recipes with photos

How to make a roll of pork shank at home

Juicy, flavorful pork knuckle is a dish that all hostesses want to learn to cook. Variants of its preparation there is a huge variety, you only need to exert a little strength, desire, and everything will definitely work out. If you experiment, add different ingredients, each time it will get all tastier and tastier.

The easiest way to cook shank is classic. The result will be insanely delicious boiled roll of pork knuckle. In this case, everything is very simple and easy.

  1. Pulp into a large saucepan, pour water and leave for 6 hours, take out of the container, clean well with a metal sponge and knife,
  2. Remove all unnecessary;
  3. Transfer the knuckle to a new saucepan, pour in the required amount of water so that it covers it, put on the fire and cook for 150 minutes, put a bay leaf, cook for another 15 minutes;
  4. Put it on a dish, let it cool slightly, make a cut, remove the bone;
  5. Sprinkle with spices and grated garlic, tightly wrap with cling film and put under pressure for two hours.

In order for the resulting roll to cut well, it must stand in a cold place for 6-8 hours, then it will not disintegrate. If you wish, you can spend a little more time preparing this dish with a filling of fried mushrooms, Korean carrots, greens.

Very original and unusual taste in the shank with apples, which give the dish a little sour, but at the same time sweet taste. Fruits ideally combine with meat, make it even softer and softer.

  • knuckle — 1 piece;
  • seasonings;
  • sour cream — 30 milliliters;
  • salt.
  • apples — 200 grams.

Cooking time: 10 hours.

Calories per 100 grams: 154 kcal.

  1. Pry fish should be soaked in water, cleaned, cut, and remove the bone and tendons from it;
  2. Beat off the meat a little, sprinkle garlic, seasonings, salt passed through the press, rub it all over;
  3. Remove the peel from the apples, the core, cut it into 4 pieces and put these slices inside the shank, wrap in a roll, tie with thread and place in a sleeve or plastic wrap;
  4. Put the meat in a saucepan, add water and cook for 3 hours on very slow fire, constantly removing the foam;
  5. Take the roll out of the water, let it cool a little, rub garlic, pour sour cream, put it on a baking sheet and bake in the oven until golden brown.

The recipe of this dish is very simple and you need very few products to make it.

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Stuffed roll is a very refined and tasty dish that can be served on a festive table.

  • 1.5 kilograms of shank;
  • carrot;
  • seasonings;
  • 0.3 kilogram of chicken fillet;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • onions — 150 grams;
  • salt;
  • water.

Cooking time: 6 hours.

Calories per 100 grams: 143 kcal.

  1. Add 2 liters of water to the saucepan, add spices to it, put on the fire and boil for 10 minutes;
  2. Peel the skin on the knuckle, wash it well, remove the bone from it, beat off some meat, pepper, sprinkle with salt, garlic;
  3. Fillet cut into thin plates, beat off, rub with seasoning;
  4. Cut carrots into thin strips;
  5. Put carrots and fillets on a knuckle, wrap up rolls, tie them with a rope;
  6. Put the roll in the pan, pour the marinade, cook for 2 hours, put it on the dish, let stand in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

The roll turns out very tasty, and in cooking there is nothing complicated. You can experiment with the fillings and use other ingredients. If the liquid will be a little missed, you can gradually add water to the pan so that the meat has time to cook.

For a festive feast you can always cook something tasty and unusual from simple products. Baked shank is just such a dish, and after the preparatory stage, it immediately goes into the oven and cooks pretty quickly.

  • 1 knuckle;
  • dried garlic;
  • salt;
  • mushrooms — 300 grams;
  • bulb;
  • black pepper;
  • paprika.

Cooking time: 5 hours.

Calories per 100 grams: 167 kcal.

  1. In a small container to combine all the spices: salt, paprika, garlic, pepper, mix;
  2. Pens well cleaned, washed, dried with a paper towel, make an incision and get the bone, without touching the tendons and flesh;
  3. Fry diced onion in vegetable oil, add mushroom slices to it, stew for 10 minutes;
  4. Grate the meat on all sides, put the stuffing in it, roll it up in the form of a roll, tie up with a thread, wrap in a large piece of foil, put it on the baking sheet with the seam up;
  5. Put for 90 minutes in the oven, well and preheated to a temperature of 200 degrees;
  6. Remove the foil from the knuckle, put the baking sheet for another 20 minutes in the oven, so that the crust browned a little and turned golden.

After cooking, be sure to put the knuckle in the refrigerator overnight or for a few hours so that it cools completely and only then cut into portions.

To taste pork shank surpassed all expectations, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points that play a very important role in the final result.

  1. Meat definitely need to choose only high-quality and best of all, if it is a young animal, up to two years old, because with age, the taste qualities of the product become worse and it will take much longer to cook, but this does not guarantee a positive result;
  2. For the preparation of a roll, only the rear knuckle, on which more meat is used, but the front part of the leg, can be used for brawn, which will become more nourishing;
  3. When the knuckle is prepared with the skin, it must be processed, remove the remaining bristles with a disposable razor, hold it over the gas burner, soak in water for several hours and clean well with a knife;
  4. Pork knuckle becomes soft only after long preparation. It can be boiled or baked in the oven with a sleeve or foil to protect against burning;
  5. If the roll is cooked in the oven, then the baking time can be reduced if it is boiled in water a little beforehand, so the meat will remain tender and not dry out due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Pork shank meat roll is very simple to prepare, you only need to choose good products and do everything as described in the recipe. Perhaps there will be some difficulties in its preparation, but experimenting with the ingredients will get better and better each time.

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