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How to make gelatin jelly: simple, with juice, milk

How to make gelatin jelly at home

The fact that gelatin is widely used in cooking, knows, probably, every hostess. It is added to jellied meat, aspic, on the basis of which a variety of desserts are prepared. No exception is jelly.

The taste of this delicacy is familiar to us since childhood. Today, thanks to the experiments of many culinary specialists, there are hundreds of recipes for this product that can surprise even the most demanding gourmets. How to make gelatin jelly at home

Fans of “trembling” desserts need to dilute about 20 grams of the component to 1 liter of water. If you need to cut it with a knife, then the amount of the substance should be increased 2.5 times with the same volume of water. Pay attention to the fact that too little should not be added, otherwise your dessert will not freeze.

After the gelatin swells a little, it must be put on a slow fire. A water bath is also suitable for this. While the liquid is heated, constantly stir it and watch for gelatin, it should completely dissolve.

Then remove the container from the heat and allow it to cool at room temperature. After that, put the future of jelly in the refrigerator, at least 4 hours.

There are a few rules to follow when diluting gelatin:

  1. Do not boil the gelatin in any case, otherwise it will not become thick;
  2. Avoid using aluminum cookware while heating gelatin, the result will be its dark color and unpleasant taste;
  3. To avoid lumps during the dilution of the product, heat the container with water. If, nevertheless, they are formed, then we can filter the liquid through a sieve;
  4. Do not put gelatin jelly in the freezer, otherwise it will turn into crystals;
  5. In the diluted gelatin, you can add a variety of components, including fresh fruit, just do not forget to grind them beforehand.

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