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How to cook rabbit stew in sour cream

As you know, rabbit meat is famous for its high protein content, the percentage of which is much higher than in beef, pork and even veal.

But cholesterol is much less than in any product of animal origin.

Fat in the rabbit is not much and it is absorbed by the body well.

Such qualities of this product will appeal to lovers of healthy food and, in particular, soft meat.

Rabbit meat is quite easy to chew, because the meat is soft, not tough, it is easily digested and is very useful for people with overweight.

Science has proven that this meat is useful for anemia, food allergies, hypertension and gastrointestinal diseases in general.

People with extreme professions rabbit is recommended in a special order.

Athletes, pilots and divers, as well as employees of hazardous industries and residents of areas with high pollution, this meat is simply necessary in the diet.

Rabbit meat is filled with vitamins and trace elements, and there are practically no sodium salts in it.

This delicacy is recommended for older people and children, as well as nursing mothers.

Scientists have shown that the rabbit’s organism does not perceive herbicides, pesticides and radioisotopes, therefore this meat is environmentally friendly.

Rabbit is nutritious and healthy food.

It is distinguished by its dietary and taste qualities.

Such advantages undoubtedly distinguish rabbit meat from other types of meat. It can be eaten all-season.

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Use in the preparation of fresh chilled meat is more preferable.

Rabbit surpasses all other types of meat in the percentage of pulp in it.

Rabbit meat refers to white meat.

If you regularly eat rabbit, you can achieve proper metabolism, as well as normalize the balance of nutrients.

The fillet of this animal often has a pleasant milk flavor, since it consumes the mother’s milk almost to the very slaughter — about four months.

In the world there are many amazing recipes from rabbit meat. This and pickle as a first course, and aspic, and juicy flavored kebabs.

Rabbit — dietary high-value product.

Especially popular dish is the rabbit in sour cream in a slow cooker.

A little secret is the fact that meat for such a dish can be taken at its discretion — hare, chicken or turkey.

But in each case it is important to follow different rules of cooking.

Rabbit meat, on the whole, is easy to cook.

Due to the fact that the skin in the dish is missing rabbit meat and is considered low-calorie.

At home, this dish can be cooked on a gas stove, in the oven with the addition of various ingredients.

Rabbit in sour cream — it’s incredibly tasty!

It blends perfectly with white sauce. This recipe can be diluted with the usual everyday dishes, as well as to surprise guests at the holiday table.

This dish is very nutritious and tasty.

Very much housewives like to cook rabbit legs in sour cream. Remarkable in taste dish.

Many experts recommend to marinate meat before cooking.

To do this, remove the top white film from the rabbit.

  • Put the meat in a deep pan, a bowl or basin, pour cold water, add the juice of half a lemon, a sprig of rosemary and a little vinegar.
  • Leave the meat for a few hours.
  • By the way, it is recommended to marinate the whole rabbit.
  • After the meat has been marinated, you can start cutting it.
  • The carcass must be cut into small pieces.
  • Sprinkle them with salt, pepper and favorite herbs if desired.
  • Each piece must be rolled in flour, as well as when cooking fish.
  • The pan must be heated and oiled.
  • Pieces must be laid on a preheated and greased pan.
  • On both sides, the meat should be fried until it has a ruddy, appetizing crust.
  • Next, you need to take a second frying pan.
  • Chop the onion and sauté until golden. Add the resulting billet to the meat.
  • Next, pour two cups of boiled cold water and mix the meat and onions. The fire should be reduced and extinguished so until readiness.
  • Next, add bay leaf, pour sour cream, add a little more water so that the sauce completely covers the meat.
  • Simmer the dish for another ten minutes on low heat.
  • Before serving the rabbit can be poured over the sauce, obtained by stewing.
  • For a richer taste, you can add a little garlic and vegetables to the dish.
  • As a side dish you can cook young potatoes with fresh herbs.

Thanks to the addition of sour cream, the rabbit is so juicy and tender.

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It is also important to monitor that there is always a sufficient amount of liquid when stewing in a pan.

Taxes … How to extinguish a rabbit in sour cream in a cauldron we figured out, go further.

All items in this case remain from the previous recipe, only in the passaged onion it is necessary to add washed, peeled, finely chopped mushrooms.

It is not necessary to add water to them, as the mushrooms will give their juice.

When frying mushrooms and onions, it is better to cover the pan with a frying pan.

I personally really like rabbit legs braised in sour cream. The taste of them with the proper preparation of the study.

So, rabbit meat is a whole storehouse of nutrients and minerals.

It is not fat, does not absorb antibiotics and other harmful substances, so it is ecologically clean — this fact was carried out by American scientists after conducting a series of studies.

It is a pleasure to cook dishes from rabbit meat, because meat is easy to process, it is easily digested by the body and belongs to healthy food products.

I recommend to explore the recipe for baked rabbit fillet in sour cream — an indescribable taste!

This video clearly shows you a good way to cook a delicious rabbit in the oven.

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