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Karski barbecue: a classic recipe with photos, delicious sauce

Kebabs have become a good tradition for all outdoor enthusiasts or owners of country plots. There are many ways to marinate meat, depending on whether it is chicken, pork or is it lamb.

Below will be described several ways to cook meat «in the style of Karski», just such a recipe is most preferred by those who have tried it at least once.

For this dish is used exclusively sheep meat. But this is not at all radically different from the rest of the barbecue in Kars. The point is that here only a brisket will be required, or rather its kidney part, the pulp, which contains many transverse bones. Also for the preparation of this dish are used and lamb kidneys.

Karski lamb shashlik should be cooked like this:

  1. Rinse the pulp of lamb well in water, divide it into 4 approximately equal parts, removing all films and fat from them;
  2. Cut each slice, it will help the meat to better absorb the marinade;
  3. Onions cut into half rings of medium thickness;
  4. A bunch of green onions chop;
  5. In a large deep bowl, mix the onions and green onions, slightly crush them with your hands (to make juice), sprinkle them with salt and pepper to taste;
  6. Pour the required amount of vodka and kefir into the bowl, mix all the ingredients;
  7. In the resulting marinade put the lamb, cover with a lid or cling film, set aside;
  8. Go to the preparation of the kidneys: they need to remove the outer film, you will also need to remove all the ducts and connective tissue;
  9. On each kidney make cross-wise cuts;
  10. The kidneys should be placed in water for 1.5 hours, after which the old water should be drained and a new one should be poured;
  11. It is necessary to change the water three times, add lemon juice to the last water, leave to marinate for another 1 hour;
  12. After the kidneys are pickled, they need to be put in a bowl with meat, after which all ingredients should be marinated together for about 4-5 hours;
  13. On the skewer strut mutton pulp (1 skewer — 1 piece), on one side fix it with one tomato, and on the other — lamb kidney;
  14. Cooking skewers for 15-20 minutes on the grill.

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This dish can be cooked in a more familiar way using pork. For this adapted recipe, you also need the following:

It takes about 30 minutes to prepare the marinade. The marinating process itself will take 3 hours. It takes only 20 minutes to cook the kebabs. Calories 100 grams of this product — 184 kcal.

How to cook a dish:

  1. Rinse the meat in water, cut into thin plates;
  2. One head of onion to clean and cut into thin half-rings;
  3. Put the finished onion in a deep bowl, add salt, pepper and any spices that fit the meat;
  4. To the onions and spices pour the required amount of brandy, as well as vegetable oil and mineral water;
  5. There also squeeze the juice from a quarter of a lemon;
  6. In the resulting marinade fold the pork, thoroughly mix it with the contents of the marinade with the help of hands;
  7. Leave the pork to marinate for 3 hours;
  8. In the meantime, clean the second onion and cut it into quarters;
  9. Cut the tomato in the same way;
  10. Put a piece of meat on a skewer, then a slice of tomato and a quarter of onion;
  11. The contents of the skewer wrap in fatty pork net;
  12. Fry shashlik on the grill for about 20 minutes.

In general, absolutely any sauce can be selected for such a kebab, however, none of them will accentuate the taste of the kebab in the same way as a special sauce for the Kebab kebab. To prepare it, you need the following products:

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