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Julienne Multicooker: Recipe with Mushrooms and Mushroom with Chicken

Julienne in the slow cooker — greetings from romantic France!

Where does the name of the French dish julienne come from is not known for sure.

There is only information that at first they called the summer salad of early vegetables, cut into strips.

Soup, which lay such sliced ​​vegetables, called soup-julienne.

In Russian cuisine, it means a completely different dish.

Usually it is mushrooms, chicken or seafood, baked under a layer of cheese or sour cream sauce.

Why is this dish called julienne?

Maybe because the ingredients in it are also cut into thin strips.

It is unlikely that the French name is relevant to this tasty treat, but the story is silent about it.

Below we will look at how to cook a julienne in a slow cooker.

In particular, two recipes will be offered, we will also explain why it is better and more convenient to cook this excellent dish in the multicooker.

It should be noted that in French cuisine our juliens are called kokot and are cooked in special small heat-resistant ladles, which are called kokotnitsami.

But from this special circumstance the essence of the matter does not change at all and we will present two options for preparing a julienne in a slow cooker.

Since there is no ladle in the slow cooker, consider the preparation of dishes in the Redmond appliance bowl.

It will require:

  • 25 grams of butter;
  • 250 milliliters of milk;
  • one tablespoon of flour;
  • nutmeg to taste.

First, prepare the sauce.

To do this, set the mode of «frying» in our multicooker or put any suitable dishes on the fire and melt butter in this container.

Then we add flour and very carefully with special attention we mix with a silicone spatula (in order not to spoil or scratch the cover of the bowl).

We are waiting for the flour to get a brownish tint, and gradually pour in the milk, stirring the mass.

It is important that no lumps form.

Soon the mixture will begin to thicken.

At this point, nutmeg is added, you can add quite a bit, a pinch.

We transfer the thickened sauce to any dishes (if you were cooking it in a slow cooker) and set it aside.

Wash off the champignons and cut into thin slices.

On the same previously established “frying” mode, pour vegetable oil into the multicooker container and heat it.

Sliced ​​julienne mushrooms are poured into a Redmond multicooker container and fry with the lid closed for five minutes.

During this time we prepare onions, cut it into small cubes.

When the water from the mushrooms almost evaporate, add the onion and cook the contents for about three minutes.

At the time, turn off the kitchen assistant (multi-cooker).

Grind grated cheese and fill them with bowl contents.

Pour the sauce over the top, select the “baking” appliance mode and set the timer for 20 minutes.

Julienne with champignons royally will be ready through this time.

Now you can enjoy a delicious dish.

In the video story, you can see all the stages of culinary processing of this food, but in the kitchen technology of another brand:

  • chicken fillet — 300 grams;
  • mushrooms (optional forest or champignons) — 300 grams;
  • hard cheese — 300 grams;
  • onion — 200 grams;
  • milk or cream — 150 milliliters.

This time, the sauce for a julienne with a chicken in a slow cooker will not be prepared separately.

Onions and mushrooms finely chopped and leave on a cutting board.

Cut the chicken fillet into small pieces, separate the three grated cheese.

Chicken fillet, onions and mushrooms pour in a bowl of equipment, put on the «baking» mode and fry it all for ten minutes.

At the same time we do not close the lid of the device.

Then salt the ingredients, pour in milk or cream.

All compound julienne with mushrooms in a slow cooker, mix, cover with a lid and weary all in the same mode for another 25-30 minutes.

After half an hour, turn off the multicooker, add grated cheese on top, and this time on the “baking” mode, bring the dish to full readiness.

In this variant of cooking, there is nothing difficult, but to ensure that you are doing everything correctly, we attach a video instruction:

The same julienne can be cooked in the oven, in the microwave, on the gas stove.

But imagine how much you need to bother to cook this amazing dish in the oven.

The stove must be reheated, then it will be necessary to ensure that nothing burns.

It is unlikely that such a wonderful crust on top of a julienne will turn out on a gas stove, and the taste will not be the same.

The microwave oven also has its drawbacks.

Only expensive microwaves have the baking function, and there is a lot of talk about the dangers of these devices.

And here we come to the aid of a miracle device, in another way and not to say.

Multivarka — technology for everyone, including for lazy people.

It does not run away and does not burn, it does not require adding oil.

Practically anyone can become a cook with this convenient kitchen appliance, even one who has never had anything to do with cooking.

It is only necessary to lay all the necessary products in the bowl of the machine, close the lid and turn on the necessary program.

The food itself will be ready after a certain time without the participation of the cook.

Is this not a fairy tale?

Multivarki Redmond and Polaris firms are different from other brands of their versatility and reliability, and they get to cook a stunning julienne.

Even the simplest and cheapest model POLARIS PMC 0508D has a baking program.

It’s not worth talking about Redmond models — even the baby Redmond RMC-M 11 has 10 programs, including frying and baking.

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In order not to scratch the non-stick coating of the bowl of the multi-cooker, it is necessary to use wooden or silicone objects to mix the ingredients.

The chicken can be boiled in advance, then the cooking time will be reduced.

The crust on top of the julienne will not be as ruddy as in the oven, so do not try to make it so.

But a dish with a pale crust will not be less tasty and useful.

Roasted onions should be golden or light brown in color.

Not only juliens, but also other dishes are obtained in a slow cooker very tasty, and most importantly, very healthy.

If you do not have such a device, purchase it and use it for health.

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