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How much and how to fry fresh champignons in a pan

How tasty and how many minutes to fry the mushrooms in the pan

Mushrooms more often than other mushrooms are found on our table. First, this circumstance is due to their taste, and secondly, the undoubted benefits of mushrooms, because they contain minerals and amino acids.

And also vitamins, thirdly — universality, because they can be used as an independent dish, and you can cook soups and all kinds of snacks on their base, make stuffing for baked goods, add to salads and so on, and fourthly, type of mushrooms — the most common on the shelves of our stores.

Champignons can be boiled, marinated, there are even recipes with raw champignons, but the brightest taste and aroma are undoubtedly in fried mushrooms. Let’s take a closer look at how to do it correctly. However, before you cook mushrooms, you need to choose them correctly.

  1. Look carefully at the mushrooms — fresh champignon has a white, or a weak brownish color, if there are blotches, it means that the mushrooms lie for a rather long time;
  2. Look under the cap — the connective film present there must be intact, if it is not, the mushroom is old;
  3. Feel the champignons. Fresh ones have elasticity and have a velvety bonnet;
  4. Do not hesitate to smell the mushrooms — the spoiled champignons have a rotten smell, the mushroom aroma is inherent only in fresh goods.

Mushrooms purchased, and you have already decided how to cook them. But before cooking, they need to be cleaned. First of all, each mushroom must be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge — this is done in order to remove all debris that could cling to the mushrooms.

Next, you need a sharp knife to clean the cut place on the mushroom leg. If champignons have tangled places — cut them off. After that, the mushrooms are washed with a cool water jet for a few seconds.

How much time and how to fry fresh champignons in a pan

The aroma emanating from fried mushrooms is beautiful and has the ability to excite the desire for food. What is required for the preparation of this delicious dish?

  • Champignon;
  • Salt;
  • Vegetable oil.

Yes, the list of ingredients is small, but the result should be great. But do not forget one nuance.

If you use purchased champignons or frozen mushrooms, you can safely send them to the pan, but if you get wild mushrooms, then boil them before cooking, about ten to fifteen minutes. This is done to get rid of the germs and bacteria that are inevitably present on such fungi.

The store product is simply washed and dried with a napkin — the preparation is finished. Separate mushroom legs and caps. Cut all the pieces into plates. Add oil to the heated pan and start spreading mushrooms.

In this process, there is one nuance: it is known that in the process of frying liquid is released from them, so that it is not too much and the mushrooms are fried and not stewed — lay them out in small portions. The most important question in this case is how much time to fry the mushrooms? The whole process takes from seven to ten minutes of time.

Mushrooms cooked with frying are very tasty, but the onion gives them an additional touch of flavor. What do we need:

  • Medium or large champignons;
  • From three heads (per a portion) of onion;
  • Salt and sugar (it will require a quarter of a teaspoon);
  • Vegetable oil and cream.

Pre-processed mushrooms cut into strips.

Onions are cut in large bars.

Cook a couple of pans, pour oil on one and fry the onion until it is golden brown.

Place the mushrooms in another frying pan, without adding oil, and fry with constant stirring until all moisture has evaporated.

Then add onion, salt and add sugar, mix everything. Put a little butter or sour cream to the mixture and cook until the mushrooms get a golden hue. Wait a little more, stir, close the lid and turn off the heat.

The dish is ready. Excellent for potatoes and meat.

This hearty meal with a wonderful smell will delight your family and guests. Although this food is not useful for the figure, but sometimes you should pamper yourself, because one-time consumption without excesses will not harm your harmony. All you need is:

  • Champignons — from half a kilo to eight hundred grams;
  • Onions — a pair of large onions;
  • Potatoes — a dozen pieces;
  • Sunflower oil;
  • Salt;
  • Parsley and dill.

In one pan without adding vegetable oil, fry the mushrooms until the juice evaporates and browning, in another pan, fry the onions with butter until it becomes golden.

Then mix champignons and onions in a separate container. In a frying pan, in which mushrooms were cooked, pour in the butter and put the potatoes. When the potatoes are almost completely ready, add the onion-mushroom mixture and salt to it.

Close the pan with a lid and fry the potatoes until ready. In this case, you must periodically stir the dish. After cooking, add fresh herbs to the dish.

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Tasteful combination of fragrant fried mushrooms and tender sour cream is a classic of cooking. And the aroma that spreads through the kitchen will be simply matchless. For this great dish you need:

  • Champignons — 500-600 grams;
  • 20% sour cream;
  • Salt to taste;
  • Sunflower oil.

Cut the champignons, pour oil on the pan, just a little, pour the mushrooms into it, salt them and fry until the mushrooms appear red, stirring them regularly. After the champignons are roasted, put the sour cream in the pan to them, add a little salt, mix well and cover with a lid.

Leave the dish to cook for about seven minutes, approximately. After which the dish is ready to serve. Potato puree goes well with it.

  1. For the preparation of mushrooms, especially in sour cream, it is best to take small champignons that do not have to be cut before cooking. But it is good to simply cut the big ones in half and send them for frying;
  2. On average, it takes up to seven minutes to fry them, sometimes five is enough. Do not overcook them longer. Unless, of course, cooked champignons are fresh. If you took them in the freeze, then you need to fry them for a little more than twenty minutes;
  3. Usually fried mushrooms do not need seasonings, but if you still want to add them, you should do so at the very end of cooking.

Now you know how to fry mushrooms and not only some, but also with the addition of onions, sour cream or potatoes. You have become aware of the time during which the mushrooms are fried — it is small, which makes this product convenient for quick cooking.

You also now have the concept of how to choose the right product. Try to cook it one of the above recipes and enjoy the wonderful taste and aroma.

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