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Squids in cream sauce: interesting step by step recipes

Probably, every housewife sometimes wants to cook something such, to surprise her beloved husband, family or guests invited to dinner. If you want to cook something unusual for dinner, calamari stewed in sour cream sauce is the best possible way!

So, let’s look at how to choose the squid in the store, how to best cook it and run through a couple of the best recipes with squid!

Like any meat or fish, squid should be chosen very carefully. There are certain subtleties.

So, the first rule: When buying a squid, make sure that the carcass has not been defrosted (that is, thawed and frozen again). Such a technique is a gross violation of all rules for storing products. The re-frozen product will taste bitter and creep away in an unappetizing mass during the cooking process.

How to make sure that the squid was not re-frozen before there, how did you get on the counter? Ice on such carcasses should be a bit, and they should not stick together. The skin can be of any color — it does not depend on the quality of the product itself, but on the type of the mollusk, but the meat under it must be white.

Otherwise, the seafood was probably defrosted, and the meat then turned to the color of the skin.

Rule two: Do not be lazy and take ready-made fillets. There are more than a hundred subspecies of squids, and only a few dozen of them are edible. In whole small carcasses we sell Patagonian or Commander squid.

They are sold unpeeled and, as a rule, with internals. Such squids on the counter do not look very presentable, but their taste is excellent. And the fillet that we meet in the store is the meat of a giant Peruvian squid.

It usually has a strong ammonia flavor, and it is refilled and processed several times — such a product will not do you good. In addition, the meat of a giant mollusk is much tougher than that of others.

Rule Three: be sure to check the skin of the carcass for any kind of damage. There should be no cracks, tears or other defects. Otherwise, it becomes clear that this product was stored incorrectly.

After you have raided the store and selected a couple of fresh squids for the future dinner correctly, a new question arises: how should the squids be properly cleaned?

Step one: you first need to separate the head and remove all the insides. You can easily determine where the squid has its head, by the presence of small tentacles. It is necessary to grab the head of the squid with your hand and, holding the carcass with your other hand, pull it towards yourself — so you can easily remove the insides.

Step Two: Next, you need to get rid of the chitinous plate inside the carcass. It is easily groped and removed just as easily.

Step Three: Now you need to remove all the films. It is necessary to get rid of both color and transparent films both from the outside and from the inside — during heat treatment these films become very rigid. The best way to get rid of the films is to quickly scald the carcasses with boiling water, and then shift them into ice water. Peel and film will instantly roll up and be cleaned easily.

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