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Shrimps, fried with garlic: homemade recipes with photos

Fried shrimp is a savory and unusual dish that can perfectly brighten and diversify the daily or festive menu. This product has excellent beneficial properties — they contain a large amount of vitamins, micro-and macronutrients, many nutrients. For this reason, this product must be eaten at least a couple of times a month.

However, many do not even know how they can be tasty and properly cooked. But do not be upset, it’s easy and simple! The main thing — you need to choose and prepare the shrimp. So, let’s first consider the selection rules, and only then proceed to the cooking recipes themselves.

Before you start cooking, you should choose the right shrimp. This will help the following selection rules:

  1. Before buying, pay attention to the appearance of shrimp. They must have the same color. In addition, they should have a brilliant shell and tail, which is twisted in the form of a hook;
  2. Do not think that the dark color of the head is a sign of not freshness. It’s not at all like this: the greenish color indicates that shrimp used plankton during its lifetime, brown — that it is the female who is ready to spawn;
  3. Also pay attention to the shelf life of the product. You should not think that if the product is frozen, it will not spoil;
  4. With large shrimp you need to peel the shell;
  5. On the shelves of shops, heat-treated shrimps are more common than fresh frozen ones. Their difference is in color — heat-treated have a pink color, and fresh — gray.

  1. Frozen seafood should be removed from the refrigerator and thawed at room temperature;
  2. Next, the seafood must be dried and cleaned from the shell;
  3. Garlic cloves are peeled and finely chopped with a knife;
  4. Add garlic pieces to seafood and carefully rub it with garlic mixture;
  5. Cut the lemon into two parts, squeeze the juice from one part and pour it into the shrimps with garlic;
  6. Then they need salt, pepper and mix thoroughly;
  7. Leave everything in the marinade for 15-20 minutes so that everything is well marinated;
  8. Put the pan on the fire, spread the butter and warm it;
  9. Shrimp well squeezed from the marinade and spread on the hot oil;
  10. We burn them from all sides for about 10 minutes, until a golden color appears;
  11. After that, lay everything on a plate and serve on the table, pre-decorate with a sprig of dill and parsley.

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  • Frozen tiger shrimps — half a kilogram;
  • 150-200 ml of soy sauce;
  • 5 garlic cloves;
  • Butter;
  • One lemon;
  • Olives — 6 pieces;
  • A pair of basil twigs;
  • Some salt;
  • Ground black pepper.
  1. Shrimp should be well washed. They can not defrost, and immediately fry frozen;
  2. Spread butter on a deep brazier and set it on the stove;
  3. As soon as the butter is melted, lay frozen crustaceans on it and fry. In the process of roasting they should be mixed so that they are not burnt;
  4. Lemon must be rinsed and cut into circles. Circles cut into 4 parts. It is worth remembering that it is not advisable to fry shrimps for too long, because they become rubber and lose all their taste. It is for this reason that we do everything quickly;
  5. Then lay out the lemon to seafood and mix thoroughly with a wooden spatula;
  6. Peel garlic cloves and finely chop with a knife. They can also be squeezed through a press;
  7. In a bowl, pour the soy sauce, lay out the pieces of garlic and mix well until smooth;
  8. After that, pour the garlic-soy mixture into the pan and simmer everything in the mixture for a couple of minutes;
  9. Add salt and black pepper to it and mix well;
  10. It is worth noting that soy sauce is so salty, so salt should be added as little as possible;
  11. Stew everything for about 10 minutes and remove from heat;
  12. Put a sprig of basil on the side of the plate, a couple of lemon slices, in the center lay out the shrimps and pour over the soy sauce. Also we decorate everything with olives.

Fried shrimp in shell with garlic and butter

  • Fresh-frozen shrimps — 1 kilogram;
  • Butter — 100 grams;
  • Garlic cloves — 3-4 pieces;
  • Fatty cream — 200 ml;
  • Dill — 3-4 sprigs;
  • Salt and ground black pepper.
  1. Seafood needs to be defrosted and head removed. All meat must remain in the shell;
  2. Put the butter in a deep frying pan, put it on the stove and heat it;
  3. As soon as the butter is melted, put the crustaceans on it and fry it on all sides for 5-7 minutes;
  4. Next, pour all the cream and simmer;
  5. Meanwhile, garlic cloves are peeled and finely cut with a knife;
  6. Add the finely chopped garlic to the cream sauce and mix;
  7. Dill greens must be finely chopped and put into a creamy garlic mass. Stew all for about 7 minutes;
  8. After that, remove all the shrimp on a plate, and boil cream sauce to the thickness;
  9. Then thoroughly pour seafood with creamy sauce and mix;
  10. We spread everything in the form of a slide and served on the table.

Components you need:

  • A pound of tiger shrimp, pre-peeled;
  • Garlic teeth — 5-6 stuff;
  • One big lemon;
  • Olive oil — 100 ml;
  • Butter –100 grams;
  • Salt and spices.
    1. If you have frozen seafood, then you need to defrost it slowly. For this, it should be placed at night on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. After thawing, it should be thoroughly washed and dried on a paper towel;

    1. Scrape off the lemon zest and finely chop it with a knife;
    2. From the pulp properly squeeze the juice in a separate bowl;
    3. Garlic teeth clean and finely chop with a knife, they can also be wiped with a fine float or squeezed through a press;
    4. Next, in a pan with a heavy base, pour olive oil and place on the stove. We warm up well;
    5. Then we put a piece of butter in olive oil and melt it to a liquid state;
    6. Put the shrimps in hot oil and fry for 3-4 minutes. Also, they need salt;

    1. As soon as they begin to turn pink around the edges, they need to be turned over to the other side and sprinkled with chopped garlic;
    2. Fry all about 3-4 minutes. The main thing is not to burn it, otherwise they will not taste good;

  1. After that, turn off the fire, add chopped lemon zest to the pan and pour with lemon juice;
  2. Then immediately served to the table.

We need the following ingredients:

  • One kilo of shrimp;
  • Lemon juice — 100 ml;
  • Spices — dill, salt and black pepper;
  • Vegetable oil.
  1. Shrimp should be thawed and thoroughly rinsed. Also, they should be well dried, for this we lay them on paper napkins;
  2. Next, put the crustaceans in a deep bowl, pour over lemon juice, salt, pepper and sprinkle with dried dill;
  3. Leave them in the marinade for half an hour so that they are well marinated;
  4. After that, pour a vegetable oil into a deep brazier and heat it. Oil should be poured more, that it covers the shrimp when frying;
  5. Put the seafood on the hot oil and fry for 3-4 minutes;
  6. Ready to shrimp lay out and serve to beer.

  • During cooking, the shrimp do not need to be fried for a long time, otherwise they will become rubbery and tasteless;
  • Before cooking, they can be marinated. It will give juiciness and flavor;
  • They can be eaten with any sauce, such as tomato or cream.

Now you can cook this delicacy yourself. It turns out that there is nothing heavy and supernatural. Everything is easy and simple! Prepare this dish and treat your relatives to them!

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