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Pike perch in batter: step-by-step recipes for cooking fish with photos

Fry zander in batter easier than ever. As a side dish, you can serve rice, vegetables, and separately sweet-sour sauce or sour cream mixed with chopped garlic and finely chopped greens.

How to fry zander in batter:

  1. Cut the perch fillet into pieces (arbitrarily);
  2. Prepare fish batter: break eggs into a bowl, add salt and whisk using a whisk. Continuing the process, add flour, add cold water (necessarily carbonated). According to the structure, the batter will resemble sour cream, but rather thick. If desired, you can put lemon zest in it — it will be delicious;
  3. Season the prepared fish pieces with spices. Then, each bread in flour and quickly dipped in batter. Fry immediately in hot oil;
  4. On each side, it will take about 2 minutes to fry. When the pieces are reddened, put them sideways in the pan so that the fish from all sides will get an appetizing look;
  5. Spread out paper towels on a wide dish, spread the fried fish on them. All excess oil is absorbed into the paper;
  6. Serve on the table, decorated with cherry.

A piece of fillet, fried in batter should not burn slightly, but have a good golden tint. Therefore, it is better to place the container with the batter near the pan. Put paper towels on the dish. Dip the fillet in the dough, then carefully lower in the hot oil, after 5-6 minutes. Put on a towel, oil should drain.

Required for cooking:

  • pike perch (fillet) — 0.5 kg;
  • chicken egg — 2 pieces;
  • sour cream 20% — 150 g;
  • ginger root (grated) — 8 g;
  • lemon juice — from half a fruit.
  • refined oil — 120 g;
  • Season to taste.

It will take time: 35 min. In the finished fish per 100 g: 180 kcal.

  1. Prepare marinade for fish: in a large bowl combine the juice, chips of ginger, spices. Send fish fillet in this bowl, cut into pieces, mix, leave to marinate for a while (about 20 minutes);
  2. Cook the batter: combine the eggs with sour cream, whisk, add flour, season with spices, beat again. Ready batter should not be too liquid;
  3. For convenience, pour the batter into a wide bowl. Preheat pan with oil. Immediately put a few slices of fish in a batter and immediately into the pan;
  4. The pieces are fried on medium heat, the crust should be browned on all sides. After that, the fish spread on a dish, lined with a paper towel;
  5. When excess fat is absorbed in a towel, fish can be served on the table.

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Cook cook immediately before frying fish. Mix all ingredients with chilled flour to the consistency of not very fat sour cream.

  • pike perch — 4 strips of fillet;
  • odorless oil — 30 ml;
  • spices — to taste;
  • grated cheese — 160 g;
  • large egg — 2 pieces;

It will take time: 30 minutes. In the finished dish: 178 kcal per 100 grams.

Recipe for preparing perch fillet in cheese batter step by step:

  1. Cut the fillet strips into pieces, rub with salt, spices;
  2. While the fish is imbued with the aroma of spices to cook batter. To do this, whisk the eggs with salt. By the way, you can do it with a regular fork. Add cheese chips to the eggs, mix again;
  3. It is more convenient to work when the dough is in a wide dish. Then the pieces into it can be dipped at the same time and immediately sent to a pre-heated pan;
  4. Fry the fillet from all sides, set the temperature to moderate. So the fish will have time to fry well, and the crust will get an appetizing, golden color.

This is a dish from the series “Two in One”. It is not difficult to cook it, most of the time everything happens by itself. For example, fish broth.

Required for cooking:

  • 3 zander (medium-sized);
  • 4 tubers (medium size);
  • 30 g of mayonnaise;
  • garlic clove;
  • spices for fish to taste;
  • chicken (large) egg;
  • a handful of flour;
  • 1 cleaned onion;
  • a few sprigs of curly parsley;
  • feather green onions to taste.

You will need time: 35-40 minutes. In the finished fish per 100 g: 182 kcal.

How to cook pikeperch in potato batter:

  1. Peel, rinse and gut the fish, cut the gills from the heads;
  2. To separate the loin from the bones;
  3. All but the pulp put in a pot of water and send to the stove to prepare;
  4. While the pot of water is heated, marinate the fillet pieces in fish spices and put in the refrigerator;
  5. Wash the potatoes, peel. Then, finely grind on a grater, squeeze thoroughly to remove excess water, starch. Add 30 g of mayonnaise to the grated vegetables, spices, egg, garlic clove passed through the press, salt and mix everything well. It turns out a liquid base, put flour in it, stirring to bring the dough to the desired state;
  6. Lay out silicone backing on baking tray. Divide each fillet into two parts, then lay out a part of the potato dough on the substrate, put the fish on top and the final top layer is the potato batter, which should be leveled. All send for 40 minutes. in the oven warmed up to 190.
  7. At this time do fish broth. It must be filtered through a gauze (sieve). Dice thrown away. Return the broth to the pan, put it on the stove, put the bay leaf in it, peas, chopped onions. Cook until soft;
  8. On the table serve pike perch in batter, garnished with fresh parsley. Pour broth into portioned soup bowls, sprinkle with green onions on top.

What dough will make perch fillet soft and preserve its taste, reveal the culinary secrets:

  1. The main problem that awaits the hostess — batter for batter. It should be light, with bubbles. There are a couple of ways to cook this way: add baking powder or carbonated water to the batter. For roasting batter is important oil temperature. You need to warm it up to 180-185;
  2. Oil for frying should be taken in large quantities, so in all recipes it is recommended that sunflower oil is affordable;
  3. Choosing potatoes for klyara, stop the choice on not disseminated grades;
  4. It is better to use flour of the highest grade, which must be sifted.

The most important secret: the ingredients must be cold and the fish dry. It is necessary to soak the flour in the cold for 15 minutes, and dry the fillets with napkins.

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