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How to properly and how much time to cook squid

Squid meat has a mild pleasant taste and a lot of useful properties.

It is rich in proteins, easily digested by the body.

This is a great base for soups, appetizers and salads.

They can be cooked by any means — stewing, baking, boiling.

Squids are cephalopods.

They are widespread in the world ocean.

Their sizes, depending on the type, range from 18 cm to 20 m.

they also swim very well with the help of their tentacles.

Only tuna, swordfish and dolphins swim faster.

Huge speed saves him while fleeing from a larger animal.

An additional means of protection for most is a special ink bag with black liquid, which they throw away, creating a protective curtain.

Sometimes they jump out of the water and fly 20 -30 m through the air.

From a culinary point of view, they have been known since ancient times.

They were prepared in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

According to modern data, there are more than 300 species in the world ocean.

Squids, from which you can prepare a lot of healthy and nutritious meals, are found in the waters of Asia, the Far East and off the coast of Argentina.

As a rule, these are representatives of the “squid ordinary” species and the “relatives” closest to it, up to 50 cm long and weighing up to 300 g.

Its meat is rich in protein, minerals and trace elements (iron, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, copper, selenium, magnesium, extractive substances that contribute to the secretion of gastric juice), vitamins PP, Bia, Br, Bi and C.

It is in this type of squid that cholesterol is absent.

Squid meat does not overload the body, helps to improve the development of muscle tissue, normalizes digestion, stimulates mental activity, strengthens the urogenital system, helps to remove toxins.

Squids in most cases on the shelves come in frozen form.

It is best to defrost them at room temperature.

If there is not enough time, then you can put them under cold water, but then quite a large part of the nutrients will be lost.

If you get uncleaned carcasses, then you need to remove the thin plates, pull out the beak and be sure to remove the skin that looks like a transparent film.

To do this, you can use any of the following methods:

  • immerse the carcass in hot water — under its influence, the skin is separated from the pulp and easily removed with your fingers;
  • take a thin knife and, after picking up the skin anywhere, gently remove it — about the same as a film with beef liver.

After that, you need to clean the carcass inside — remove the transparent, resembling cellophane, chitinous plates and pull out the spinal cord in the form of a flat transparent plait.

It is easily removed after placing the carcass in hot water.

At the end of cleaning the carcass must be thoroughly washed in running water.

The head is not eaten, so it can be thrown away, and the body and tentacles can be cut into rings or pieces, depending on the dish you are going to cook.

Heat treatment is another difficulty that many people face when cooking squid dishes.

Consider how to properly and how much to cook the carcass on time.

If the meat is slightly digested, it becomes tough and tasteless.

To preserve all taste and tender juiciness, squid meat is cooked for only 1.5 — 2 minutes, while the cooking time difference between fresh and frozen peeled squid, like unpeeled, is practically the same.

You can use another option — pour boiling water, cover and hold for 10 — 15 minutes.

Squids should be boiled in already boiling water, while laying the carcass for 10-15 seconds before boiling again and pulling out, so as not to get «rubber» as a reward.

Therefore, you first need to boil water with salt, allspice and bitter pepper, bay leaf, peas and two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice in a large saucepan.

Spices, besides their usual impact, are also needed in order to kill the specific sea smell.

After boiling water, it is necessary to adjust the power of fire to the maximum level and lower the squid into it.

After 2 minutes, as soon as the meat turns white, it can be removed with a skimmer.

If the carcass is to be extinguished, then it will need to be processed for at least 30-40 minutes in order for the “rubber” effect to disappear in the meat.

Most often, they are one of the ingredients of a wide variety of salads, you can cook it for salad in various ways. but the main thing is that you get good meat for a salad, not rubber.

When serving squid as a separate dish in the form of a snack, it is recommended to sprinkle it with lemon juice.

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