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How long to cook shrimp: fresh and frozen

Shrimps are not only a good snack for beer, but an excellent dietary product.

With them you can cook salads, hot snacks, main dishes and pies.

Preparation of any dish with this product requires its proper boiling.

If you digest the meat, it will become rubber and spoil the final taste of the dish.

There are two thousand marine and freshwater species of shrimp.

They are found in warm seas.

They come to our shelves from India, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Tiger (up to 20 cm in length) and royal (up to 30 cm in length) species belong to warm-blooded shrimp.

Cold-blooded species are found, respectively, in the cold seas.

They are imported from Norway, Lithuania, Denmark.

They are smaller in size and therefore cheaper than warm-blooded species.

But they contain more nutrients.

Shrimp contains a unique protein that is necessary for building muscle mass, the formation of collagen fibers.

Also in the composition of the meat are many vitamins that strengthen the eyesight, nails and hair, preserving the youth of the skin.

This product is considered an ideal diet, because their caloric content is only 90 kcal per hundred grams.

It is important! But we must remember that overeating this dish has a negative effect on the body, since the meat described contains a lot of cholesterol.

Features of the selection of frozen shrimp:

    Date of manufacture. The most delicious shrimp are caught in the winter;

Figures that are next to the weight indicator (100/150). They talk about how many frozen shrimp are in one kilogram. The larger the product, the smaller the number;

If there is snow in the package with the product, this indicates a violation of the freezing (thawing) process of the shrimp. This is also indicated by the presence of copious amounts of ice between carcasses;

  • The product should be a bright pinkish color. If the color is dull, it means the shrimp are already old.
  • The icing should be in one layer, if there are more layers, it means that the product was frozen more than once and after cooking you get the minimum amount of shrimp from one kilogram.

    Not cooked fresh-frozen (most often it is royal, tiger types) shrimps have grayish color.

    Before cooking, they must be defrosted.

    It is best for this purpose to send the product overnight in the refrigerator, and start cooking in the morning.

    Thawed king prawns are thrown into boiling water and cooked for no more than ten minutes.

    Water should be very well salted, add spices to your taste.

    When they float to the surface and acquire an attractive orange hue, it means they are ready.

    After cooking, it is recommended to keep the product in the broth for a while.

    Fresh ones are also cooked (they are sold thawed).

    It should be borne in mind that the more shrimp in size, the longer they have to cook.

    To cook small pink colors, a different approach is required (this is a product unpurified from the shell).

    The pinkish tint indicates that the product described was previously boiled before being frozen.

    Therefore, the cooking time here will be minimal.

    If it is good to defrost such shrimp, then they can then just pour over boiling water.

    If you boil them, then throw them into the water and wait until the water boils: then remove them immediately.

    Peeled shrimps are most often frozen when they have been previously boiled.

    If it is good to defrost this product in the refrigerator (on the lower shelf overnight), then you can pour boiling water over the product and eat it.

    In this article, you will learn about the beneficial properties of basil, and how best to use it!

    • When choosing shrimp, it is better to buy a crude product, because during heat treatment it does not lose its richness and taste;

    An excellent seasoning for cooking is fresh or dried dill;

    The product absorbs a lot of salt so when boiling this white substance you should not regret it;

    Boiled large shrimp can be further fried in olive oil with garlic. The result is a savory snack that cooks quickly;

  • The tail should be tucked already frozen, and when cooking it should curl up almost a little ring. If this does not happen, then the product was not frozen the first freshness.
  • Cooked shrimps can be eaten with hands (served thickened with water and lemon juice to rinse your hands).

    Also, peeled shrimp can be added to salads, hot snacks and other dishes.

    High-quality shrimp, which is properly boiled, should have a sweet-salty taste and stunning sea flavor.

    A small video in which you will find out how long it takes to cook the unpeeled frozen shrimp.

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