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Heh from pink salmon in Korean: a classic recipe, without carrots

Heh is the second most popular Korean dish, after carrots in Korean, of course. Interestingly, carrots are not from Korea. It turns out that he is the only popular way to get a taste of the East. And it really is worth cooking!

How to cook heh from pink salmon at home:

  1. Rinse the fillets well and check for bones. It is most convenient to search for bones with your fingers, feeling for them, and it is easier to pull them out with tweezers. Almost any fish is suitable for heh, but red is better, and in our case pink salmon;
  2. Next, cut the fillet into long pieces, the width of which does not exceed a centimeter;
  3. Pour vinegar on top and leave to marinate for about half an hour;
  4. During this time, peel off the carrots and cut into long strips. It is better to use a grater for Korean salads;
  5. On a small amount of oil, it should be browned, slightly salted, and then put on the fish;
  6. Remove the seed box from the pepper, rinse it and cut into thin straws, put on top of the carrot;
  7. Chopped onion peel cut into thin half-rings, put them on the pepper;
  8. If vinegar is left, it needs to be poured on top, and then it is a matter of spices for fish or Korean salads, necessarily coriander, some salt and sugar;
  9. Mix everything, and then add finely chopped peeled garlic, you can add cilantro;
  10. Remove for a day in the fridge for impregnation.
  • 30 grams of sugar;
  • 0.3 kg of pink salmon;
  • 75 ml of vinegar 9%;
  • 30 ml of oil;
  • 5 teeth of garlic;
  • 4 onions;
  • 15 ml of soy sauce;
  • 5 g of coriander;
  • 15 g red pepper;
  • 1 bunch of greens.
  1. Wash the fish, check for the presence of bones, remove them, and remove the skin, if there is one. Cut into equal cubes, finely cut is not necessary;
  2. Put the fish in a glass or enamel bowl, pour vinegar over it and marinate for about two hours under the closed lid;
  3. Wash the onions and peel off the husks, and then cut them as you like: checkers, half rings, feathers, etc .;
  4. Garlic teeth, too, need to peel and then chop with a knife. Alternatively, you can use the crush and pass slices through it. You can just grate on a fine grater;
  5. Rinse greens under cool water, chill moisture, and then chop. You can use dill, and celery, and parsley, and basil, but cilantro is preferable. You can use a mix of greens;
  6. Squeeze the marinated fish from the liquid, transfer it to another bowl;
  7. Put onions and garlic on it;
  8. Next, pepper on top, salt and pour coriander and some sugar;
  9. Pour some butter into a frying pan, heat it, and then throw pepper there. Stir and immediately remove from heat, pour the fish on top;
  10. Stir, add herbs and soy sauce, stir again;
  11. Let it brew for at least half an hour — and can be served.

In principle, the whole taste of heh depends on the fish. But for this dish there is no principle, from which to prepare: hake, herring, pollock, nototeniya, salmon, pike — everything will turn out delicious because of the spices and marinade.

Saturated vinegar marinade is very important when working with fresh fish, because it is a disinfecting element. If there are doubts about the quality of the fish, you just need to leave the fish to pickle for a day.

To reduce cooking time, in large supermarkets you can find a special blend of seasonings just for “he”. You need to search not only in the departments with spices, but also “everything for sushi”.

Korean cuisine is an expert in spices. This is a great way to diversify your home menu, especially for those who are looking for something new and simple. It is important to seriously choose fresh fish — and then success is 90% in your pocket!

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