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Rice soup with chicken: the most delicious recipe with photos and videos

Chicken rice soup — loyalty to culinary traditions!

It would seem soup.

But such a common dish has its own history and interesting facts.

Since the time when people learned to use fire, they began to prepare first courses.

He looked more like a bouillon soup.

It is assumed that in the most distant antiquity it was not cooked, but a stew of crushed cereal grains, which had been previously baked on hot stones, was prepared.

And with the advent of dishes boiled liquid dishes appeared.

In fact, the soup is considered a liquid dish of vegetables, cereals, meat, mushrooms, or fish, and so on.

He is hot and cold cooking.

Depending on the products, soups may be called differently.

For example, soup, borscht, pickle, hodgepodge, ear, mushroom, milk.

Many recipes for soups are unique and unusual in their origin.

For example, the famous onion soup originated thanks to Louis XV, who turned out to be hungry at night in a hunting lodge.

Cake Count ruins with sour cream: a masterpiece with his own hands. This recipe is especially suitable for those who expect any celebration and at the same time do not have plenty of time. Dessert prepares quickly, but it looks festive!

A selection of stunning kebab recipes for cooking in a slow cooker is in the article. Set aside all diets and enjoy juicy pieces of meat.

Rolling zucchini in the winter will be easy and simple if you use the recipes of our experienced chefs with all their tricks and tips.

The number of products was too limited and had to dispense with what was available.

Thus arose the famous French onion soup.

And in ancient Russia, soup could be divided into «rich» and «poor.»

Thick rich soup could afford in well-off homes, using high-calorie and high-quality products to cook it.

In poor families, prepared «empty» first courses on the water with cabbage and onions.

But rice soup with chicken is difficult to divide, it is not expensive and easy to cook, very tasty, satisfying and healthy.

You should also know that rice is the most digestible cereal — 96%.

And for those on a diet, this dish will be just a godsend.

It eliminates the feeling of hunger for a long time, thanks to the starch contained in rice, but at the same time, it is low in calories.

Calorie rice soup with chicken is only 35-45 calories per 100 grams.

Rice is able to absorb some of the fat, as well as cholesterol and other harmful substances.

First you need to wash the meat, cut it into portions, then pour cold water on it and put it on the burner.

After our broth boils, you need to drain the water, it is recommended to rinse the meat from coagulated blood and rinse the pan.

Next, the chicken should be poured completely with cold water and put to boil.

In the broth, you can immediately throw the onion and carrot.

Onions will make it more nourishing and tasty, and the carrot will give it a transparent attractive look.

When the pot boils, reduce heat and remove the foam, if any.

While the meat is boiled, you need to peel the potatoes and the remaining carrots.

Potatoes are relatively large cut.

A carrot fry in a skillet with sunflower oil.

Thanks to this, the first dish will turn out to be an attractive orange hue.

After the boiling time of the broth, the meat can be laid out, cool.

Then you need to throw carrots and potatoes into the pan.

When boils — reduce fire.

While the vegetables are boiling, you need to wash the rice in cold water.

This will make the soup non-turbid because of the starch in the rice.

Next, throw the rice into the pan, try the broth for salt.

You can put a bay leaf, although some cooks are advised to put it at the end of cooking.

We say that it is at the discretion of the hostess.

On a slow fire the dish must be boiled for another 15 minutes.

Then add meat that is separated from the bones, if there is a need for it.

Shortly before the end of cooking, you should put chopped greens, sweet peppers and other spices.

The recipe for rice soup with chicken will be especially tasty if you give it for about half an hour.

The video clip presents a slightly different soup recipe, but also very nutritious, tasty and satisfying:

  • you should monitor the level of fire, since too strong a flame can destroy important vitamins in vegetables and the dish will turn out to be muddy;
  • Many culinary specialists recommend adding bay leaves at the very end of cooking, and after finishing cooking, take out, as the broth can be a bit bitter;
  • vegetables should be put in a certain order and always in boiling water;
  • sweet pepper, cut into small straws, will give a sweet pleasant touch;
  • steamed rice is recommended for cooking rice soup;
  • you need to make sure that there is not too much cereal, otherwise it will swell up and you will get rice porridge instead of soup.

For a starter, we offer a recipe for a cheese-based first course meal with chicken and rice in the video below:

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