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Crucian soup is simple and tasty: cooking recipes with photos

Crucian carp is a fish of the carp family, widely distributed in Russia both in rivers and in standing waters. The market is popular for its taste, soft meat and low price.

Very often, it is bought from fishermen or from sellers from fish farms for pet food, and if larger, then fry or cook fish soup.

One disadvantage of this fish is a bony one, but it doesn’t matter. In this article, recipes for crucian carp soup, which will not leave indifferent lovers of this product, will be considered.

Small bones — this is the main snag, but this can be solved with the help of two methods — bulkheads of boiled fish and long boiling it until the very bones are softened.

Fresh gutted fish with a head and tail must be cut into large pieces and put into a pan. Cover with water and put onion, onion, cut pepper and bay leaf.

You need to boil for 15-20 minutes before the head starts to be easy to grasp. At this stage, the head and tail are pulled out, the meat can be sorted and prepared vegetables.

Carrots, onions, potatoes need to be cut into cubes of medium size and put in broth. Then it is brought to a boil and when the vegetables are soft, lemon juice and a glass of vodka are added.

After five minutes, you can turn off the gas and pour the ear into plates. Fish ear served only hot.

Cooking soup c grain — a common and satisfying option. Many people like to add millet, pearl barley, semolina and others. Here is a recipe with the addition of pearl barley.

  1. Fish — 500 g;
  2. Onions — 1-2 pcs .;
  3. Potatoes — 2-4 pcs .;
  4. Pearl barley — 30 g;
  5. Water — 900 ml;
  6. Carrots — 1 pc .;
  7. Salt, pepper — to taste.

Cooking time — 40 minutes. Calories — 38.5 kcal.

Fish are pre-cleaned, washed and cut into chunks of medium size. The head and tail are put in the water to make the broth rich.

It is necessary to give it to boil, then add the onion, chopped carrots and potatoes, cut in half. The barley should be cooked in advance until half-ready, because this cereal is cooked long enough, and added together with vegetables.

Everything should cook no more than 25 minutes. 5 minutes before the readiness of the ear is seasoned with pepper and salt, after which it is served hot on the table.

The chicken marinade recipe will help you cook the poultry even more juicy and tender.

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Shrimp with pasta — try this incredible dish that smells like the sea.

In order to please the home with a tasty, rich crucian ear, you will need a slow cooker, ingredients and a little time to prepare them — the rest will be done by the program. So, the necessary products:

  1. Fish — 1 kg;
  2. Carrots — 1 pc .;
  3. Onions — 2 pcs .;
  4. Potatoes — 4 pcs .;
  5. Millet — 40 g;
  6. Vodka — 50 ml;
  7. Bay leaf — 2-4 pieces;
  8. Salt, pepper — to taste;

Time for cooking will take no more than one hour, and the calorie content of such soup will be the same 40 kcal per 100 g.

Cleaned fish cut into medium slices, and together with the head put in a bowl of the slow cooker. Pour water and put the mode «Cooking» for 15-20 minutes, after salting.

In the meantime, you can do vegetables. Peel the carrots and cut them into semi-circles, potatoes with medium straws, and onions into four pieces.

When the broth is cooked, season with bay leaf and pepper, add vegetables, then leave in the same mode for 20 minutes. After half this time, you need to add millet.

However, if there are lovers of boiled cereals, then you can add it before — there are no strict restrictions, because the most important thing is that the cereal boils.

And five minutes before the end of the set time, vodka flows into the ear.

Crucian is a bony fish, therefore it is necessary to manually digest the boiled meat before adding vegetables to the broth or to boil it for 10-15 minutes longer, so that small bones soften.

If there was caviar in the fish, then it can also be put in the ear with meat, and without breaking the film, so that it boils completely.

After the end of the work of the regime, it is better to insist about five minutes and serve still hot, otherwise it cools to cool as it is cooled.

Many of us have been hiking or going to nature. What can be compared with a soup cooked on a fire at the end of a day spent in the air in contact with the outside world?

With this recipe you can pleasantly surprise your friends and acquaintances at a joint exit, and since the crucian carp is found in most water bodies, there will not be many problems with the main ingredient in fishing.

  1. Fish — 1 kg;
  2. Potatoes — 4 pcs .;
  3. Carrots — 1 pc .;
  4. Bulb onion — 1-2 pcs .;
  5. 2-3 bay leaves;
  6. Salt, pepper — to taste;
  7. Fresh parsley — 1 bunch.

Cooking time — half an hour. Calories — 40 kcal.

First you need to skin the fish and completely clean it of scales and viscera. It is not necessary to throw out the caviar — it will fit both in the ear and in the fried form. While the chopped fish is boiled in a pot, chop the vegetables and put them in water at the time of boiling. Together with them put a bay leaf.

When the carrots are soft, you can add salt and pepper. If the fish is not very fat, then you can add, if you have, a couple of carcasses or pieces of another, so that you get a more pulpy broth.

Five minutes before being taken out of the fire, vodka is poured in, and then you can pour out ready-made hiking soup in plates. Fresh parsley can be added both during cooking and at the time of serving — as much as you like.

As a supplement to the ear, there must be bread, since the dish is quite fatty.

As mentioned at the beginning — the fish contains a lot of small sharp bones, so you need to boil it a little longer or, after cooking meat, manually sort it out.

If there is a desire and opportunity, then the meat can be rid of all the bones, and add to the broth clean. To facilitate the task, you can boil the carp for about thirty minutes, then remove the large bones, and the small ones will not remain.

If there is caviar in the fish, it can either be fried in a pan or added to the ear. In carp, caviar often has a slight smell of mud, which depends on its habitat, so there is already a very individual question for everyone.

When a crucian’s ear is cooked on a campfire, you need to consider that water will boil more slowly than on the stove at home. It is important to monitor the degree of readiness independently and not to rely only on time — you need to consider all the factors.

With regards to spices — then who in that much. The addition of such herbs and spices as rosemary, savory, hops-suneli will not spoil, but only add to the unusual and piquant food. There is no canonical soup recipe, and therefore everyone can have their own «fishes» and «secret ingredients» — experiments are only welcome.

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