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Cold beetroot soup

Cold beetroot soup — a step by step recipe

Most likely, everyone knows how to cook beetroot soup according to the classic recipe. There is nothing complicated about it. Boiled vegetables, separately from each other. Ingredients are used for okroshka. All crumble into beet broth, and then served cold.

This summer is very hot, and we often cooked various cold soups. But somehow everything had already become boring, and I decided to dream a little. I decided to cook a familiar dish, but not as always. And what can be said, it turned out pretty well.

I used not only beets, but also the tops of it. I ground one of the parts of the cooking soup in the mixer, the second part remained just chopped. And it turned out such an interesting soup based on broth puree.

I suggest to try to make this cold soup according to this recipe, and to evaluate it. I am very interested in your opinion.

  • beets with tops — 2 pieces
  • potatoes — 2 pieces
  • onion — 1 pc
  • tomatoes — 5 pieces (plum-shaped, small)
  • fresh cucumber — 1 pc
  • radish — 100 gr
  • Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc
  • boiled eggs — 2 pieces
  • vegetable oil — 4 tbsp. spoons
  • salt, black pepper — to taste
  • sour cream — to serve
  • greens for dressing
  • lemon — to serve (optional)

It is desirable that all vegetables were fresh crop, young and not very large size.

1. Peel the beets and put in the water to boil whole. It is better to use the young. And after the water boils, it will be enough to boil it for 20-30 minutes. After getting it, the volume of water should get about 1.8 liters.

2. Boil and cool the eggs beforehand.

3. Onions cut into very thin half rings. Or you can cut it into small cubes, which in principle does not matter, the onions will later be spied with other ingredients.

4. The tops are divided into two parts, one part — the stems, and the other leaves.

5. Cut the stems into 1 cm thick cubes. Leaves until set aside.

6. Cut potatoes into cubes.

7. Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water, peel and cut. I did the day before tomatoes in my own juice for the winter, and I have a little left, so I use them.

8. Fry onion in vegetable oil until slightly golden.

9. Add tomatoes, fry until puree.

10. Remove the beets from the pan, and in the same broth put the potatoes, and fried tomatoes with onions. Cook for 15 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. We will not add spices, so as not to interrupt the natural taste of vegetables.

11. Add chopped stems from the tops, and cook for another 5 minutes. We do not digest strongly to preserve vitamins.

12. Then turn off the gas, and let our base cool.

13. While cooling down, cut cucumbers. You can cut as you like. My salad is not thick cucumbers, they are practically without seeds, and I cut them into circles. But at will, you can cut into cubes and cubes.

14. Radish cut into circles.

15. Bulgarian pepper cut into strips. It could be boiled with potatoes, but I decided to add it fresh.

16. Cut the boiled beets into small thin sticks.

17. Cut leaves from tops into strips 0.5 cm thick.

18. In the meantime, our base has cooled off. We shift it into the bowl of the blender and puree in small portions. Puree is not very thick, even more liquid. But we need it. We still have a lot of ingredients that we need to add to the cooled base.

19. Now we add everything that we cut. Stir and leave to stand in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

20. Then we get, we pour in plates. Top decorate with chopped egg. To make it beautiful, and combine with a large-cut radish and a cucumber, I also cut eggs big!

21. Add to beetroot greens, sour cream and lemon if desired. In order for the broth to be sour, we added a lot of tomatoes. Sour cream will also give a sour taste. But if you like more, then the lemon will not be superfluous.

I do not add lemon to the plates, but I cut and put on the table. Whoever wants to, put a piece or two on his plate.

That’s all, cold beetroot ready. Because of the puree base, it turned out to be stingy, thick. As they say, the spoon is in it. It has different tastes, freshness from a cucumber, astringency from radish and pepper, sweetness from a young beet. Because of the abundance of different vegetables, it turned out quite satisfying.

We liked that the leaves of the tops are not cooked. We have kept in them all the available vitamins. We did not throw out a few coarse stems, but also let them into the business, boiling slightly.

What is interesting is that, like okroshka, the taste on the second day becomes more pronounced. Cold soup infused, gained strength, all the ingredients filled and complemented each other.

So I think that the recipe has taken place, and is quite worthy to share it with you. Cook and eat on health!

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