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Beef broth soup: step by step recipes with photos

The success of the first dishes lies in the richness and flavor of the broth. And the advice relating to this process will never be superfluous, since each of them has been repeatedly tested by its hostesses in practice.

The soup begins with a base, in our case it is beef broth. If the recipe itself does not require effort, then the duration of cooking will stretch to four hours.

The preparation of rich beef broth is based on the following steps:

  1. Laying and pouring liquid meat;
  2. Cooking until foaming;
  3. Careful collection of foam;
  4. Wiping the walls of dishes to enhance the transparency of the broth at the end of cooking;
  5. Laying the roots, if they are provided by the recipe;
  6. Cooking the broth with the lid ajar for 3-4 hours on low heat;
  7. Straining.

The result should be fragrant and clear broth, which will serve as the basis for all the recipes for soups described below.

Phased cooking process:

  1. In a boiled broth, throw the beef cut into small pieces;
  2. Slightly reduce the heat, add pre-soaked peas. Add salt to taste;
  3. While peas are boiled to the desired state, peel and chop the potatoes. As soon as the peas have become soft, we put them in the potato soup and continue cooking for another quarter of an hour;
  4. Finely chopped vegetables: Fry onions and carrots to a golden hue;
  5. Lay the remaining vegetables, bay leaves and cook for a couple of minutes.

The secret to making this soup is in the main ingredient — mushrooms. There are no restrictions on the variety, but success depends on the size.

Large mushrooms will give the dish a taste, and small ones will give aroma.

If in restaurants you are most likely offered mushroom soup using champignons and porcini mushrooms, then in home variations it can be made from russules, butter, aspen mushrooms and other varieties.

It will take less than an hour to cook the mushroom soup, not taking into account the cooking time of beef broth. As a result, you get a delicious dish that can taste your hand at any restaurant. So let’s get started.

Cooking time — 40 minutes.

Calorie dishes in 100 gr. — 27 kcal.

  1. Sliced ​​mushrooms are laid in boiling broth and cooked for a quarter of an hour;
  2. After add carrots and potatoes;
  3. Salt and add, shredded onions;
  4. Boil the soup no more than a quarter of an hour, at the end throw the bay leaf.

When a festive family lunch / dinner is planned at home, any hostess dreams to please each guest and often breaks her head and thinks what to cook as a first course. There is an exit!

Rice soup is a great solution for the problem that has appeared. You can cook it even without meat, because in any case you get a dish that will delight guests with its taste, aroma and satiety.

Cooking time — no more than an hour.

Calorie dishes in 100 gr. — 39 kcal.

Phased cooking process:

  1. In boiled broth pour the rice and cook until half cooked;
  2. Once the rice is lightly cooked, add diced potatoes, diced potatoes;
  3. After that, roast other vegetables. Pour oil into the frying pan and saute finely chopped roots: carrots, onions and bell peppers;
  4. Tomato paste is added after the onion becomes translucent;
  5. After that, put the roasted vegetables in a saucepan, salt and pepper, if desired;
  6. Boil the soup for a couple of minutes and turn off the heat;
  7. Ready rice soup is best combined with chopped greens.

Gourmets dedicated: what else to cook a delicious soup with beef?

When traditional soups are a little tired and do not cause interest, it’s time to get acquainted with something new and open the soul to high cuisine!

Yes, we are talking about the brightest representatives of European cuisine — France and Italy. Do not be surprised and do not be afraid to experiment, because as the chefs say: even French fries cooked with soul and pleasure can stand on a par with an exquisite restaurant dish.

Let’s start with the preparation of the Italian soup — Minestrone.

Cooking time «Minestrone» — no more than half an hour.

Calories 100 grams. — 34 kcal.

    1. Cut bacon into large pieces, carrot and parsnip — diced, chop leek, chop garlic;

    1. Fry bacon. Part of the released fat drain. Add chopped vegetables and tomato to bacon, lightly fry;

    1. Pour broth into a saucepan and, after 5 minutes, throw the pasta and beans;

  1. Salt to taste and sprinkle with basil.

Chefs recommend grilled cheese or pesto sauce to the soup, which will make the taste of the dish more savory.

Speaking of haute cuisine, is it possible to forget about French? Therefore, the next dish, cooked in beef broth, will have a puree-like consistency and be called «Saint-Germain».

The total cooking time is 45 minutes.

Calories 100 grams. — 225 kcal.

  1. Salt boiling water. Add green peas (fresh). Boil for several minutes, drain the water and set aside 100 grams. aside;
  2. Stalk of leek carefully cut into thin rings. Also cut the bacon slices. In a heated frying pan, pour onions in a frying pan until transparent. Then put the peas, and top with a glass of broth. Reduce heat and continue cooking for another 12 minutes;
  3. Grind the resulting composition using a blender, and then rub through a gauze cloth, folded in three or a fine sieve;
  4. Put the mashed potatoes in a dish with a deep bottom and pour a glass of hot broth. Salt, pour a teaspoon of sugar and pepper if desired. Mass warm up for about 7 minutes on moderate heat;
  5. Before serving, the cream soup is decorated with parsley leaves, and the peas set aside at the first stage are thrown into the center of each serving.

Crab sticks in batter recipe which is striking in its simplicity, but together with the snack will turn out delicious and original.

Try an interesting Prague salad recipe. This extraordinary combination of beef and apples will drive every gourmet crazy. By the way, our selection includes many more other recipes. Read here.

Have you tried Mexican spicy chili con root? This is perhaps the most popular dish not only in Mexico, but in the entire Spanish-speaking world. After all, Chile con root came precisely from there.

Soups support the proper functioning of the digestive system and sate with useful microelements and essential vitamins. In the summer, some species help refresh, and in winter, a rich soup will saturate the stomach and replenish lost energy. But the benefit will be in the case when the hostess knows and uses in practice a few subtleties associated with the process.

  1. Do not keep track of foam? You can correct the error by adding half a glass of water. So the settled foam will rise again;
  2. In order not to darken the broth, remove the bone marrow;
  3. Make a taste spicy, help a couple of teaspoons of sherry or grated a small piece of hard cheese;
  4. Fry the bones in the oven, and they will give a rich flavor;
  5. The broth will become turbid, if you allow a long boil;
  6. Bay leaves are put under the end, so that it gives bitterness;
  7. For the broth needed for a portion of soup, take 3 tbsp. water. This is not enough, as 1/3 of the liquid undergoes evaporation.

See how diverse the world of soups is? Therefore, do not be afraid to move away from traditional borscht or hodgepodge cooking, add a few new recipes to your menu, and then the soup will turn into a real gastronomic pleasure, not a banal lunch.

Cook with pleasure. Enjoy your meal!

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