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Uzbek manti and with pumpkin: cooking recipes with photos

Manty is a classic of Oriental cuisine, perhaps the most popular dish in Central Asia, Mongolia, Turkey, Tatarstan. It consists of chopped meat in a thin cake made of dough, steamed. Very similar to the dumplings.

Thousands of years ago, in China, they came up with a «pose» — steamed pies. The Uigurs who inhabited China began to cook already “Mantou,” which means “steamed bread”.

These chefs, by the way, are still considered the best in cooking manti. Over time, this dish was modified, fell into Central Asia. Here, the poses have changed and become familiar to us Manti.

One of the main differences between manti and ravioli is the cooking method. From the name it is already clear that they should be steamed. Previously, nomadic peoples laid them on twisted branches in a cauldron and covered them with a lid.

Later, special grids appeared, which were placed on the bottom of a large cauldron or pot — cascades. The best cascades are made in the homeland of manti — in China, from bamboo rods.

But to find such a kaskan is very difficult now. More common in Russia are special man-cookers, or steam cookers, which almost all Russian housewives have.

In addition, you can cook manti in a slow cooker with a special grill, it usually comes complete with a bowl.

Another manti from ravioli is different from the way meat is cooked. The nomads, of course, did not have meat grinders, so they chopped meat.

This highlight dishes preserved in our time. Minced meat is taken finely chopped with a knife, but with an acute shortage of time you can grind through a large meat grinder.

Traditionally, the meat filling is made from beef, horse meat or camel meat. Some chefs add minced pumpkin, onion and beef or fat to the mincemeat to make the dish juicy. Manty taken to eat.

  1. As we have already said, manti stuffing is traditionally crushed with a knife, although many housewives use a meat grinder for this. But in Asia, for example, the meat grinder when cooking this dish is categorically not recognized. And this is no accident: manti with minced meat is much tastier;
  2. The stuffing itself most often comes from meat. Very often mixed several varieties of meat. For example, beef, lamb, pork, poultry;
  3. In the filling certainly add finely chopped onions. It gives juiciness and improves the taste of the dish. Onions put quite a lot, some even in equal proportions with meat;
  4. Each manta is put on a piece of fat, which gives juiciness and improves the taste;
  5. Many cooks add pieces of various vegetables and a lot of greens to traditional ground beef;
  6. In Russia, stuffing for manti can be made from fruits, cottage cheese, mushrooms, seafood;
  7. In Asia, love manti with pumpkin. It can be added to the meat, and you can cook them only with pumpkin and onions.

In addition, the pumpkin is a champion in carotene content, which is of extreme visual benefit. This vegetable is also full of vitamin C, which is indispensable for supporting immunity and helps quick recovery from diseases.

In pumpkin there is a number of vitamins B, E, nicotinic acid, magnesium, proteins, starch, pectin, sugar, calcium. It also contains a very rare vitamin T, it is extremely useful for establishing the metabolism in the body. With all its usefulness low-calorie pumpkin, which provides an opportunity to eat it to people who adhere to proper nutrition or diet, and young children.

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