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Manty in a double boiler: recipes with photos, cooking time

How to cook and how much time to cook manti in a double boiler

In the menu of Central Asian and Kazakh cuisine there are always manti. Prepare them from unleavened dough, rolled out in a thin layer, on which the minced meat is laid out from finely chopped lamb, seasoned with plenty of onions, spices and small cubes of mutton fat. In the stuffing add pieces of pumpkin and fresh herbs.

Attaching to the delicious Asian cuisine, it is important to know that manti cooked only for a couple. Cooking time depends on the dishes — a saucepan with a tight-fitting lid is required to save steam.

In terms of composition, classic manty is minced lamb meat. It has a lot of onions, a lot of fat tail.

Consider cooking clots with lamb in a double boiler step by step.

On the desktop, sift the flour, form a hill of it, make a recess on top. Add a broken egg, water and salt to it. Hands knead the dough, put it on the «rest», wrapped in a plastic bag.

To the note: well-kneaded dough turns out elastic, so with a slight pressure, within 30 seconds it can return to its original state.

Chop the lamb pulp and fat manually or scroll in a meat grinder through a large nozzle. Onions in mantae should be a lot, so 500 grams of vegetable finely chopped and added to the meat. To taste, add ground cumin, crushed garlic, black pepper and salt.

To the note: a pumpkin, chopped or grated on a grater, is also added to the classic stuffing for manta.

Roll out the dough from the dough, cut it into pieces (2×3 cm), and roll out cakes from them. To the note: the ideal size of the cake is 10 cm in diameter, 1 mm thick, but this dough is easily torn when cooking, therefore, when rolling, make the dough thicker in the center than its edges.

On the circles of dough put on a tablespoon of prepared minced meat. To form a round product or to make a bag resembling a khinkali. Moisten the bottom of the product in vegetable oil and lay on the sheets of a double boiler, so that the mantles do not touch each other.

Close the lid of the double boiler. Cook manti half an hour. After serving, season to your liking with soy sauce, sour cream and greens.

Asian manti stuffed with meat and pumpkin in a double boiler

The most popular Central Asian dish is manti. Prepare them from the meat filling and dough. But in addition to minced meat and onions, crushed pumpkin is surely put in manta.

  • sifted flour — 3 cups;
  • 1 large egg;
  • water — half a glass;
  • lamb (pulp) — 700 g;
  • boneless beef — 300 g;
  • lamb fat (fat tail) — 100 g;
  • peeled onions — 400 g;
  • pumpkin pulp — 0.5 kg;
  • season to taste with salt;
  • to taste add pepper.

The dish can be cooked in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Calories — 140 kcal per 100 grams of the finished product.

How to cook Asian Manti with meat and pumpkin in a double boiler:

  1. The dough is kneaded like dumplings. Pour the flour on the worktop, in the middle of the flour slides make a groove. In it break an egg, stir gently with flour. Next, slowly pour water into the same well and knead the dough. Then with hands on the working surface, sprinkled with flour knead the dough. To form a ball out of it, wrap it in a film or a bag, leave it to “rest” on the table. After half an hour, you can start sculpting;
  2. For the filling, all ingredients are crushed by hand:
  • beef and lamb into small pieces;
  • pumpkin peeled, remove seeds, fiber, chop finely;
  • peel off onions, cut into small cubes;
  • fat fatty or interior chopped into pieces, the size of which corresponds to the size of the beans;
  • All of the above products combine and mix well;
  1. Cut the dough into pieces, of which roll up «sausages» with a diameter of about three centimeters. Put the «sausages» on the surface of the table, sprinkled with flour, cut into equal parts. To form a ball out of each piece, then lightly press it down and roll it into a flat cake with a rolling pin;
  2. Put minced meat (one tablespoon) on the prepared dough circle;
  3. To form manti:
  • with your thumb and forefinger, raise the dough from the edges to the center and pinch both edges;
  • it turned out to be a rectangle with open ends that need to be tweaked, so that the product configuration resembles the letter “H”, stretched horizontally;
  • Mantas should turn out to be round, therefore the “legs” of the letter should be carefully pulled up and dazzled towards each other;
  1. For the preparation of Asian dishes will suit any double boiler (ordinary or electric);
  2. Oil grease sheets of a double boiler, fill the pan with water, wait until it boils and install sheets with manti in it. Cook 40 minutes;
  3. Before serving, put cubes of butter on a plate and gently spread the manty. You can do differently: lubricate each product with a piece of oil on top.

500 ml. liquids — this is how many grams, read how to measure water, milk, kefir with the help of improvised means.

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3 ways to cook a dish without steamer and mantovarki

Let’s figure out how to cook manti, if there is no steamer and mantovarka at hand. If there is no steamer, you can easily make it yourself. It is not very difficult. The most common option is to make a double boiler from a conventional saucepan with a tight lid, a colander or a suitable sieve, which can be easily inserted into it.

The second way is to cover the pan with dense material, so that it sags a little under the products, but does not reach the water. Fasten the material on the side of the selected pan, lay the manty on it, cover with a lid. If the lid is not very dense, it can be tied up on top, for example, with a towel.

And finally, the third option. In a large container (pan) with water, put a smaller container in which to place the cooking manty. Cover with a lid and, if necessary, add water if it has boiled away.

Manti is a dish of Central Asian cuisine, so it is traditionally served with fermented sour milk, which resembles the consistency of yogurt, but has the name Katyk.

The dish turns out to be extremely tasty when it is poured with a saturated broth, which is seasoned with pepper and chopped greens.

Katyk partially or completely can be replaced with sour cream or butter, and instead of broth, take soy or spicy tomato sauce. To this dish is often served a vegetable salad of tomatoes, sweet peppers and garlic.

What to consider when cooking:

  1. In order for the dish to be tasty, it is not enough to keep the ratio in the minced meat, onions and spices, it is equally important to make a good dough. Interestingly, in the classic version, the dough is made without an egg, and in some cases yeast is kneaded;
  2. If you make a yeast dough, then the manty in a double boiler will turn out to be juicier and more magnificent;
  3. Dough without an egg: add vegetable oil, a little salt to flour, then slowly add ice-cold water and knead the dough. When you get a soft homogeneous lump, put it under a napkin for «rest.» After that, again knead and leave for another half an hour alone. If the dough easily sticks off, then it is ready for use;
  4. Meat and onions are cut by hand, and not ground by a blender or in a meat grinder;
  5. The product is molded completely closed or a small hole is left on top;
  6. In the stuffing should be a lot of onions, chopped by hand;
  7. So that the dough does not dry out, it should be covered as it is cooked with a damp cloth.

Manti is a very juicy and tasty dish. By the way, real connoisseurs and lovers eat manti only with their hands.

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