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Tea for weight loss in pharmacies: species, which is better, use

In today’s world, women are critically short of time to fully engage in their figure, but every year it becomes more difficult to keep yourself in good shape.

Many have found a way out of this situation by drinking slimming tea, which can be easily purchased at any pharmacy.

So, tea for weight loss in pharmacies, and which one is better to buy, so as not to waste money? This universal remedy has different types, which differ in composition and mode of action on the body.

This must be taken into account when choosing a tea. It is also necessary to take into account the contraindications that exist, as with any drug.

Weight loss with slimming tea

Some women have the opinion that with weight loss tea it is impossible to lose weight and this is just a publicity stunt, while others go to the other extreme, believing that tens of kilograms will go away on their own, you just have to drink a few cups of the miraculous drink.

It is best to use it in combination with physical activities and proper nutrition. In this case, the benefits of the use of this tool will be the most tangible.

The modern pharmacy market offers a variety of slimming teas of various origins and different price categories. What should be considered when choosing such a tool?

It is best to buy tea to get rid of excess weight on the recommendation of friends who used such tools before.

If there is no such possibility, it is necessary to carefully study the packaging, which should contain detailed information about the manufacturer and the product itself, how to use and contraindications.

It is advisable to still buy teas of large well-known companies that have already proven themselves on the positive side.

This slimming tea should include components that contribute to real weight loss, it should include:

  • Peppermint;
  • Green tea;
  • The Seine;
  • Ephedra Chinese;
  • Small bubble fucus;
  • Commiphore;
  • Garcinia;
  • Corn rylets.

Slimming tea should not include components that are harmful to the body. This is often found in a cheap product. We buy tea if it is missing:

  • Colorants;
  • Flavors;
  • Stabilizers;
  • Unknown chemical components.

What tea for weight loss is better in pharmacies — a question to which, nevertheless, there is no definite answer. Pharmacies offer a lot of slimming teas, consider the most popular ones.

  1. Turboslim purification. This tea has a choleretic, diuretic and laxative effect. Its composition can be distinguished by the presence of Garcinia, which, according to some experts, tends to burn fat. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the amount of this component in the mixture. Tea is sold immediately in bags, it is convenient in that it is quick and easy to prepare, besides, the necessary rate is immediately determined;
  2. Flying swallow Acts simultaneously as a laxative and fat burning agent. It really works and helps to lose weight, but it is very weak, which can lead to pain in the stomach and intestines, so you need to take it with caution and constantly monitor your well-being;
  3. Oolong and Puer. Popular Chinese teas. The result of their action is to reduce appetite and improve metabolism. Due to the use of «Oolong», the desire to eat sweets is lost, it helps to normalize blood sugar levels. «Pu-erh» is a good invigorating tool that gives energy to the workouts and helps to make them more effective. In addition, it cleans the liver, which also contributes to weight loss;

Milk tea Oolong.

Chinese puer tea.

Like any remedy, which includes medicinal herbs, slimming teas have certain contraindications:

  1. The use of such drinks is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding;
  2. You can not resort to weight loss with the help of tea for weight loss for people who have problems with the stomach, intestines or kidneys. If you really really want it, then in each case, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of using a particular tea;
  3. It is forbidden to give teas for weight loss to children under 6 years old. They consist of some components that do not benefit the child’s body. Yes, and dosing is designed for an adult;
  4. Liver failure is also a contraindication to the use of such a product.

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I would also like to note that you can not drink tea for weight loss all the time. They, as medicines, must be taken in courses, between which to take breaks. We must also not forget that this seemingly safe means has side effects:

  • Electrolyte imbalance and slow dehydration due to fluid loss;
  • Elution of potassium, which leads to muscle weakness;
  • Reducing the ability of the intestines to be emptied independently due to the intake of the laxative components contained in such teas;
  • In cheap teas of unknown adventures there may be harmful chemical components that adversely affect the internal organs.

In order to lose weight and stay fit, beautiful and healthy, you need to be careful with this process. You should also remember that slimming teas are a good helper in this, but not a panacea for overweight. Lose weight with your mind and be healthy!

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