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Monastic collection for weight loss: composition, recipe and reviews

Monastic collection: the composition of tea for weight loss and reviews

Spring is a time when a variety of diets and methods for losing weight are beginning to be in great demand among a good half of the female population.

But to choose a means for losing weight must be very careful.

After all, they can harm your health.

Choose the best vegetable-based products that do not contain chemicals.

These include the recipe Monastic collection.

Due to the careful selection of herbs, this product has a whole range of properties aimed at different effects.

Let’s find out what gives it such properties.

The composition of the monastic collection for weight loss includes:

  • fennel fruits;
  • chamomile;
  • linden flowers;
  • flowers of black elderberry;
  • peppermint;
  • hay;
  • dandelion.

The collection of plant data is conducted in ecologically clean areas.

When consuming it, it is not necessary to fear that it will negatively affect you and your health.

All plants are selected so that each complements each other.

In the complex, they have the following properties:

  • linden and black elderberry flowers reduce appetite;
  • hay and dandelion speeds up the metabolism;
  • mint very well discourages eating.

In addition, the monastic collection for weight loss has a low price, and still has a positive effect on the nervous system, thanks to peppermint, and chamomile stabilizes sleep.

Dandelion and linden are prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and colds, in addition, chamomile relieves the body of toxins.

As you can see Monastic collection for weight loss is a product with a wide range of actions, the main of which is the effect on body weight.

The taste of tea is quite pleasant, there are notes of chamomile, pleasant smell of mint and linden.

All results have long been tested and verified clinically.

Many people have tried this product and appreciated its properties.

During the tests, the average weight loss was fifteen kilograms in two months.

In order for the collection to effectively influence the excess weight, it should be used as follows: brew a tablespoon in a glass of boiled water, then hold it in a water bath for fifteen minutes.

Infuse for thirty minutes and use throughout the day as tea.

On average, it is desirable to drink no more than four cups.

And do not forget to constantly be weighed.

First of all, I would like to tell you about my personal experience of losing weight with the monastery gathering.

I am a young mother, I have two children of little age.

After the birth of my first child, I didn’t recover much, at 7 kilograms, and then, when I was breastfeeding I tried to eat a lot of dairy products: cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, so that I could give good milk to the baby.

And in four months I gained another 10 kilograms, then I got pregnant again, and after giving birth I had an extra 9 kilos left.

Thus, I looked like a donut, with a height of sixty-five meters, I weighed 84 kilograms.

It was very hard, shortness of breath appeared, and even with my husband I began to curse constantly, it seemed to me that he would leave me because I had turned into a pig.

People advise, you have to eat many times and a little bit, and here there are two children who need to pay a lot of attention all day long, and have no time to follow themselves, so it turns out that she was filling herself up at night when she put them to bed.

On the Internet, I somehow found an interesting article about all kinds of weed and how they affect the body, and then I saw an advertisement for the Monastic collection for weight loss, which included these herbs, and decided to buy it.

I didn’t believe it especially, but I decided to try it, I just love teas on all kinds of herbs, and even just a bit of a cold, I think, even if I don’t lose weight, I’ll raise my immunity.

I started to drink, the taste is quite pleasant, and then I really liked it.

Yes, and I had more cheerfulness, now after a hard day with my tomboy I can cheerfully do household chores.

The skin on the face became better, even the husband noticed, he said: “You are shining straight!”.

I keep drinking the collection and advise it to all my girlfriends.

And half a month ago, she persuaded him to drink her mother, she weighs, ashamed to say, one hundred and twenty-three kilograms.

Now I have already begun to note that the arrow on the scales moved off the ground and crawled down.

She had four kilograms gone in two weeks.

Write who else tried this method in order to lose those extra pounds, and tell how you later, when you stopped drinking it, did not start to gain weight?

One has only to recall the soup, so immediately want to cook it. But you do not rush because you want to lose a few pounds. In the article https://notefood.ru/retsepty-blyud/supy/kalorijnost-borshha.html you will learn all about the calorie content of this dish. It is possible that everything is not as scary as you think.

Recipes for baking the hake in the oven can be found here. Make loved ones happy with good food!

Our dear followers have sent us feedback on the Monastic collection for weight loss:

I have problems with metabolism, in my youth I cut out the pancreas, and the products are not digested correctly, everything goes into excess weight. I sit down on a diet, take off a little, and then abruptly recruit again. A friend advised the collection, drank it six months ago, three months. I lost fifteen kilograms, now I don’t drink for three months, I didn’t add weight, I want to drink again for prevention, and I still have to lose weight a little.

Catherine, Barnaul

I also saw the collection, gained weight after taking hormones. With the help of the collection lost 10 pounds in two months.

Daria, Ufa

I drink the collection of the third month, the weight goes away, of course not as much as in the first month and a half, then he disappeared altogether, now slowly, but still leaves.

Sofya, Belozersk

My sister was losing weight, it was probably two years ago. I remember that her friend sent her photos after using the Monastery collection for weight loss and they were great. So after that, my sister began to drink this tea and lost weight quickly. Still in good shape.

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