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Essential oils for weight loss: application and reviews

Essential oils for weight loss: combining business with pleasure

Smell and digestion — who would have thought that these two physiological processes are so closely connected!

But, since the organism of any person is a mechanism in which all the “screws and bolts” are important, it is simply not necessary to doubt their mutual influence on each other.

Moreover, the use of flavor while losing weight is confirmed by a number of reputable nutritionists and psychologists.

Remember which of the associations comes first with the word «comfort»?

In 65% of cases, the concept of comfort is associated with some specific smell: fresh baking, mother’s spirits, a new woolen blanket.

The brain first remembers smells because they are iconic.

In one scent, there can be a whole gamut of sensations, which we discover alternately, like veils.

Similarly, in the case of aroma oils, each of which carries a specific program that our subconscious can read and transmit an exact signal to certain organs.

Do not even doubt that a pleasant smell can also be very useful in such an essential way for every woman to combat obesity.

Consider each fragrance and each case more specifically:

  1. The main enemy of the female figure is stress. Modern life is so generous with this kind of negative shake-up that women are tired of resisting it and have learned to banal stresses, harming their own body. In order to not give a chance to excess weight initially, you can successfully use soothing and relaxing aroma oils instead of the usual “bread with butter”. Orange, ylang-ylang, bergamot, rose, lavender, jasmine — here is a list of plants, the oil extracted from them, gives a stunning relaxation effect.
  2. Wrong metabolism and the presence of toxins in the body — another reason that keeps us «in the body.» Get rid of it, and from the consequences will help oil, affecting the normalization of metabolic processes. To enhance the metabolism, grapefruit, ginger, lemon, juniper, rosemary and cardamom oils will be most welcome.
  3. Excess fluid in the body adds weight, provokes swelling and discomfort. Again, this is a consequence of slower metabolism, which is not normal. Aromatherapy with the use of geranium, grapefruit, cardamom, rosemary, lemon, fennel, and ginger oils is recommended for the normalization of fluid withdrawal.
  4. Well, the most important enemy of the turned figure is the irrepressible appetite. To reduce it, there is a certain group of aroma oils: vanilla, mint, green apple, fennel, lemon, cinnamon. To determine which essential oil for weight loss is right for you, you need to listen to your own body.

You can even say — a few effects.

For example, reduce appetite and increase metabolism.

As for the oils intended directly to reduce the appetite, it is advisable to have a bottle with one of them all the time to interrupt the aroma from the bakery or the sudden thoughts of a cake with cream.

Aromatherapy slimming programs are mostly standardized and based on four main methods of using essential substances contained in any of the fragrant oils:

  1. Massage — the most ancient, most widespread and most demanded of ways. It consists in applying oil to the skin and rubbing it with the help of certain movements. The basis of massage oil can be taken any, adding for every 100 ml of 20-60 drops of ether or a mixture of essential compositions.
  2. Inhalation. Inhalation of essential oil. You can use the traditional aroma lamp, delivering benefits and pleasure not only to yourself, but also to others, and you can limit yourself to 2-5 drops applied to a clean handkerchief. The recipe for an effective mixture for weight loss through inhalation: combine grapefruit, lemon and sweet orange oils in equal proportions and inhale 3-4 times a day.
  3. Compresses or rubdown. In 100 ml of hot water, add 10 drops of the ether product and, wetting the cotton cloth in the solution, apply a compress to the body or wipe it off. And so — several times before the water cools.
  4. Bath. Dissolve no more than 10 drops of oil in a bathtub filled with hot water. The procedure should be performed without waiting for the water to cool down a little, otherwise the oil will lose all its properties.

An alternative to the adoption of the aroma bath is now becoming a fast aroma douche: this procedure consists of treating the body with a scrub combined with essential oil and washing it with water.

It is also practiced to take the product inside (drip the most «tasty» compositions of walnut or juniper on a piece of sugar or rusk) and wrap (this method is often perceived as anti-cellulite).

The list of effective oils that promote rapid weight loss is quite wide.

Each group is «responsible» for the elimination of one or another reason, which provoked the appearance of extra pounds.

In the first section, we have already found out that there are several major problems of obesity and that their influence on each individual organism is individual.

Choosing an aroma-method for losing weight, one should first of all analyze the reason that gave impetus to weight gain: was it a stressful situation, was it a metabolic disorder, or was it a great appetite to blame — joy for mothers and grandmothers of little girls and trouble for themselves when they grow up.

Although this chain: “stress-disorder-increased appetite” quite often (almost always!) Complements the main points of the causal list and therefore has to deal with stress, and the wrong metabolism, and excessive appetite, which is called, in one fell swoop .

If you notice, then almost every program contains citrus oils: mandarin, orange, grapefruit.

They have proven to be the most effective of the essential means.

But even among these three champions, orange essential oil for weight loss should be distinguished.

Orange is an ideal component in any complex designed for rapid weight loss: the substances contained in orange oil have a peristaltic (contraction) effect on the stomach walls and perfectly stimulate the entire digestive system.

If you practice a daily “orange” massage, then the best mix will come from adding verbena, myrrh, cloves or cinnamon to citrus oils.

No matter how fragrant, pleasant and effective aroma oils are, they still pose some danger.

Extreme caution when using odorous substances should be followed by people prone to allergies.

Even if before that you did not observe any suspicious formations on the skin (rash, itching, redness), the constant use of certain types of essential products can provoke an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic (that is, absolutely safe) of all oils can be considered only chamomile, but there is no information about it as a means for losing weight.

Despite the fact that the harmlessness of essential substances and the complete absence of negative side effects after their use have been proven for thousands of years (since the time of the “young” Ayurveda), one should not abuse pleasant smells.

To avoid irritation, never apply an essential substance undissolved in neutral (any vegetable) on the skin.

Use only pure aroma oils, that is, without the slightest chemical impurities.

Do not start the application without consulting an experienced aromatherapist.

First of all, you should adjust yourself to the fact that aromatherapy itself is not a panacea and can only be used as an aid for weight loss.

And the main ones are such unloved and sometimes unbearable diets and exercise.

But in order to move in the direction of weight reduction, fragrant oils can play a decisive role — smells are capable of greatly influencing a person’s mental state.

Our subconscious mind is particularly susceptible to receiving information in a dream.

One of the ways to use it is to light the aroma lamp just before going to bed.

Try to sleep and mentally lose weight with the help of the smell of anise, grapefruit, orange, green apple, cinnamon.

These very appetizing smells just affect the decrease in appetite.

Or spend the evening wrap with essential oils for weight loss and “kill two birds with one stone” at once: the smell will have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, and its structure and beneficial substances will restore the skin condition.

Here are the reviews about essential oils for weight loss, we received on the mail of our site:

I never was a fat woman and a bun, but always seasonally (on the eve of summer) I struggled with a couple of extra kilograms that had taken root during the winter. I used various methods for this, and last year I combined diet and aromatherapy. Inside the oil did not take — I missed the smell. For two weeks she carried tangerine oil everywhere and literally smelled them a desire to eat something high in calories. I thought: here is an oil with a very tasty smell, how can it help? Rather, even more whet the appetite. But nothing like that. The smell was sobering and it was so helpful, especially in the evening, when you come home so tired and hungry that you are ready to eat an elephant (that is, you stuff something high-calorie, fat, completely unsuitable for a light dinner) into your mouth. Tangerine smell saved me from such recklessness. The result is minus 2.5 kg in a fortnight.

Olga, 25 years old

That’s all they say that the younger the person, the easier it is for him to lose weight. Nothing like this! I affirm on my own experience that the stronger the will of a person, the more he is capable of drastic changes in weight. I, unfortunately, had no willpower. The only way out for me was to kill the appetite artificially. For this, I used basil oil and the plant itself, and in order not to be so sad without your favorite dishes, I drank my “grief” with jasmine. What can I say? I haven’t got rid of all kilograms yet (10 should be removed, no less), but there are no four anymore And I am very happy about this, continue the course of aromatherapy, diet and physical education.

Veronica, 19 years old

And what about diet cocktails? They are also worthy of attention in the topic of healthy weight and beautiful figure. Let’s learn how to cook them at home here.

How to achieve chic results in the volumes of the waist and hips French? It turns out that everything is very simple. Want to know more? Then you here.

If the question concerns the effectiveness of fragrant oil in general, the instruction is as follows:

  • buy exclusively at the pharmacy;
  • pay attention to the container (the bottle must be glass, the color of the glass is necessarily dark);
  • Before buying, familiarize yourself with the composition (the label must indicate which plant the oil is extracted from).

And if the choice needs to be made, focusing on the individual problem, then there can be no general instructions in this case: only intuition, only attentive listening to the needs of your body, only an objective assessment of its features.

The following video will tell you how not to fall for a fake:

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