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Bread diet for weight loss: the essence, principles, menus and reviews

Want to lose weight, but you can not find a more benign way? A diet on bread is an excellent option. It does not need to starve and limit yourself in the use of your favorite food. You can learn more about its properties, rules and menus below.

Everyone is accustomed to believe that pastries, all kinds of bakery products are harmful to the figure. Indeed, flour products consist of simple carbohydrates, which are quickly absorbed and turn into fat folds.

However, there is a diet on bread, which can reduce excess weight in a short time. What is this interesting diet food? How does it work? Let’s look at all the nuances of the bread diet for weight loss in the most detail.

The founder of the bread diet is an Israeli nutritionist Olga Raz Kestner. The beginning of the development of this diet began in the 90s, it was during this period that the Israeli nutritionist, together with his team, began working on a research program.

The basis of this program is the establishment of a link between food and the hormone of happiness — «serotonin». As a result, it was found that when eating proteins, the hormone of happiness decreases, and when eating bread, it instantly rises.

Diet bread consists of 2 stages, which last about 2-3 months. During this power you do not need to limit yourself in something.

The main thing — you need to remove fatty and fried foods, as well as sweets, pastries and confectionery. Also, in conjunction with a diet, you need to perform physical exercises, at least for 20-30 minutes a day.

The essence of this diet is to increase the hormone of joy — serotonin. During its increase, there is a feeling of confidence, joy, the body begins to adjust itself to losing weight.

What is interesting, during this diet there is never a feeling of hunger, and where it comes from, because in a day it is necessary to eat up to 16 slices of bread.

Also do not forget about the consumption of fluid, the author of this diet assigns her an important role. Women per day should drink up to 8-10 glasses, men up to 10-12 glasses. Do not forget about multivitamins and calcium.

Choosing bread for this diet, you should remember the following recommendations:

  • Mainly for nutrition during this diet you should use whole-grain black bread. This product has healing properties. It cleanses the body of harmful substances, radioactive components and salts of heavy metals. The calorie level in 1 piece of rye bread is about 35-40 kcal, which is almost 2 times less than the caloric content of white bread. It also has a high level of complex carbohydrates, which, unlike the lungs, are long split and saturate the body with glucose for a long period;
  • For a change, you can use diet bread. Be sure to pay attention to their nutritional value. For some reason, many believe that if they are called dietary, it means that they have a low calorie level, but this is not so. 100 grams of this product contains the same calorie level as white bread. Therefore, their consumption should be reduced by 2 times;
  • White and bran bread must be removed from the menu.

You can cover with a small amount of mustard, anchovies, low-fat cottage cheese, a layer of ketchup, tofu, a layer of eggplant caviar, a paste of garlic, olives or avocado, as well as pieces of fish, chicken and lean meat.

Any product should be cut into thin plates. If mustard, ketchup, cottage cheese, garlic paste is used, then a layer is also applied thinly.

  1. Eat 4 to 5 times a day. Between doses, the interval should be about 3-4 hours;
  2. Meal times should be carried out at the same time every day, even if hunger has not yet come;
  3. Vegetables can be eaten raw, boiled, boiled and stewed;
  4. The amount of liquid consumed, including coffee, tea, juice, should be for men — 2.5 liters, for women — 2 liters;
  5. In addition to bread, you should eat some fruit a day, drink a glass of yogurt or kefir, and take a multivitamin;
  6. 3 days a week instead of 3-4 slices of bread, you can eat fish, or lean meat or poultry with a side dish of vegetables, and on the other 3 days, 1 boiled chicken egg.

This diet for weight loss is the dream of every woman, because she has a lot of positive aspects:

  • It can easily become a type of food on an ongoing basis;
  • This food provides high levels of macro and micronutrients;
  • The diet maintains the normal hormone serotonin, which provides a great mood;
  • No need to spend money on the purchase of expensive products;
  • It is able to quickly get rid of excess fat deposits;
  • Prevents the effect of «boomerang», that is, dropped pounds after the diet will not return again.

However, in addition to the positive characteristics, there are negative sides. This food has contraindications:

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not be observed;
  • You should not start losing weight on this method to people who have chronic colitis;
  • If there are gastrointestinal diseases, then you need to be examined by your doctor.

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How to use essential oils for weight loss? You can learn all the techniques in the next article. Good luck!

During this period, the daily ration should consist for women of 12 pieces of bread, for men — of 16 pieces. The initial stage involves a soft weight loss.

Sandwiches made from bread with various sauces or slices of fish, meat, vegetables and cheese should be eaten. If meat or fish is used, it is advisable to take low-fat varieties. Pre-meat or fish need to remove the skin, fat.

Vegetables can eat any, except those that contain high levels of starch. They can be eaten in any quantity, but the main thing is not to overeat.

Vegetables can also be put on bread or cook salads from them, soar, boil, simmer, boil, but the main thing is not to fry. Vegetable salads are seasoned with olive oil, soy sauce or lemon juice.

3 times a week you can cook meat or fish low-fat varieties with a side dish of vegetables, and in the other 3 days you should use 1 boiled egg per day.

Be sure to every day you need to drink a glass of yogurt or kefir.

Do not forget about the fruit. On the day it is necessary to eat 1 fruit — apple, pear, persimmon, kiwi, orange, red grapes, plum.

How food is taken:

  • Meals should be taken every 3-4 hours;
  • You can drink tea, coffee, but without sugar;
  • Once every 2 weeks you can eat a portion of ice cream;
  • Sweets should be replaced with sweets with sweeteners;
  • The first stage should last 1-2 weeks.

This period is optional. If you like the diet, then you can eat all the time.

At this stage, 2 slices of bread can be replaced with a glass of pasta, beans or 2-3 glasses of cereal. If you like potatoes or corn, then they can also be eaten boiled instead of 2 slices of bread.

In the diet should enter oatmeal. This porridge is desirable to eat for breakfast. Instead, you can eat 1-2 tablespoons of muesli.

Vegetables are also allowed in unlimited quantities and in any form, except fried. Fruit should be increased to 3 servings per day. Kefir or yogurt are used in the same way as in stage 1.

Possible result of the bread diet, how to get out of it

In order to properly exit the diet, remember the following tips:

  1. 1-2 bread snacks should be gradually replaced by other products — vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, dairy products, berries;
  2. It is imperative to introduce me natural eggs and desserts made from natural ingredients — bitter chocolate, homemade marmalade, marshmallow, berry mousse, curd casseroles, semolina pudding;
  3. After about 2-3 weeks, you can return to the usual menu, but it is desirable to limit the consumption of fried, fatty foods;
  4. Be sure to follow the fractional power and mode in the subsequent period.

Approximately 1 stage of the diet can lose weight by 5 kg, and in 2-3 months up to 15 kg.

I lost weight on a bread diet for 2 months. I liked her. There are no restrictions, no feeling of hunger, the mood is always good. And I am happy with the result! For the whole period I lost almost 10 kilograms! At the same time, I didn’t refuse myself anything, the main thing is to follow the rules!

Olga, Kaliningrad

Diet on bread is an amazing technique. Not only that you eat everything that you want, so also grow thin. I sat on it for 3 months. For the whole period I lost 12 kilograms. Here I plan to start again!

Marina, Krymsk

The diet on the bread — really, a unique system of weight loss. It has no special restrictions, everything is completely doable. You do not need to infringe upon something. The main thing is that you can really lose weight on it without any special sacrifices and health risks.

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