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Apple diet for weight loss: menus, reviews and results

Known options for apple diet: a full description and reviews

The apple diet is the easiest and most affordable weight loss method.

The effectiveness of the program is proven in practice and is becoming increasingly popular among the female half.

The apple food system helps to shed 5 to 7 kg per week.

The technique originated in 1980.

At that time, the main enemy of a beautiful and slim figure was considered to be an excess of protein and animal fat in food.

People did not take into account the fact that the appearance of excess weight can be influenced by an unbalanced diet, overeating, and a wrong lifestyle.

Even doctors expressed the idea that excess weight appears from excessive consumption of fat and you can stop a set of kilograms with the help of strict fruit mono-diets.

The hypothesis was not confirmed further, but the “fat-free” fruit programs spread throughout the world and found their fans, since apples are cheap and fresh fruits are available throughout the year.

The inhabitants of England like to say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” which means “One apple a day — and you forget about the doctors.”

The diet of classic mono diets consists of fresh fruit and can be varied only with rye crackers.

But recently, the popularity of this technique has led to the fact that began to appear more and more new weight loss options.

This is an apple-kefir diet, curd and apple, an express diet on water and fresh fruit, a diet on apple vinegar.

These techniques differ in duration and an additional ingredient, but doctors do not recommend using the program more than once a week and begin to repeat the procedure no more than a year later.

Apples contain all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for man.

It is possible to reduce weight on such a system of fruit nutrition if more energy is consumed per day than it is consumed.

Therefore, we need to move more.

In the video you can listen to useful information about this method of losing weight:

  1. The daily rate of apples should be divided into 6 receptions. This will help to satisfy the feeling of hunger.
  2. Per day it is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of liquid: green tea, clean water, natural juice.
  3. You can not overwork! Fatigue will help walk in the fresh air.
  4. If the acidity of the stomach is increased, it is recommended to use sweet fruits.
  5. The inclusion of a few rye crackers in the diet will help to transfer the program of weight loss more easily.
  6. If there is bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, then fresh apples should be replaced with baked. Their calorie equivalent, but they do not irritate the intestines.

As with any method of losing weight, it has its limitations and is not recommended in the presence of diseases such as:

  • duodenal ulcer;
  • anemia;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • diabetes;
  • avitaminosis;
  • exacerbation of chronic and infectious diseases.

Any deviation from the rules and regulations should be consulted with your doctor.

And now experts in the studio will lay out on the shelves all the advantages and disadvantages of this technique:

Apple diet is designed for 7 days.

Eating a whole week with apples is very difficult, but the results will be pleasantly pleased.

The method does not limit the taste and color of apples, you can eat red, yellow and green fruits, sweet and sour.

  1. Monday. Daily consumption of apples — 1 kg. But if the system is poorly tolerated, you should add 1 rye toast 3 times a day.
  2. On tuesday as well as friday and saturday — 1.5 kg of ripe and tasty apples.
  3. Wednesday to Thursday — 2 kg of these juicy fruits.
  4. Sunday. On the day, eat 1 kg of fruit, you can 2 rye crackers.

Apple diet allows for a week to lose from 5 to 7 kg, and maybe even go out and minus 10 kg.

The weight loss program does not put a rigid framework and restrictions in food intake.

During the diet, you need to enter into the diet of low-calorie foods and apples.

Nutritionists recommend drinking green tea and herbal tea, natural juice, dried fruit compote, plain water while losing weight.

Getting rid of excess weight with apple cider vinegar

Variant of the program of weight loss is gentle, since it does not imply major changes in the usual diet.

You can eat everything, but limit the consumption of fatty and fried foods.

Nutritionists advise to enter into the diet fish, vegetables and fruits, boiled meat.

The diet menu is designed for 4-time meal during the day.

The meal should end with taking 2 tbsp. l homemade vinegar.

For its preparation you need to grate the fruit.

800 g of the resulting pulp pour 1 liter of warm water.

Add 100 g of yeast and honey.

Put the container with the mixture in a dark place, but do not cover the lid.

After a week, filter the mixture, the resulting liquid is poured into a clean dish, covered with a layer of gauze and stored for 1.5 months.

Cooked vinegar should be drained again and sent to the refrigerator for storage.

During such an apple diet, weight gradually decreases to 10 kg, but this is individual for each.

To see the first results, you need to wait a couple of months.

The transition to traditional food should be gradual and smooth.

Daily it is recommended to increase the caloric intake only by 150 kcal.

At first, you should not eat fatty and heavy foods.

You may satisfy the feeling of hunger with a glass of water or eating a fruit.

The apple diet is a priceless gift of nature, because the feedback is impressive.

Vitaminized fruits allow not only to enjoy a delicate and pleasant taste, but also saturate the body with nutrients, rejuvenate the skin, increase immunity, protect against diseases and help to lose weight.

What is the British method of losing weight? Here you can find out all the details and read reviews.

It turns out that such an ugly plant like celery can even cope with being overweight. Take a look here and you will understand all the subtleties of its preparation.

Those who decided to use an apple diet for weight loss send us such reviews:

After the birth, extra pounds appeared in the hips, the waist was rounded. Thanks to the apple-curd technique, my weight has returned to normal. For a week, I didn’t even feel a weak feeling of hunger, since the diet contains lean meat and curd mass. The result was very pleased.

Natalia, 28 years old

The first attempt to apply a diet on apples failed. There were headaches, weakness and pain in the stomach. I was terribly hungry, a constant feeling of hunger did not give me rest. But the second time I adjusted myself to lose weight, and replaced the sour fruit with sweet. Weight gradually decreased by 5 pounds. To keep the result, I adhere to proper nutrition and exercise.

Elena, 25 years old

I sat on the apple diet for a week after reading the reviews about it. At first, I could not look at the fruit. But the achieved result helped to forget about small difficulties. Now I like my slim figure, and I try to keep my weight in good shape, do good physical exercises.

Svetlana, 45 years old

And as always, according to tradition, we attach a video review about the methodology for you:

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