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14 days Japanese diet: menu, reviews and results thinner

Oh, those extra pounds!

How annoying and frustrating they are, especially on the eve of any major event, when a beautiful expensive dress specially prepared for this occasion is suddenly not enough.

This is where a desperate woman comes to remember various diets, information about which is abundant in any women’s magazine or network.

Most of them are effective, but not safe for the body.

Today we will talk about the popular Japanese diet for 14 days.

The Japanese diet has two versions.

The first is described in detail in the book «The Japanese do not grow old and do not get fat,» sponsored by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle.

However, we have a different version of the diet, more accessible to Russians, invented at the Yaekx clinic.

Adhering to a certain complex of food, in two weeks you can get rid up to 10 kilograms.

The effect is long — for 2 years the weight is guaranteed not to return.

The purpose of the Japanese diet 14 days — the restoration of the disturbed metabolism, thanks to a careful selection of low-calorie foods on the menu.

Carbohydrates in the diet is also small, which causes the body to function at the expense of its own fatty deposits.

The principle — the rejection of flour, sweet, salty, alcohol.

Salty means not only pickles, but also salt as such, that is, this product is completely excluded from the recipe of dishes.

Eating is necessary not with a spoon or fork, but with chopsticks, which is not very convenient for people who are not used to them.

It is necessary to get used to the meal with the help of chopsticks, which means that at first the amount of food eaten will be less.

The Japanese diet according to reviews is quite effective, the main thing is not to invent anything and not replace products with more familiar and affordable ones, even if you think that their caloric content is the same.

For example, fish can not be changed to chicken.

Water is a must.

It is recommended to take vitamins, as the diet is poor in nutrients and trace elements necessary for the body.

Do not skip days diet.

So, if you find the Japanese diet most appropriate for yourself, check out the menu, which you have to stick to for two weeks!

1st day:

  1. A cup of black coffee will be an integral part of breakfast. Milk can not be added to it.
  2. Fresh finely chopped cabbage, egg, tomato juice or fresh tomato.
  3. Soufflé or meatballs steamed from fish, cabbage salad with cucumber.

2nd day:

  1. Coffee and black bread, you can galetu.
  2. Fish souffle or steam cutlets and freshly prepared cabbage salad.
  3. 200 grams of boiled beef, you can make steam cutlets, low-fat yogurt.

3rd day:

  1. A cup of black coffee.
  2. Egg (attention: raw), boiled carrots, a slice of Olterman cheese.
  3. Apples, preference should be given to sour varieties.

4th day:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Finely chopped parsley root and apple.
  3. Fruits, preference should be given to apples and citrus fruits, bananas and melons should not be.

5th day:

  1. Grated carrots, so that it was not completely fresh, pour it with lemon juice.
  2. Steamed fish souffle or meatballs, tomato juice.
  3. Sour apples.

6th day:

  1. Traditional black coffee.
  2. Half a kilo of boiled chicken, you can also make cutlets or chops on the grill. On the side — salad, consisting of carrots and cabbage.
  3. Fresh carrot salad, boiled hard boiled eggs.

7th day:

  1. Coffee is replaced by tea.
  2. Beef souffle or just beef, cut into pieces, fruit.
  3. Any dinner from the diet menu, but apples can not.

8th day:

  1. Instead of coffee — tea.
  2. Steam soufflé or boiled meat, fruit.
  3. Any dinner from the menu, except apples.

9th day:

  1. And again — coffee.
  2. Lunch is the same as on the sixth day.
  3. Same as breakfast on the fifth day, plus eggs.

10th day:

  1. Grated raw carrots. Add the juice of one lemon.
  2. If you are tired of boiled fish, bake it in the oven. Instead of tomato juice, eat a tomato.
  3. Apples, kiwi, citrus.

11th day:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Lunch, as in the third day.
  3. Any fruit: apples, oranges, kiwi.

12th day:

  1. Coffee and rusk.
  2. The only day that can be varied zucchini, for example, stewed. Apples, rusk, a cup of black coffee.
  3. Boiled beef, low-fat kefir.

13th day:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Cucumber and cabbage salad, 2 eggs, tomato juice or tomato.
  3. Baked fish.

14th day:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Cabbage salad with cucumber, fish.
  3. Diversify the diet can be beef stew. Low fat kefir.

Salads need to be seasoned with olive or vegetable oil.

The diet is considered not only productive, but also one of the most severe.

Try to do without salt for a long time.

However, this is its advantage, «Japanese» relieves the body of excess fluid, relieves swelling.

The numerous comments that have become thinner boil down to the fact that it is difficult to withstand the Japanese diet.

Like all methods, the Japanese have contraindications.

It is strictly prohibited during periods of pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 18; people with problems with the stomach, intestines, heart, liver and kidneys, patients with diabetes.

In any case, this is a serious test for the body and it will be necessary to mobilize all the forces for the successful implementation of our plans.

If you decide for yourself that the Japanese diet is right for you, then read our readers’ feedback on the results:

Not once sat on the «Japanese» (as the people call the diet), I like it very much, because I took off at least 5 kilograms, I don’t need it anymore. In the first days it is very difficult without salt, so you need to make every effort not to give up on everything and not to start eating again as before. I am a purposeful person, so I stood it. The result was very pleased, in addition to the kilograms, the volumes were gone, that such swelling was completely forgotten.

You can cook Greek salads, besides, he is loved by those who do not worry about excess weight. The recipe will be found here.

And what a tasty turkey fillet in a multicooker: https://notefood.ru/retsepty-blyud/myaso/recepti-prigotovlenia-file-indejki-v-multivarke.html Eat right and your figure will always delight you and those around you!

Thanks to the Japanese diet, I got rid of 10 kilograms, just as I gained during pregnancy. Nursing mothers should not be on a diet, so as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I immediately got down to business.

It was very hard, as she cooked for the whole family, and she is rather big here. Sometimes I wanted so much to grab a freshly fried juicy and appetizing cutlet, but I was overpowering myself. The result was impressive, half a year has passed, I eat everything I want, but the weight does not return.

Do not mock the body. That which is probably good for the Japanese, although I strongly doubt that the Japanese drink black coffee in the morning, it is unacceptable for the Russian people.

I, of course, endured all 14 days, but what did it cost me! Problems with the chair, disgusting mood, irritability, headaches, and all this for the lost 5 kilograms? I expected more, at least 8.

If you withstood all the 14 days of an ascetic diet, in no case should you pounce on the already allowed products, you need to leave it gradually.

And now a video review.

Despite the fact that it is negative, for any organism it is purely individual, so you decide.

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