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Ice cream at home

Ice cream at home — 6 delicious recipes

On a hot summer day, you always want something cold. And these days sales of ice cream especially increase in stores. We also often buy it, children, grandchildren love it, and we ourselves are not averse to eat. But if you buy it of good quality, then it is quite expensive. And the bad, with all sorts of additives and oils of plant origin — and do not want to eat.

But why buy, if you can cook yourself, with the highest quality, and with a variety of tastes.

There are many ways to do this. And they are all relatively simple and easy. Depending on the chosen cooking option, you can spend from 5 minutes to half an hour, and get the product without any extra additives, only from natural milk, cream, sugar and sometimes eggs.

And for this, you do not need an ice cream maker, because in some recipes, the ingredients just need to be knocked down with a mixer, and then mixed several times with either a spoon or the same mixer. And all, after a few hours of cooling, a delicious chilled product is ready for use. And his taste is such that he wants to eat and eat.

Our today’s article will be about this wonderful cold dessert, and about its different types. This is a real ice cream, and creme brulee, and strawberry, and a favorite chocolate. And if you like other tastes, then they are easy to create on the basis of any of the methods proposed today.

Homemade milk and cream ice cream is the best recipe for ice cream

This is my favorite recipe and so I decided to start with this story today. I have had it for a very long time, and in my book of recipes it appears as “real ice cream”.

Later I met similar recipes, where this delicacy is called “Soviet-era ice cream”, or “ice cream according to GOST”.

One thing I can say for sure, this is a real tasty cold dessert, very gentle, airy, melting in your mouth. The one who cooks this variant at least once, always enters it in his piggy bank of recipes.

  • milk 3.4 — 4.5% — 200 ml
  • cream 33% — 500 ml
  • icing sugar — 150 — 200 gr
  • egg yolks — 4 pcs
  • Vanillin — 0.5 tsp

For large sweet teeth, the second value of the amount of sugar is used, and for those who treat the sweets calmly, but ice cream loves, you can use its first value. You can take the average amount. In general, try to cook once, then you can already more accurately regulate this sweetness.

When buying ingredients, be sure to see the percentage of the dairy product, it is important to get a quality and tasty treat.

The whole cooking process consists of three stages: the preparation of the cream; whipping cream; cooling the mixture.

1. The first step to prepare the cream. To do this, separate the yolks from proteins.

Then put them in a bowl.

2. To pour to them icing sugar, vanillin and pour in milk.

Armed with a whisk, stir the mass until smooth. At this stage, the mixer is still useless; the mixture does not need to be whipped.

3. Pour it into a saucepan and put on fire. With constant stirring, bring it to a boiling state, small bubbles will start to appear, but it should not boil.

The fire for this should be minimal.

4. In the next step, the cream should be slightly reduced.

When you cook ice cream with condensed milk, you do not need to cook anything. There you simply knock down the cream and combine them with condensed milk. It is a binding element and a thickener, in fact, thanks to which it turns out to be a friable cold dessert.

Here we cook sweet cream with milk and yolks. In this case, their task will be to connect all the components.

5. Boil it should be about 20 — 25 minutes to the state when from the liquid it becomes viscous and slightly thickened. At the same time, he will need to be constantly stirring constantly, so that he does not burn, and does not go in «grains».

Willingness can be checked in this way — dip a wooden spatula into the mixture, remove it and allow to flow to the main mass. Then draw a longitudinal line with your finger on the remaining cream, and if it does not unite when tilted, then the mixture is ready.

Try not to make grains in the cream. If the fire is too big, they may appear. In this case, take the whisk and work them. In general, the mass is better mixed with a silicone or wooden spatula.

6. When the cream is ready, put it in a bowl with cold water, leaving it in a saucepan, of course. Stir with a spatula, the water will quickly warm and become warm. Then it can be drained and pour new.

It happens that ice is also used for cooling. That is, spread it in a bowl of water and cooling is faster. I choose the first option, especially since while I will churn the cream, the cream will cool down completely. You can, by the way, and once again change the water to a colder one.

7. Proceed to the second stage. In order for the cream to be quicker and easier to bring down, they must first be held in the refrigerator for at least an hour. In the same place, cool the bowl, where we will shoot them down and the mixer beaters. For dishes and fixtures, the time spent in the fridge will last from 30 to 40 minutes.

When everything is cool, pour the cream into a bowl and start churning. Initially, do it at a not very high speed, foam bubbles will appear.

8. Then the speed can be gradually added. After about 5 minutes, churning cream will begin to thicken. After that, it will take another three to five minutes to give them the desired state. It is also called «before the appearance of the peaks.» This is when not falling down peaks appear on the surface.

Well, this is for my mixer, its power is not so strong. You can knock the cream and for 3 minutes, if the power of technology allows it.

Check the readiness can still swipe your finger across the surface, should remain groove. At the same time try not to «kill» the dairy product, otherwise the ice cream will lose its lightness and airiness.

9. When you achieve the desired consistency, slowly in two — three batches, pour in the cooled cream and continue to shoot down at a low speed.

Someone at this stage just mixes the shoulder blades, I knock them down, it seems to me that she is additionally saturated with oxygen, and if there are small lumps in the cream, they will completely break.

10. Put the resulting mass into the container, or two containers.

So that she quickly froze, I divide it into two parts, and put in two bowls. Now each of them should be closed with a lid and put in the freezer.

11. After 40 minutes, remove the bowls and mix the mass with a wooden spatula. Then cover again and put in the freezer. So do it three times, and all after 40 minutes.

Nothing bad will happen if you once again mix in 45, or 60 minutes. But do not forget to do it. This is an important stage. Thanks to him, we saturate the mass with oxygen, the ice cream will be very gentle and airy.

And also this procedure will not allow small ice crystals to form in a mixture.

12. After the third time, put the containers with the contents back into the cold. This time around 5-6 hours, or all night.

13. Finally, it is time to try our delicacy. You can put it in small vases, or ice-cream bowls.

Decorate to your taste with grated chocolate, nuts, jam, slices of fresh, canned berries or fruits.

All who try this ice cream for the first time just lose the power of speech. And they refuse to believe that this ice cream is prepared at home. It is painfully tasty, tender and fragrant.

Prepare it necessarily, I am sure that such a dessert will not leave you indifferent.

Sundae made of cream and condensed milk by the simplest recipe

According to this recipe, you can cook a cold dessert in literally 5 minutes, not counting the time for freezing, of course. And you need for this only two components.

Delicacy turns out just magical — gentle, airy and incredibly tasty.

  • cream 33% — 500 ml
  • condensed milk — 250 ml

1. Place the cream in a blender bowl, or churning bowl. As you can see from the recipe, you need to have a certain percentage of fat. This is also necessary for obtaining high-quality ice cream without ice crystals, as well as for its taste.

If you use homemade cream with fat content of 40%, you do not need to shoot them down, otherwise we will get not butter, but butter.

2. Bring the cream down to a state where steady peaks will be formed. However, in all things a “golden mean” is needed, you also do not need to interrupt them, otherwise the final product will lose all its tenderness and velvety taste.

3. Introduce condensed milk. Try to purchase their good quality from a trusted manufacturer. Continue churning until a supple, smooth, pleasant mass.

Try the mixture, if you want the dessert to be sweeter, you can enter an additional portion of condensed milk.

4. That’s basically the whole process of cooking. Now it remains only to shift the mass into a container, or other suitable dish, and close it with a lid.

Put in the freezer for at least 2 — 3 hours, it should completely freeze.

5. Then get and decompose with a special spoon in the bowls, or vases.

You can decorate with berries, fruit pieces, chopped nuts, chocolate chips or jam. Enjoy the delicate velvety taste in hot weather.

To make the ice cream ball better formed, it is better to moisten the spoon in hot water.

Video on how to make homemade ice cream without cream in 5 minutes

With this recipe, you can really make a delicious cold treat. And all for this we need 5 — 6 minutes. Time will depend on how well you are prepared physically.

Just kidding of course, although in every joke there is some truth. And in order not to waste your time, we proceed immediately to viewing.

Cool?! Like this. And it is not always necessary to wait for 5 — 6 hours until it hardens.

And for lovers of lightly melted dessert, this is just a true find. I know many who don’t eat it cold. He waits for him to sweat, and then he takes a small spoon and enjoys delicious milky «coldness.»

Strawberry ice cream made from whipped cream and condensed milk

I really love fruit and berry ice cream, and strawberry ones are my favorite. And here is one of the finest recipes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can prepare it in reserve. It is perfectly stored in the refrigerator. And always, when you want to cool slightly, you can get it and enjoy it.

  • Fatty cream 35% — 250 gr
  • condensed milk — 1 can
  • strawberry — 300 gr
  • lemon juice — 1 tsp
  • powdered sugar — 2 tbsp. spoons

1. Strawberries bust, wash and dry. Put them in the bowl of a blender and knock them into a mash.

Today we are preparing exactly strawberry delicacy, but in general, according to this recipe, you can also cook from other berries and fruits.

2. Transfer the puree to a bowl in which it is convenient to mix the two mixtures. And pour a can of condensed milk. Prepare a silicone or wooden spatula, and with its help mix both mixtures into one.

Send a bowl of contents to the freezer for 30 minutes.

3. And while it is there to cool, make another bowl and pour the chilled cream into it. Take the product at least 30% fat, otherwise they may not stray. If the box says that this product is designed specifically for churning, it will be just fine.

Also in the same bowl, pour the icing sugar and add lemon juice.

Sometimes people ask why sugar cannot be added to cream. It’s very simple — powdered sugar will quickly dissolve in the liquid component, rather than crystals. And therefore it will be easier to knock them down.

Arming with a mixer and knock everything into a single mixture to the state, until stable beautiful peaks are formed.

4. Now you can put in a mixture of strawberry puree. Stir with a spatula, moving the mass from the edges to the center. After mixing, the mixture is required to bring down the mixer until smooth.

After that, put it in the freezer for 50 minutes.

5. After a set time, remove the mixture and punch it again with a mixer. Then re-place the bowl, covered with a lid in a cold chamber. This time it will take 5-6 hours for the ice cream to fully cook.

In principle, this is the whole process of cooking.

At the right time, but not earlier than after 5 hours, the sweetness can be taken out and put in small vases. Decorate with fresh berries and eat with pleasure.

This is a very tasty homemade ice cream! Just «you will lick your fingers.»

Chocolate ice cream from condensed milk without cream

Delicious cold dessert can be prepared not only from cream and milk. Sour cream is also excellent for this purpose. The treat is thick and tasty, with a light chocolate aftertaste.

It is not difficult to prepare it, and having prepared it once, soon you will certainly want to repeat the result.

  • sour cream 20% — 400 gr
  • condensed milk — 1 can
  • cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. spoons

1. Put sour cream in a bowl. Try to get it the right percentage, and also make sure that it was quite thick.

2. Pour a can of condensed milk and cocoa powder there. If you do not like chocolate desserts, you can not add cocoa.

Conversely, you can add a little more powder, then the taste of chocolate will appear more strongly, and the color of the product will be more saturated.

3. Mix everything together with the help of a kitchen assistant — a mixer. It should make a smooth homogeneous mass without lumps.

4. Pour the mixture into a clean, dry bowl and send it to the freezer for 1 hour.

Then remove and mix with a whisk. This procedure will allow the mixture to be saturated with oxygen, which will make the final product gentle and airy. And also will not allow ice crystals to form.

5. Then again put the mixture into the cold chamber, and stand it there for not an hour, but two. Then again get and mix with a whisk. Or you can use a mixer by turning on a small speed on it.

6. You can repeat the procedure after a couple of hours, or you can already leave the ice cream to cool for 5-6 hours, or even overnight.

During this time, it should completely harden to the state so that you can type it with a special spoon.

Serve it with chocolate chips, or with chocolate pieces, or with what you like more.

From which only ingredients do not prepare ice cream at home. And here is one of such options, where boiled condensed milk is used. You say you don’t cook like that? Even as they cook! And how tasty it turns out.

And the second feature of the recipe is that here we will not use eggs, or proteins, or yolks. Although today we have already considered other recipes without their participation.

  • cream 33% — 500 ml
  • milk — 100 ml
  • boiled condensed milk — 300 gr

1. Put boiled condensed milk in a bowl, pour milk to it and mix with a spoon or a spatula to the state when both components are combined into one whole. It turns out quite liquid, slightly stretching mass.

Put it aside for the time being, let it wait for its minute.

2. In a separate bowl, bring down the chilled cream. As soon as they become thick, stop knocking down, it is not necessary to be very zealous at this stage, so as not to lose the airiness of the finished product.

3. Immediately pour in all the milky brownish mixture and mix with a spatula, moving the mass from the edges to the center. The result will be a milky — creamy substance with a slight beige tint.

4. It can be put in a common container and put in the freezer for freezing.

And you can decompose the mixture into silicone molds for muffins. Or maybe you have a special capacity for ice cream. It will be just wonderful!

The freezing time will also depend on the volume of the container. Approximately it will vary in the range from 3 to 6 hours.

Then remove them from the mold and enjoy the taste.

Dear friends, here are such interesting and tasty homemade recipes, I specifically collected for you in one article. As you can see, their realization in reality is not such a difficult task.

All you need is some free time and a set of necessary products. And then, you can enjoy your favorite dessert every day. In addition, each time to come up with different tastes and fillings.

I wish you all a warm summer and enjoy your meal!

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