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How to make mastic at home: recipes with video

How to make mastic at home: step by step instructions

Celebration has never been without a festive cake. But to this yummy people make special demands.

It is not enough that the festive cake was delicious. The modern view on things and the newest technologies today dictate the requirement that such an attribute of the holiday table be as beautiful as possible.

Today, mastic is increasingly used to decorate a festive cake. She is covered with the confectionery itself, it is made of magnificent and various in the execution of the figures. There are also women who can make an entire composition from this mass.

Home — this is an option for supporters of natural products. Store products are manufactured using an industrial method and are characterized by the presence of artificial components.

Speaking in everyday human language, mastic is plasticine, which makes it possible to fashion jewelry and is edible.

In the confectionery industry, there are only two types of mastic:

These types differ from each other only in the complexity of manufacturing and personal preferences of confectioners. That one, that the second — are ideal in the process of making jewelry.

The basis of milk mastic is powdered sugar, condensed milk and powdered milk. By mixing these components, it becomes possible to achieve the plasticity required for operation. Mass is easy to manufacture, it’s nice to work with.

Gelatinous mastic prepares much more. This is a fairly long process. Moreover, one should not miss the time when gelatin cools, but still does not lose its elasticity.

These types of mastic have their own specific subspecies:

  • Honey;
  • Industrial;
  • Marzipan and others.

Preparation of the honey variant is based on the fact that honey is traditionally added to the components used traditionally. The resulting mass allows you to make various figures out of it and not worry that they will crumble.

Under industrial mastic understand that which is sold in stores. For its manufacture requires special equipment, so it is created exclusively in production.

At the heart of the marzipan variant are all the traditional ingredients, but almond nut is added to this composition. Figures from such mastic are not molded, it is not suitable for creating an inscription. Its main purpose is the coating of confectionery.

Depending on the end use of the mastic, it can be:

  1. Sugar (it covers and wraps the surface of the product, is used when modeling simple jewelry, compositions, figures);
  2. Flower (it is easy to work with, it is plastic, rolls well, keeps its shape excellently and dries quickly — it is used only when modeling jewelery and flowers);
  3. Modeling (its main feature is soft inside and hard outside; due to the fact that it dries slowly, it becomes possible to create different shapes and devote more time to this process).

Depending on the purpose, the mastic is divided into the following types:

The mass intended for lining, is rolled into plates, then it is covered with the surface of the confection. At such a mass, there is a lot of thickener, therefore, the wrapping of the product must be done quickly.

Among the masters involved in the preparation of confectionery, developed certain mastic recipes. Pay attention to the most common of them.

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