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Vegetables on the grill (marinade, grill): simple recipes with photos

Grilled vegetables on the grill — a worthy alternative to kebabs. The peak of the popularity of the dish comes in the summer season. Thanks to the abundance of vegetables, you can cook on the fire a variety of vegetables. In addition to pickled shashlik, going out on a picnic with your family or friends, do not forget about vegetables.

Serve it yourself, and as a side dish. We offer you simple recipes for cooking vegetables on the grill.

How to cook vegetables on the grill? Consider in detail all the steps. Rinse the eggplant with the zucchini, cut off their stems. Cut into large rings. Tomatoes with sweet pepper leave as is, you just rinse.

Peel the bulbs, then cut into large rings. You can bake on the grid or skewers. If you use a grill grate, it is placed on ember. Roast the gifts of nature to readiness.

When cooking on skewers, vegetables are strung and placed over the coals. Onion tomatoes are cooked faster. We must make sure that they do not overcook. On eggplant with sweet peppers should appear dark crust.

Remove the cooked vegetables from the heat. Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant peel clean. Serve whole or ground. Before serving, salt, spice up the spices.

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  • 1 kg of red pepper;
  • eggplants — 700 gr;
  • tomatoes — 1 kg;
  • chives;
  • mayonnaise — 180 gr;
  • to taste the salt.

Cooking time: half an hour.

Caloric content: 174 kcal.

Vegetable ingredients rinse. Eggplant cut into large rings. Bake the whole pepper. If the tomatoes are large, cut them in half. Put vegetables in a large bowl, add spices, salt, mayonnaise.

Hands all mix well. Marinate at the moment when the fire will be divorced. As long as the coals burn through, everything will marry. Bake tomatoes with pepper better on the grid.

Eggplants strung on skewers — it does not matter, the way of baking does not affect the taste. Chopped tomatoes are cooked faster, they will need to be removed from the fire in time. When all the vegetables reach readiness, do not forget to peel.

It is removed very easily. The skin should be picked up with a knife and pulled in the opposite direction. Submission method — in whole or in cut form, you decide. Top with finely chopped garlic, salt, seasonings.

  • zucchini — 500 gr;
  • blue ones — 500 g;
  • Bulgarian pepper — 5-6 pieces;
  • juice from half a lemon;
  • parsley, cilantro, basil;
  • to taste salt.

Cooking time: 45 minutes.

Calorie content: 118 kcal.

Wash zucchini, cut into rings. With the eggplant to remove the skin, cut into the same way as zucchini. Pepper to clean, cut it in half.

Put the vegetables on top of the grill. Bake in two sides. Pepper should appear well-roasted skin. Readiness to check with a wooden splinter or fork.

They should not be hard or, conversely, too soft. Pepper will cook faster, it will need to be removed from the grid.

Peel the skin from the pepper, put it on a dish, alternating with slices of baked vegetables. Sprinkle with fine salt with your favorite spices. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Serve with meat with herbs — cilantro, basil, parsley.

  • tomatoes — 1 kg;
  • eggplants — 600 gr;
  • onions — 250 gr;
  • Provencal herbs;
  • balsamic vinegar;
  • green basil.

Cooking time: about 40 minutes.

Calories: 95 kcal.

Eggplants, without peeling, cut into rings. Bulbs to peel, cut in half. Tomatoes better to take medium-sized or cut. Place them in a large bowl. Sprinkle with olive oil, do not add salt.

Give the vegetables some flavor of herbs. Put on a wire rack, then bake on both sides. Watch the bow so that it does not burn. Remove from grid as ready.

With tomatoes, you can remove the skin. Serve whole or chop with a knife. Salt, pour balsamic vinegar. Decorate with basil leaves. The dish will be equally tasty in hot or cold. If the vegetables are allowed to stand, they will marinate well.

  • Bulgarian pepper — 6 pieces;
  • eggplants — 4 pieces;
  • 3 medium tomatoes;
  • red onion — 1 pc;
  • cilantro greens;
  • apple vinegar — 15 ml;
  • spoon of vegetable oil;
  • salt to taste

Cooking time: 55 minutes.

Calorie: 120 kcal.

Bake whole vegetables. Before placing on top of the lattice, rinse and dry them with a napkin. The onion is not baked, it will be added to the salad.

We check the readiness of herbal ingredients with a fork, they should not be rigid. Slightly burnt skin is considered normal, the vegetables will need to be cleaned. By readiness we get tomatoes from the grid. Cool them, remove the skin, cut into cubes. With an eggplant to remove the skin.

Peppers to clear, free from the stem, seeds. Cut all the vegetables, combine them with tomatoes. Onion cut into thin half rings. Grind cilantro. In the salad, add salt, apple cider vinegar, onion, greens. Mix. Salad ready.

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