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Tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic: recipes and tips

A quick appetizer of tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic

Tomatoes are indispensable vegetables in the kitchen, especially seasonal fruits, which have a pleasant aroma and rich flavor.

The use of tomatoes in cooking is truly extensive: borscht, soups, pastries, salads, snacks, drinks based on tomato juice and so on.

But if you want something special, we advise you to make a snack of stuffed tomato.

For the filling is perfect: rice, mushrooms, any meat or minced meat, a mixture of vegetables, but we will focus on a more traditional and very tasty stuffing — cheese with garlic.

As a rule, it is a cold snack, but we will move away from stereotypes and make a warm snack of tomatoes stuffed with cheese and garlic.

Before taking up the tomatoes, wash the eggs well under the tap and set them to cook, pour in cold water and slightly salted.

To make them cool, cook from 7 to 10 minutes.

After the allotted time, chicken eggs immediately shift in cold water until it cools completely.

After this procedure, the eggshell is easily removed.

Tomatoes thoroughly rinsed and give a little dry.

Now with a sharp knife we ​​cut off the top (where the stalk was) and with a small spoon scrape out all the pulp with juice, leaving some pulp on the walls for juiciness.

We perform these manipulations very carefully so as not to cut through the peel.

And from the tomato pulp, you can cook, for example, tomato puree soup, or, having overheated, season the borscht.

When the containers for stuffing are ready, proceed to the direct preparation of the filling.

To do this, we rub hard cheese on a small string and combine it with chopped garlic and finely chopped eggs.

Mixed dry ingredients filled with sour cream or homemade mayonnaise.

Tightly fill the prepared tomatoes with the filling, forming a small hill on top.

Put them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and set in a preheated oven (t 200 degrees) for 10-12 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

Let’s expand the list of components of this baked snack and here’s what we get:

Stuffed Tomato Snack with Cheese and Garlic Filling

In the summer you always want something tasty, bright and light.

All these qualities have a cold snack made from stuffed tomatoes.

It will decorate any feast, give guests a satiety and conquer with a delicate pleasant taste.


  1. Tomatoes of the same size — 10-12 pcs .;
  2. A piece of butter — 60 gr .;
  3. 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  4. Cheese — 130 g;
  5. Parsley greens — 10 gr .;
  6. Lemon juice — 30 g .;
  7. Sour cream — 60 g .;
  8. Salt and pepper — to taste.

We rinse the tomatoes well, dry them and carefully cut off the tops (we keep the caps for serving).

We remove all the flesh, leaving a little dense flesh on the walls of the vegetable.

If the tomatoes are juicy, then add some salt from the inside and turn them upside down on a small plate or dish.

Salt will draw out excess moisture and it will drain on the plate.

In the meantime, prepare the filling.

Rub the cheese, preferably on a fine grater.

Rinse the greens under running water, dry them and half of the total amount of melenko grind knife.

With garlic cloves, remove the rind and finely chop them.

Now carefully combine hard cheese with melted butter.

In the resulting mass add chopped garlic, chopped herbs, fresh lemon juice and spices.

The resulting mass is filled with sour cream and re-mix.

Pre-prepared tomato cups are filled with cooked stuffing, covered with previously cut off lids and spread on a serving dish.

If necessary, cool a little in the fridge, and just before serving, decorate with fresh green sprigs.

We wish you all a good appetite!

You will surely cope with this recipe quickly and there will be no difficulties here, so the video will be about a complicated recipe that will be especially liked by seafood lovers, in particular, shrimp:

  1. For stuffing it is better to pick ripe, medium-sized strong tomatoes with dense pulp.
  2. Garlic adds a savory flavor to the snack, but do not put it too much, because it can kill the creamy taste of cheese and other ingredients.
  3. For cheese filling it is not necessary to use hard cheese, you can take any cottage cheese or melted cheese. Soft cottage cheese is also great for the filling, just before using it you need to kill to a pasty state.

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Using our recipes stuffed with cheese and garlic tomato, you can easily diversify your daily and festive menu with a delicious, healthy and easy to prepare summer snack.

Successful culinary experiments!

By the way, you can start the experiments right now by viewing an interesting recipe in the video:

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