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Korean style tomatoes

Korean Tomatoes — Delicious Instant Recipes

On the pages of my blog, for lovers of Korean salads, there are already quite a few recipes. This and zucchini, and eggplant and cucumbers in Korean. But you know that tomatoes also make delicious snack salads. Therefore, let us give them due attention, and prepare a delicious snack out of them.

You can prepare these salads for the winter. But today we will consider with you quick recipes that will allow you to eat tasty spicy tomatoes in a day or two. I prepared them yesterday and already managed to take a sample. The taste is just exceptional, moderately spicy, slightly sweet and slightly sour. The aroma is difficult to describe in words. But if someone has already tried Korean salads, then the smell of all of them is a bit similar. He is not confused with any other.

Earlier, when we lived in Central Asia, such salads in a large assortment were sold in the markets. And by the shops with them it was simply impossible to pass. The smell agitated the appetite and amazed the imagination. The secret of making salads was kept in strict confidence. And we only had to guess how they are prepared and what kind of refueling is used there.

It seemed like everything was in plain sight, and everything was clear. But no matter how much we tried to experiment, this taste didn’t work anyway. No matter how hard we try to reproduce a similar result. Now all the recipes for Korean salads and snacks can be easily found on the Internet. And everyone can cook them.

And it is very interesting to realize now that the secret turned out to be very simple — the right combination of oil and vinegar, salt and sugar, the addition of garlic and hot pepper. And that’s it! The result is stable, and the taste is just incredible. Such a snack can be served at the table for any purpose, be it a festive meal, or a regular dinner.

This salad has only one drawback. It is eaten almost instantly. Therefore, this must be taken into account when cooking, and cook it more immediately. Moreover, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 — 7 days. And maybe more. And during this time, you can even enjoy its taste every day.

Today we will prepare two options for such a savory snack. And see one video material. All of them will be offered step by step, and most importantly, with a large number of photos. Although there is some similarity in their preparation, tastes are completely different. This distinction is achieved through refueling. It is thanks to her that taste can be manipulated.

So thanks to the same recipe, you can have a different taste, depending on how much salt and sugar we add. You can get a sweeter, or more salty taste. When you cook such a salad once, and remove the sample, then you will be able to regulate its taste on your own. I will tell you today how I cook such a snack. And you try, and then you yourself will make the necessary adjustments.

This recipe can rightly be considered one of the most delicious. The fruits are juicy and literally soaked in spicy dressing. It is very good to serve such a snack to meat, chicken. And just with potatoes or boiled pasta, it will be most welcome.

Cooking is easy and simple, and does not take long. Such an appetizer will be ready in a day, but it will pick up even more taste on the second day, that is, after 48 hours.

I will offer you a recipe according to which you will get two 750 gram jars. We have enough of this amount for four meals, just half a jar at a time. Therefore, plan from this calculation. And if you need more ready-made salad, or vice versa, less, then, respectively, either proportionally increase the number of ingredients, or decrease.

  • tomatoes — 1 kg
  • garlic — 1 head
  • Bulgarian pepper — 2 — 3 pcs
  • Hot peppers — 1 — 2 pieces
  • green onions — bunch
  • dill, parsley, tarragon, basil — bunch (mixture)
  • vegetable oil — 50 ml (3 tablespoons)
  • vinegar 9% — 3 tbsp. spoons
  • sugar — 5 tbsp. spoons
  • salt — 1 tbsp. spoon
  • seasoning for Korean carrot — 1 tsp (optional)
  • black pepper peas — 12 peas

The whole cooking process is divided into two stages. The first is the preparation of ingredients and the preparation of the filling. And the second is insisting the salad to a state of readiness.

Prepare first refueling. For her, we need all the ingredients, except tomatoes.

The dressing will turn out with a sweet taste. If you do not really prefer this taste, you can add only 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar. This recipe is also valid. I add more sugar because my tomatoes are not very sweet, and I add flavor to them in this way.

And so we begin.

1. Peel Bulgarian pepper and cut it into small pieces. The color of the pepper will depend on the color of the snack. It is best to use bright red pepper. It will also be nice if he has juicy fleshy walls.

In this case, the filling will get juicy, rich bright color and taste.

I have my own pepper, the way it is. I did not specifically go to the store to buy red pepper. Therefore, my refueling will not work so bright today as we would like. But it will be delicious, it is checked.

Fold the chopped peppers in a bowl or bowl for churning with a blender.

2. An integral part of Korean cuisine is the hot peppers. In each dish it is added in accordance with taste preferences. Someone loves very spicy food, someone moderate. It is based on this that we will use it today.

As you know, bitter peppers are of varying degrees of sharpness. This also needs to be considered when cooking with it. And the most bitter seeds are. Therefore, I prefer to clean them. To do this, the pepper must be cut into two halves and carefully remove them from the pod with a knife.

It is best to use gloves for this. Very often, the pepper is so hot that the juice is absorbed into the skin, and it is even difficult to wash it off with water. And if you accidentally rub your eyes with your hand, you can burn the mucous.

I have a medium spicy pepper, and I will take 2/3 of the pod. You see for yourself how much you will use it. If there is no capsicum, you can add red pepper. I think half a teaspoon will be enough. Better then try refueling and add as needed.

Add it to the bowl of the blender to the Bulgarian pepper.

3. Add the peeled and chopped garlic. You need a good big head. In autumn, the garlic is juicy, tasty, and a snack with it will turn out well.

And also add, among other things, peppercorns. Of course, it was possible to add it in the ground state. But what a smell freshly ground pepper gives! This is nothing to compare with.

4. Using a blender to mix everything into a homogeneous mass. Everything should be fine, and even black pepper. But if there are parts of it left, do not worry. Everything will mix and the pepper will not interfere.

5. Add oil, you can olive, and you can, and our sunflower. But add something that is odorless.

Then pour vinegar. In this embodiment, we will add 9% vinegar, but in general, 6% apple cider vinegar is especially good in such cases. If you decide to add it, you will need 50 ml.

Apple cider vinegar has a milder taste without a harsh, characteristic smell. Therefore, if he is, then give preference to him.

6. Put in a mixture of salt and sugar. And while all. Turn on the blender again and knock everything into a homogeneous mass. The mass turned out with a very tasty smell. You can try it. And just the most adjust the amount of red hot peppers, and other components. If you want to make the refilling quicker, you can add the necessary amount and once again break the mass with a blender.

If you want to add salt or sugar, you can do it now.

7. Chop all greens with a knife. The smaller you cut, the more it will saturate our dressing with its juices and flavors. I wrote in the composition of the ingredients, what greens I use. But you can use any of the proposed, the one that is. If there is only one dill, or only one parsley, that’s okay, you can take only one component.

But when there are more different greens, it gives more flavor notes and more flavor. If you like cilantro with its specific smell, you can add it.

And I even add green onions. I know that when cooking carrots in Korean, one of the components is finely chopped onions, which are fried in a skillet in oil.

Therefore, I decided to add a bow here. Only not onion, but green. In my opinion, tomatoes with onions are a great combination that will not be superfluous. If you think this is superfluous, or you do not like this combination, then do not add it.

8. Add all the herbs to the ground mass. Pour a spoonful of the mixture for Korean carrots. I add it, because it has all the necessary spices, and no more need to be added. But in general, this is not a required component. It is possible to do without him.

We already have enough different tastes and smells. If you have such a mixture, then add, if not, then do not buy on purpose. Everything will turn out delicious and so.

9. Stir the mixture with a spoon and let it stand for a while so that the components are connected. In the meantime, let’s do some tomatoes.

10. It is better that they are not too soft, but it is also good that they are ripe, sweet and juicy. That is, the golden mean is good. On the taste of tomatoes will depend on the taste of the salad as a whole.

I use my fruits. All of them are small and fairly dense. When insisting, they will not forgive and crawl, they will remain in the same form in which we will prepare them.

Tomatoes should be washed and cut into two — four parts, depending on their size. We need not very large, but not small parts. So that they can keep their shape and at the same time be fed with the juices and flavors of Korean dressing.

11. Prepare the jars in advance. Sterilizing them is not necessary, although it is possible. I just washed the cans with soda and poured boiling water into them, about 1/3 of it. To prevent the pot from bursting, put a tablespoon into it and only then pour boiling water. Do this slowly, and try to pour hot water into a spoon.

Or there is another way in which the jar can be put on the blade of a knife.

Covers also need to scald with boiling water.

12. Put the halves or quarters of tomatoes in a jar, cut up. Then pour one — two tablespoons of potting. After that — a new layer of tomatoes, and again — fill. And so, until you fill the entire jar.

Then start filling the second jar in the same way.

The number of prepared ingredients should be just enough for two banks.

13. The remaining fill carefully pour into the banks, trying to pour it equally. If the juice is difficult, then let it stand a little, it will still find a crack and will leak. Better yet, help him a little. To do this, handle with a tablespoon, you can slightly push the tomatoes from the edge. In this case, the remaining greens will pass inside.

Screw the jar into place with a screw cap.

14. The number of ingredients is given exactly two 750 gram cans. There should be no tomatoes, no refueling. But as we see, the juice in the bank is not so much. In the process of insisting its quantity will increase. Tomatoes also make juice.

And in order to make it stand out more, and in order to pickle up well at the top of the jar, you can turn the jar upside down and put it upside down.

15. Leave in this position for 4 hours at room temperature. Then turn and put in the fridge for 24 hours. After this time, you can take a sample. Tomatoes are already good!

But the taste itself is achieved only on the second — third day. It can be said, by the time they are fully ripe.

This is what our resulting snack looks like! Good and beautiful! And tasty! We already took a sample, although I only prepared it yesterday. Immediately left just half a jar. Always like this!

When such tomatoes appear on the table, they do not stay there for long. And it happens that is still not enough. It is necessary to go for an additive in the refrigerator.

Yes, yes, I almost forgot. It is in the fridge that we must store our delicious salad. During storage, you can turn the jar several times so that the juice “bathes” and the top pieces. From this they will become even tastier.

And it’s all! The whole recipe. I hope you liked it! We in our family love him very much! And I think that having tried to cook it, he will love you too.

Here is another recipe.

This recipe differs from the previous one in that it will be cooked using not only tomatoes, but also carrots. This is a classic cooking. Many Korean salads are prepared using carrots.

And most recently we were cooking Korean-style cucumbers for the winter, where we used carrots in all variants. And although today we do not harvest salads for the winter, but prepare a snack to just eat, carrots in this variant will also not be superfluous. In addition, it can significantly vary the taste.

The calculation of the ingredients is given in two 750 gram jars. But I decided to cook a snack in a glass container. What later regretted. In the jar the juice will be better to soak the tomatoes. And in a glass container he concentrated all over the bottom, rising only a centimeter or one and a half from the bottom. And I had to artificially “bathe” them several times in the juice, occasionally tilting the container from side to side.

Of course, in a glass bowl, a salad is obtained, even at the preparation stage, incredibly beautiful, but the juice is not enough to nourish the fruits.

  • tomatoes — 1 kg
  • large carrots — 1 pc
  • Bulgarian pepper — 2 — 3 pcs
  • hot peppers — 0.5 — 1 pc
  • garlic — 1 head
  • parsley — 1 bunch
  • tarragon — 1 sprig
  • basil — 1 sprig
  • mustard — 1 — 2 tbsp. spoons
  • sugar — 2 tbsp. spoons (for sweet dressing 5 tablespoons)
  • salt — 1 tbsp. spoon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 6% — 50 ml
  • vegetable oil — 3 — 4 tbsp. spoons (60ml)
  • ground coriander — 1 tsp

This recipe by the method of preparation is not much different from the first option, although there is a difference in taste.

1. Also, first we will prepare the pot for the salad. To do this, clean the Bulgarian and hot peppers from seeds. Remember that to clean red hot pepper is best to wear gloves. Latex gloves will not give the salad a foreign smell.

Bulgarian pepper cut into small pieces.

Red hot pepper cut into rings thinner. Use as much hot pepper as you see fit. As you remember, the degree of sharpness of such a pepper can be different.

2. Peel the garlic and cut it into smaller pieces, put it in a blender bowl, or simply in a deep bowl. Add Bulgarian pepper as well. Red paprika can also be added to the total mass, but I prefer to leave them cut into rings. so our salad will look more multicolored and more beautiful.

3. Stir the mixture of vegetables into a homogeneous mass using a blender. If you use green pepper, then the mixture will turn out to be a pleasant olive — milky color. If you take red, the mixture will have a reddish-pink hue, depending again on the color of the pepper.

I want to get tomatoes in bright fill. On the table, such a salad looks very nice and tender, so I take light green pepper.

4. But we also need to add salt, sugar, crushed coriander and mustard to the pot.

Mustard will give a nice savory taste. With salt everything is clear. But sugar can be added from 2 to 5 tablespoons, depending on what taste you would like to receive. If in the last variant I added 5 tablespoons, then in this variant I will add only 2. So that my salads have different tastes.

Coriander is sometimes fried in butter. You can fry it, but you can put it in powder.

5. Finely chop the parsley. Cilantro is added in the original, but I don’t really like her, especially in salads. So eat, just dipping it in the salt, you can still. But in salads she, in my opinion, interrupts all other smells. And I added some tarragon, it will be good for flavor.

Try to cut the greens smaller. So she better nourishes our dressing with its flavor, and subsequently the whole salad.

6. Add chopped greens and chopped hot pepper into rings and mix with a spoon. Leave to infuse.

7. Wash the tomatoes and cut into two — four parts. Such a snack looks very nice from the halves. But in this case, not very large specimens are needed. I just have such, and even from his garden. I will use them.

Of course the halves give less juice. But if you put them in a jar, and periodically turn it up, putting it on the bottom, then on the lid, then the amount of juice can be increased with this manipulation.

Although you know, we already tried this salad. And even without any such manipulations, he was delicious. Although he prepared all day, and it takes him two days to do this. So cook as you like. Though in banks, even in a container, even in a saucepan.

8. Peel carrots and grate them on a special grater for Korean carrots. Get a long thin straw. And that’s great. Such carrots are well marinated and will give the required amount of juice.

9. Now we need to combine all the ingredients into one. And for this we are preparing the dishes. Who decided to cook for what. First lay out the tomatoes.

10. Approximately estimate how many layers you will have, and divide all the carrots by their number. It must be laid out on each of them. And so, put the carrots on top.

11. Do the same with the fill. It is also better to divide it into the number of layers, or just lay it out by eye. Fill it is necessary to fill also each of the resulting layers.

I have nothing special to share, as it turned out only two layers. Yes, I almost forgot. On top of each layer of the fill lay out a few leaves of basil. They can be cut into pieces, and it is possible to put it so beautifully over the next layer.

12. The top layer must be from the pouring, so that it nourishes the tomatoes with its taste.

That’s basically it. Now you need to hold the salad at room temperature for about 4 hours. Then put it in the fridge. He will be ready in a day. But it will be even tastier only on the second day.

Here he turned out so beautiful. Agree, a great snack for a festive table — bright, delicious, fragrant and very tasty!

Keep such a snack — the salad should be in the refrigerator. How exactly, I can not say. Since I always cook it in not too large quantities. But the week is stored — that’s for sure. Most likely it can be stored longer, but here it does not lie too long, it is eaten before. Therefore, I did not manage to check the degree of its preservation for a longer period.

And you know that Korean-style tomatoes can be made not only from red, but also from green tomatoes. The snack is very beautiful and tasty. Look at the recipe, and you can learn how to do it.

We live in the Urals, and very often we remove green tomatoes from the bush. Then we put them in a dark place and they start there to blush quietly. We use red specimens for preparing salads and first and second courses. But from the green you can cook such a yummy.

Cook necessarily. I am sure you will like it.

Here we have such a recipe collection today. I like her. Did you like it? I hope you like it too. After all, all salads are very tasty and worthy of being on your table.

And I finish it. I wish you always cook any dishes with love and only with a good mood.

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